So Doge

John Davis Manchester, NH Manchester

Everyone's heard of Bitcoin. It's, as of this writing, the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market with every one Bitcoin currently worth over 3500 USD, but it's by no ... more

The End Is Nigh

Alice Williams Concord, NH Concord

The first time I read Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, was during a power outage. I was about fourteen and the power wasn't likely to come on for the rest of ... more

Brexit Shot Down - Nightmare for the UK

Rrrrrr United Kingdom

Theresa May's Brexit deal has been struck down. By an overwhelming majority, Prime Minister Theresa May has had her plan to exit the European Union rejected by Parliament. ... more

Gillette Advert and Whoo Boy the Backlash!

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Tell you what, buds; If you're offended by a shaving company's advertisement promoting positive masculinity by encouraging men to be kind to each other and to women and to ... more


William North Hampton, NH North Hampton

The holidays are over, and all we have left to look forward to is a few months of snow and cold until spring gets sprung. But this weekend, you can take a break from the ... more

Tilting At Windmills; the Mire of Twitter

ElleHuckins Bow, NH Tally Ho Ln

So, I deleted my twitter in October. It's a soul-sucking and stressful website full of some of the most idiotic voids for idiotic people to scream into. It had become a ... more

Never go to this store...

annas89 San Mateo, CA San Mateo County Event Center

If you are looking for a auto body shop in Allston area, never never never choose Stadium Auto Body! I had a car accident nearby their store a couple of days ago. My ... more

California Bans Gender as a Car Insurance Metric

bobjones CA California

In a small victory for the idea of finally ending gender discrimination, California has passed a ban which prohibits car insurance rates being set based on gender. ... more

Noping Right Out of Brazilian Rain of Spiders

Alice Williams Brazil

Okay, so I'm never going to Brazil. I don't care how big their Jesus statue is, I generally avoid going anywhere where "rain of spiders" is a potential forecast. Hundreds ... more

3rd Annual Women's March

Anna Davis Concord, NH Concord

Grab your pink hats, poster board, and existential fury it's almost time for the 3rd Annual Women's March! The first march began the day after Donald "when you're a star, ... more

Sandy Hook Parents Win Against InfoWars

Bob Brown Epsom, NH Epsom

In 2012, a 20-year-old gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and murdered 20 kids between ages 5 and 7 and 6 adult staff members before ... more

Presidential Campaigning Has Begun. Deep Breaths

Rrrrrr Concord, NH Concord

The good news: 2020 Presidential hats are beginning to be thrown in the ring! Several people have announced their candidacy in the first 2 weeks of 2019, and are acting as ... more

See You On The Dark Side of the Moon, China

Briana13 China

China recently made history as the first country to make a lunar landing on the dark side of the moon. It's called the "dark side" of the moon, not because the sun can't ... more

Tucker Carlson Incel Dog Whistle

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

New Year, new regressive hate group for Tucker Carlson to whistle at like he's trying to harass it on the street. Last week, on a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, ... more

European Court Ruled Against Christian Family

Bob Brown Germany

A Christian couple in Germany lost their appeal to a European court the court determined that their human rights had not been violated when their 4 children were taken ... more

The 5000 People in Letterkenny, and Their Problems

Blake Davis Concord, NH Concord

There are five thousand people in the fast-talking, slow-moving, and fictional Canadian town of Letterkenny. Everyone has problems, but as a comedy show from Crave TV (and ... more

70% - Calm Down, Conservatives. You'll Be Fine.

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

I'm sure you, wise and woke readers, are aware of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "radical" and "unprecedented" proposal to impose a 70% marginal ... more

Live Mas, Vegans

Rrrrrr Manchester, NH Manchester

Taco bell recently unveiled a new Year's commitment to launch a vegan and vegetarian menu in their international fast food chain. The menu currently has 64 customizable ... more

We Didn't Pollute Our Forest!

John Williams NH New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the best state. Not only because we have no sales tax, or because we get the first primary, or because it's one of the most beautiful places on earth, ... more

Adorable Seals Overtake Canadian Town

Blake Davis Roddickton, NL Roddickton

The town of Roddickton, Canada has been taken over by adorable seals, and it is WAY more depressing than it sounds! An untold number of migrating seals have been stranded ... more