[Tutorial] How to use Dogecoin to tip your fellow shibes?

Folkspaper Shibe Boston, MA Moon Street

Friend shibes! Here comes the essential part. How are you going to use Dogecoin to tip other users on Folkspaper? One of our goals to create this app is in the hope of ... more

Americans Detained by ICE for Speaking Spanish Sue Border Agency

Briana13 MT Montana

the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable ... more

Harley Davidson Embracing the Electric Era

John Williams Manchester, NH Manchester

Harley Davidson's electric motorcycle, the Livewire, is set to be released this summer. Electric motorcycles are absolutely the future, and Harley isn't looking to be ... more

The Kids Aren't Alright. They're Protesting.

Bob Brown United Kingdom

Over 15,000 UK students walked out of classes today and rallied around government buildings to call on elected officials to declare a climate emergency and take immediate ... more

Beer & Ice Cream at the Shovel Town Brewery

Rrrrrr Easton, MA 50 Oliver St

Beer and ice cream might not sound like a great combination, but it's beer and it's ice cream, so obviously it is. If you're in Easton Mass tomorrow between 12 pm and 2 ... more

National Emergency (And Other Fake News)

Alice Williams Washington, DC Washington

The National Emergency (which is completely made up, as any credible source will tell you that illegal immigration is at a record low) which has been teased by the Trump ... more

Dogecoin Will Beat the Odds and Survive The Inevitable Pending Altcoin Slaughter

GaryLittlemore Runcorn, England Runcorn

https://captainaltcoin.com/dogecoin-doge-will-beat-the-odds-and-survive-the-inevitable-pending-altcoin-slaughter/ more

JP Morgan to Unveil First Cryptocurrency for US Bank

theholmeshead Concord, NH Concord

Despite JP Morgan Chase's chief executive, Jamie Dimon, threatened to fire any employee caught trading in the "fraud" Bitcoin for stupidity, JP Morgan Chase is the first ... more

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day at The Shaskeen

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH The Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant

As Valentine's day turns to Valentine's night, the Shaskeen Pub in Manchester is hosting it's 9th Annual Anti-Valentine's party to anyone looking for a safe place to dodge ... more

Dogecoin has turned into stable coin from joke coin

GaryLittlemore Runcorn, England Runcorn

https://cryptoglobalist.com/2019/02/13/dogecoin-doge-has-turned-into-stable-coin-from-joke-coin/ more

NASA Ends 15 Year Opportunity Rover Mission

Bob Davis Houston, TX NASA Road 1

The Opportunity rover was launched to Mars in 2004 and was supposed to only last 90 days on the Red Planet. It survived for over 15 years. Yesterday, after sending ... more

House approves measure to force U.S. withdrawal from Yemen

Anna Davis Washington, DC Washington

The House of Representatives has approved measures to withdraw American troops from the Saudi-led crisis in Yemen that has killed some 50,000 civilians in the past 4 ... more

Trump Supporter Attacked a BBC Cameraman at Texas Rally

Alice Smith TX Texas

BBC News had words for the Trump supporter who attacked and shoved cameraman Ron Skeans at the Texas Rally a few days ago. In a country founded on freedom of speech and ... more

Apple to Take 50% Revenue From News Services

Darren CA Silicon Valley

Apple Corporation will take 50% of revenue from the $10 news subscriptions through Texture, the digital magazine service Apple acquired last year, leaving the rest of the ... more

Yep, That's A Snow

John Jones Concord, NH Concord

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect due to the winter storm currently in effect, and does anybody else feel like climate is just kinda messing with us by this point? more

Miracle Workers on TBS

Anna Concord, NH Concord

Daniel Radcliffe is a workaholic angel heading - and indeed the sole employee in - the Department of Answered Prayers. Steve Buscemi - who plays the part as if he's ... more


GearWings United States

I would like to be able to click on a reply to reply to it but I can’t. (I have used report a bug) more

Today is National Inventors Day

AM4opinion Southborough, MA Starbucks

This is National Inventors Day. I salute Folkspaper for building a better vehicle for communities to connect, grow and thrive. more

Cryptocurrency Falling Back Into Bear Groove

Alice Johnson Manchester, NH Manchester

It's been a good weekend for Cryptocurrency, but analysts advise caution; the markets are showing more indication of stagnation that spikes, and while bull runs are ... more

An Update On Cryptocurrency Prices

Betty Ford Manchester, CT Manchester

The total market capitalization for today, following a busy weekend that saw some cryptocoins' market value reach new heights, is $121 Billion. Bitcoin accounts for a ... more