The MBTA's Weekend Schedule

dkberg Boston, MA Boston

This past March, the MBTA stopped running its weekend trains past 12:30 a.m. In this, the MBTA has vastly underestimated and undersold the potential of Boston as an up and ... more

Minorities have enough to worry about right now, PETA.

Micah Chatigny United States

Okay, I love animals just as much as the next person. Dogs are amazing, a true gift given to the morals of the human race. Cats were worshiped by Egyptians and Professor ... more

Road adventure (not funny AT ALL)

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA Interstate 93

I really need some prayers. While driving my way to a rehearsal for tomorrow night's concert. My car suddenly started to smoke, and it just broken down on the highway. I ... more


John Williams Switzerland

My first time Hang Gliding turned into a near death experience as my safety harness was never hooked to the Glider. For 2 Min. 14 seconds I had to hang on for my life! The ... more

Assassin's Creed Symphony- a unique experience

Briana13 Boston, MA Boston

Attention all music and video game lovers! Ever wanted to relive the music of your favorite video game? Well, this has now been made possible with a Multimedia Symphony ... more

Massachusetts Marijuana Sales Came in at about $2.2 Million

Blake Davis Boston, MA Boston

For the first five days, Massachusetts marijuana sales came in at about $2.2 million. It shows that people all over this country are extremely excited to buy legal weeds. more

Stephen Hillenburg Dies at 57 Because of ALS

Alice Smith Boston, MA Boston

Are you a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants? Have you ever watched it? Sadly, the creator of it, Stephen Hillenburg, died on Monday. He was 57. more

SoWa Winter Festival 2018

shellyyi Boston, MA Boston

Here comes the 4th annual SoWa Winter Festival! more

Green Line D Track and Signal Replacement Drives Me Crazy

theholmeshead Boston, MA Longwood

This might not be news for a lot of people, and of course, I've already known this news after I moved to Boston three months ago. It's just that recently I've really had ... more

CITGO Will not Become A Landmark After Mayor's Veto

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Citgo, Related Beal, and Boston University released a joint statement on Thursday that they have reached a deal, announcing that they will keep ... more

Two Person Fight Each Other Over A Street Parking Space

bobjones Boston, MA Allston

This evening when I walked on Harvard Avenue Street in Allston, I saw two people fight each other over a parking space. Here's how it happens: The guy found a street ... more

Is Dental Saving Card No Much Difference with Dental Insurance?

Anna Brookline, MA Brookline

Sadly, when I visited a dentist two weeks ago, which is also the first time for me to see a dentist in the US, he told me that there're a lot of works needed to do to my ... more

Boston Starts to Ban on Plastic Bags on Dec 14

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA Boston

Please pay attention, all Bostoners! According to the Boston Government, plastic bags are going to be banned on December 14. more

Romaine Lettuce Linked to E. coli Infections

Alice Smith Boston, MA Longwood

Last day (Nov 26), CDC published a report regarding the outbreak of E. coli. It's confirmed that the outbreak is linked to romaine lettuce harvested from the Central ... more

Apps for Selling Pre-Owned Stuff: Mercari v.s. Poshmark

shellyyi Boston, MA Boston

What is better than selling your pre-owned stuff to get some money back? Nowadays we all have the tendency to purchase much stuff due to special event discounts, but in ... more

Taiwan referendums: Same-sex marriage advocates lost

shellyyi Taiwan

The country I come from called Taiwan. It's a small island located in Asian subtropical area with beautiful landscape and amazing foods. I love my country, though we lost ... more

Cyber Monday: Dear Stores, Please Get Smarter and Stop Annoying Email Marketing!

Betty Ford Brookline, MA Brookline

Here comes the Cyber Deal Week! Hooray! Basically I am the kind of person who is not willing to go to physical stores on Black Friday, so Cyber Monday is one of my ... more

Cultural Shock Series #1: Cold Beverage in All Seasons?

Anna Brookline, MA Brookline

As an international student who came to the US for graduate study two years ago, I think it’s time for me to write a series of articles related to the cultural shocks I’ve ... more

Breweries far and near

bluehowler Stratford, CT Two Roads Brewing Company

Being a Bostonian, I’ve ventured to a few of the Boston based breweries being a bear lover myself. I love learning more about each breweries process and what they stand ... more

Thinking of others

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA Boston

I haven’t really been a big online shopper before. I usually think of things me and my family need, and make a list and head to the store. Even though I have two little ... more