[Tutorial] How to use Dogecoin to tip your fellow shibes?

Folkspaper Shibe Boston, MA Moon Street

Friend shibes! Here comes the essential part. How are you going to use Dogecoin to tip other users on Folkspaper? One of our goals to create this app is in the hope of ... more

A tribute to bullying?

mind cracker Boston, MA Boston

Not exactly sure how I would interpret this statue - a kid riding on another triumphantly. What’s your take? more

It's Muller Time!

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Robert Muller submitted his report on the Trump-Russia Investigation has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. Given everything we know, and everything that we ... more

Baby Donkeys Are Dope

Darren Bedford, NH Bedford

Pictures of baby donkeys. You're welcome, have a nice night. more

59 Jewish Graves Defaced with Nazi Symbols in Mass

Alice Johnson Fall River, MA Fall River

Imagine, for a moment, that you're a bad person. I don't mean that you are occasionally not your best, or not your wokest; try to imagine being a genuine stain of a human ... more

Prime Time Grilled Cheese

Betty Ford Concord, NH 126 Hall St

I love grilled cheese, and I love food trucks, and if you also love those things, you should head over to Litherman's Limited Brewery and check out their event happening ... more


Alice Williams Greenfield, NH Greenfield

Every 12 or so years, it's time to go back and watch another few episodes of MacGyver. It star Richard Dean Anderson as a CIA "noncombatant" whose superpowers include ... more

Diviners Series by Libba Bray

Blake Davis Manchester, NH Manchester

One of my favorite young adult writers is Libba Bray. She wrote the Gemma Doyle trilogy, which I seriously would not have survived middle school without, and more recently ... more

Happy Spring Solstice!

bobjones Concord, NH Concord

Today is the first day of Spring! Winter is finally ov- more

Waterdeep Dragon Heist

John Jones Manchester, NH Manchester

My friends and I are about to start a D&D campaign through Waterdeep, and I'm really excited! It's our first major prefab game as a group, and there's a lot to read. more

News Dude Says It Better Than Most

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

I hope I haven't failed to make it clear that I hate Tucker Carlson. I hate Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is the personification of the sound of bird crap hitting a ... more

Doge price up 5.6%

GaryLittlemore Runcorn, England Runcorn

http://www.thecoinrepublic.com/dogecoin-doge-price-up-5-6-how-bright-or-dark-is-the-future/ more

Doge hits 1 day trading volume of 17.14 million

GaryLittlemore Crewe, England Crewe

http://www.thecoinrepublic.com/dogecoin-doge-hits-1-day-trading-volume-of-17-14-million/ more

Tetris 99

Alice Smith Concord, NH Concord

Ever wanted to play Tetris in a Battle Royal style elimination? Well, neither did I until I played Tetris 99 at my friend's house a few weeks ago. I'm not good with video ... more

Fight for Dogecoin

GearWings United States

https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/b2n5dj/wtf_wow_thats_foul_i_tried_to_share_dogecoincom/?st=JTF4UFHT&sh=dbbc4403 more

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Bob Brown Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth

The internet and news have no shortage of male prime-time comedian news hosts, giving their takes on current events and the normalized horrors of the smouldering ruins of ... more

NPR Writes About What to Say to Kids When the News is Frightening

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

The news is scary. We're living in an unprecedented time in media and information, and we're also living in a time of incredible change, of course the news is scary. ... more

Something Fun

Alice Williams Manchester, NH Manchester

A chuckle for the Sci-Fi Horror fans out there. more

Night of the Full Moon on Android

Anna Portland, ME Portland

I love digital deck building games, and this one has me absolutely addicted. Night of the Full Moon is a strategy and deck building game that progresses the narrative ... more

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Betty Ford Boston, MA Boston

Happpy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone! Erin go Bragh! more