Ripple’s Trillion-Dollar Man?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

We are talking trillionaire. What's next, zillionaire? It keeps jumping up the ladder faster than I can mention either one of these aires. David Schwartz, bearded and ... more

House of Cards?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

It articulates like something out of a horror movie. Perhaps it is something that takes place on Hallow's Eve. However, none of these are true? Nope, It is about a ... more

Sundays Are For Reading: Retellings

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

What if Alice was from Wonderland, got abandoned in our world, and convinced she was crazy and that Wonderland never existed, but then she finds it again and has to ... more

Software Testing

Arslan_Ahmad The Great Dome

Why is Testing Necessary? Human errors can cause a defect or failure at any stage of the software development life cycle. The results are classified as trivial or ... more

More Dropouts?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, and eBay are dropping out of Facebook's Libra project, accompanying in the footsteps of Paypal. Mark Zuckerberg is set to face interrogations ... more

"5 Ways To Earn Bitcoin FREE"

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

1). You can earn a lot with the aid of 'Bounty Programs.' In a simplistic context, bounty means giving rewards for completing some tasks. Cryptocurrency projects can ... more

What is A Bitcoin Mining Pool?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

A Bitcoin mining pool is described as the group of miners that merge their hashing power and then distribute the block rewards among themselves, after block formation. ... more

Is Bitcoin mining difficult in 2019?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Yes, you can say that because Bitcoin [BTC] is dominating the entire cryptocurrency market and the hashing power required for the formulations of blocks must be extremely ... more

Testing Team

Arslan_Ahmad Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory Islamabad

I am here to test this app This post is just for testing purpose We are software testers Contact if you have any questions Edited version 1.2 more


Nouman The Great Dome

Match in boston soon more

Media Spread Hot Take: Pepsi Sues Over Potatoes? It Happened Months Ago?

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

What is the world coming to that a company like Pepsi feels the need to sue poor, Indian farmers over the potatoes they are growing? Yes, you heard me right. This massive, ... more

The Best Spooky Board Games to Play This Halloween

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Sometimes you’re too old for trick-or-treating, but you’re also over the Halloween party scene. Most Halloween parties are the same year to year so it’s nice to switch ... more

A New Charlie's Angels Trailer Just Dropped

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

Hollywood powerhouse Elizabeth Banks is responsible for a new Charlie's Angels movie, set to be released on November 15, 2019. Charlie's Angels was first a crime drama ... more

Colin Kaepernik's Representatives Released a Statement to Address False Reports on Their Client

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

A statement released regarding the current employment of former NFL player Colin Kaepernik, who was quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011-2016, was released ... more

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Haircut Scandal

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

On October 10, The Washington Times published an article ridiculing Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for her reported $300 haircut (including tip). The news outlet ... more

Trey Kennedy Knows We're All Basic Witches in Fall

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

One of the most popular videos to make its way around the internet last year was by a YouTuber by the name of Trey Kennedy. He is best known on his channel for sketch ... more

Mindy Kaling Reveals Another Struggle of Being a Woman in Television

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

Earlier this week, Mindy Kaling was featured on the cover of Elle magazine, accompanied with an interview. The actress, producer and writer, known for shows like The Mindy ... more

Everyone's Loving 'Joker' Except Jared Leto

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

The critics have seen it and the reviews are out: Joker is riotous success. Breaking box-office opening-weekend records for the month of October, people have been flocking ... more

“Bitcoin & Ethereum Soar”

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies by market value, suddenly soared yesterday despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejecting the ... more

More Female Athletes Making History

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

As of today, October 8th, 2019, Simone Biles is officially the most decorated female gymnast in history. She celebrated her 21st World Champion medal win in Suttutgart, ... more