Is Ant Bicycle A Scam?

Betty Ford Boston, MA Tufts Medical Center

I’m a little concerned for my bank account. I wrote about the Ant Bicycle last week and raved about how happy I was. Today, however, Houston, we have a problem. I couldn’t ... more

Meme Time

Bob The Dog Boston, MA New Sudbury St

A Star Is Born is almost out and the trailer has been seen eight million times already! I can’t wait to see Gaga in action. Obviously, such buzz creates opportunities for ... more

Gifts and Pups!!!

Anna Brown Boston, MA South End

If you love deals and dogs, this is the night for you. The South End always does fun events like this. Stores all around the neighborhood will have treats, food, and some ... more

Bar Lyon Opens in the South End

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Bar Lyon

I couldn’t be more excited to try out this new spot. I’m a huge fan of Mistral, their sister restaurant. The new digs opened last week on the corner of Washington Street ... more

Jessica Simpson Pregnant with Baby 3

ReadytoMingle Boston, MA Houston Street

I’m glad to find out that Jessica Simpson’s recent wacky outfits can be attributed to the news today that she is preggers. Maybe she was trying to cover up or the belly or ... more

Are Bert and Ernie Gay?

ReadytoMingle Boston, MA Kneeland Street

Wow, I never thought I would see this. I love that our society is pondering the sexuality of two puppets. Classic. more

Real Life Witness

John Davis Boston, MA E Newton St @ Washington St

I just love seeing a brawl, especially one that I am not involved in. I was actually getting off work and chatting with my boss while suddenly we were both distracted with ... more

Bank of America Is No Bank of Customer Service

Anna Brown Boston, MA Bank of America Financial Center

I head into Bank of America over in the Financial District. I have really like the company's customer service so far and the online app is pretty cool. I head to the ... more

Sorry Ladies.....Bieber Is Off The Market

Anna Davis Boston, MA Park Street Place

It's official. Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin tied the knot in a courthouse on Thursday. Apparently, they do not have a prenup and he is worth $263 million more ... more

A Real Life Jaws Tragedy

bobjones Wellfleet, MA Wellfleet Road

I swim in these waters constantly so this tragedy is a real scare. Life is short. He was just trying to enjoy the last nice days of summer. more

A Modern Day Mr. Rogers

theholmeshead Boston, MA Dartmouth Street

Huge Jim Carey fan right here. His documentary on Netflix was truly inspiring to me as he really opened up about his struggles while he was filming Man in the Moon. He is ... more

Easy Bicyle Riding on the Ant Bike

Betty Ford Boston, MA West Concord Street

I finally decided to check out this whole bike rental thing. I’m a city girl so I usually Uber it or walk. Sometimes, you just want to get a short distance with no trouble ... more

Seltzer Vs. Water

Alice Johnson Boston, MA South Market Street

I love soda water, seltzer...whatever you want to call it. I can crush ten cans a day easy. My favorite is Polar Grapefruit but I also enjoy La Croix now and then. On the ... more

Chrissy X Target

Alice Williams Somerville, MA Target

I could not be more excited for this collaboration with Target and Chrissy Tiegen! Who doesn't love her?! She sure knows how to cook so I am sure this kitchen line will be ... more

Bikini Baristas

Alice Smith Boston, MA West End

This is priceless. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up. They even had a drink called "Panty Dropper." California Coffee Shop's Bikini-clad Baristas Will Now Wear Shorts ... more

Is Apple Serious With Their New Unveiling?

William Boston, MA Apple Boylston Street

Apple just introduced three new iPhone models simultaneously which they have not done before. What could they have possibly added that we don't already have now?! I feel ... more

Stop Staring At Me Bozo!

Alice Williams Brookline, MA The Abbey

Why is it every time I sit down at a bar ALONE whether it be to relax or finish some work, I am left to fight off whatever Joe Blow is sitting next to me. Just because I ... more

Go Elvin! Go!

Bob The Dog Brookline, MA Brookline

Yes! I love that Geoffrey Owens has been recognized for his work ethic after a photo of the former 'Cosby Show' alum working at Trader Joe's went viral Many fans and ... more

Weinstein Exposed on Camera

Alice Johnson Brookline, MA Beacon St

I just cannot get over the amount of women Harvey Weinstein got away with sexually assaulting. This man is a P-I-G. He used power and fame to back these women into a ... more

Once upon a time

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I realized I forced myself to live in a reality A reality that I made up in my head So it was fiction. I arrogantly created- Such a fictitious world… I lived a decade ... more