Starbucks is life, especially during the holidays

Darren Boston, MA Beacon Hill

I’m such a sucker for the holiday season, and as a coffee lover and daily consumer I must say that I’m in a Starbucks pretty much every day. The combination of my favorite ... more

Snow before Thanksgiving? No thanks

Betty Ford Boston, MA Brighton

I must say that as I left the gym tonight, I was certainly not expecting to come outside to a full blown snow storm. I guess I didn’t check the weather enough this week, ... more

Hamilton with a side of the goat

Briana13 Boston, MA Boston

I was in the same building as the GOAT?!?! Unknowingly, Tom Brady and Gisele both attended Hamilton in Boston last night. Guess what I did last night? Saw Hamilton in ... more

Easy to forget, but important to remember

Anna Brown Boston, MA Boston

Today is World Kindness Day, which Twitter notified me of this morning. I feel like there are so many "days" in today's society, such as "National doughnut day" or ... more

Thanksgiving meals from Columbia Gas- a nice gesture

Betty Ford Lawrence, MA Lawrence

With Thanksgiving and the holiday's right around the corner, I am constantly in search of heart-warming stories. The gas incident in Lawrence and Andover area was pretty ... more

Stan Lee gone but never forgotten

John Jones Boston, MA Boston

What sad news to wake up to for Marvel fans. Stan Lee died at the age of 95 leaving his amazing legacy behind. He fit a lot into his 95 years on Earth, and has created so ... more

Appreciation for a great band

Alice Smith Providence, RI The Strand Ballroom

I’m a sucker for a good concert. I love a good atmosphere, but never want to go to an over-produced show. I appreciate smaller bands so much and am always seeking out new ... more

Feeling overwhelmed at Earls in the Pru

Briana13 Boston, MA Earls Kitchen + Bar

Last night being Saturday night, I wanted to go out for a good time. I’m not a huge party person so my ideal night is finding a cool bar that I can chill at and get a few ... more

A delve into Queen

theholmeshead Tyngsborough, MA Tyngsborough

Last night I saw the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie with a few friends. It was down pouring all night here in the Boston area, so I figured seeing a movie would be the ... more

The TD Garden: upgraded!

William Boston, MA TD Garden

If you’ve been anywhere near the TD Garden in the last few months (and years), you definitely were able to notice some constant commotion. They have been doing ... more

Jasmine Brown: The woman with a plan to end teenage financial illiteracy

DeNaye Alston Raleigh, NC Raleigh

When it comes to teaching financial literacy, the Council of Economic Education gives North Carolina high schools a grade B. B grades are given to states that have ... more

Fun event at Night Shift

Anna Everett, MA Everett

Tonight I attended an event at the night shift brewery in Everett, MA. I have been to a trivia night here in the spring, but this is my first time in the separate event ... more

Feeling Content While Voting

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston City Hall

Yesterday was the midterm election as I’m sure we are all aware. What a great day for Americans! Having the power to vote is a privilege, and always makes me feel ... more

Trapped and Hungry!

Briana13 Boston, MA Downtown Crossing

The other day I was returning from my lunch break with my sweetgreen salad in hand. I almost always buy lunch (which I know I shouldn’t to save money) so I didn’t think ... more

First time missing the downbeat...

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

This is a personal experience happened on my friend. We are both orchestra musicians. We, as a group of musicians, are truly hoping that those kind of things won't be ... more

I am The Jewish Nurse

Sweet macaroon Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh

This is the post from Nurse Ari Mahler, who was taking care of the patient from Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. If one have ever doubted what is love, then you should be ... more

Please help police locate this guy...

Bob The Dog Boston, MA South End

This city is getting more and more insecure. Please be careful when you are alone outside. Police in Boston are searching for a suspect in a reported sexual assault ... more

When Red Sox meet Patriots in Gillette Stadium

Darren Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium

Nothing can be more excited than seeing two Champion teams summit. The audience who came for Patriots-Packers game today, were very surprised to see Red Sox showing up in ... more

Racial bias: a black physician was questioned "Are you actually an MD?"on a Delta Flight

Bob The Dog Boston, MA Boston

Equality, it is still a joke in this country. Discrimination is still happened everywhere. Earlier this week, a black physician was questioned "Are you actually an MD?" ... more

Taking MBTA is not save anymore!

Bob Brown Salem, MA Salem

Have you ever think about bringing something to protect yourself when you taking public transportation for daily commute? The day after Halloween, in the late afternoon, ... more