Crypto Stamp?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Yes, that’s correct. Austria’s National Postal Service is launching digital Crypto collectible stamps on the Ethereum Blockchain. A 150,000 total of five separate stamps ... more

"Crypto Art"

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Someone made these homemade cryptocurrencies with a wood burner. They called it, The New Cryptocurrency. Wonder if they are worth anything? more

It’s there for a reason!

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

This sign was found in Omaha, Nebraska last year. There is yet to be an official explanation and no one knows who put it up. more

Who want to go?

ReadytoMingle Boston, MA Boston

Massive indoor go-kart opens in Wrentham, MA. For anyone who wants to play Mario kart in real life! more


William Boston, MA Boston

Avengers: Endgame was a big hit. Now they are re-releasing it with new footage. It is said that it’s about 6 more minutes of new unreleased material. more

Cryptocurrency For Kids?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

“We do too have Cryptocurrency for kids. It’s called, PoopCoin. And the kids love ❤️ it.” more

50 Cents?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Not everyone accidentally makes a fortune. Now we need to call 50 Cent, Crypto Jackson. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) received Bitcoins from CD sales of his music, which now ... more

“Cryptocurrency Debit Card”

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

The Litecoin Foundation announced a partnership with Bibox Exchange and blockchain firm Ternio to release a physical Cryptocurrency debit card.The Cryptocurrency card ... more

Jonquils cafe opens on Newbury

Jean Huang Boston, MA 125 Newbury St

Floral tea, coffee and desserts which are too beautiful to be eaten! more

People united

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

A lot of people protesting in Hong Kong. This is picture taken from a drone! more


David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

In March 2017, a home was spared by wildfire in southwest Kansas because the homeowner turned his water sprinklers on before leaving his house. He came home to this. more


Paul Smith Boston, MA Boston

An octopus named Otto cause an aquarium power outage by climbing to the edge of his tank and shooting a jet of water to a bright light that was annoying him. He is also ... more

The power of loneliness

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston

The town of Monowi in Nebraska is the smallest town in the USA- it has only one resident. Elsie Eiler is the mayor, clerk, librarian and bar owner. She pays taxes to ... more

Need Capital?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Receive the capital you need in Cryptocurrency. Here is how: The funding community-backed borrowers, in Cryptocurrency who have demonstrated they are of good character and ... more


Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Massachusetts Ave

A Cryptocurrency art portrait created by an artist called Cryptograffiti most popular pieces sold last year for $33,000 in Cryptocurrency. The artist uses repurposed ... more

Bitcoin $9,200?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Most of the top 20 Cryptocurrency are reporting moderate gains, as Bitcoin (BTC ) crossed the $9,200 mark. Among the top 20, Litecoin (LTC) and binance (BNB) are reporting ... more

Million Addresses?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

To date, Bitcoin surpassed 1 million daily active addresses. To put this number in perspective, we can point to Uber's estimated 14 million rides per day, or the ... more

No Bull?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Analysts expect Ethereum to follow Litcoin's lead and skyrocket in the future. The aggregated crypto markets are facing an influx of bullish momentum over the past ... more

"No Contest"

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Bitcoin is still the number 1 crypto-currency on the market today. Nonetheless, Litecoin showed the power of her currency by actually beating out its counterpartner, ... more


Bob The Dog Boston, MA Boston

Some towns are design in a very pleasant way. You only have to look at it from a plane or a drone. This is a town in Italy called Palmanova. more