Average people vs. Beautiful people

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Boston

Ever wonder what the difference was? If you have, watch this video to find out! more

Talking Gorilla?!

Betty Ford Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo

Did you know there's a gorilla who knows sign language? I'm truly amazed by how intelligent other animals are, and how we've underestimated them throughout the years! more

Everyone should do Tai Chi

Anna Brown Brookline, MA 131 Cypress St

As an adamant Tai Chi goer, I think people should be doing Tai Chi multiple times a week, if not everyday. However I understand that not all people grew up being ... more

Lifting Motivation

bobjones Boston, MA YMCA of Greater Boston

If you've fallen off your gym game or just need motivation to keep going if you're not getting the results you want right now, this video is for you. Watch and be inspired. more

Tiki Tuesday

Anna Brown Boston, MA 5 Lansdowne St

Do you feel like you missed out on summer? Didn't live it up like you usually do? Well it's not too late! Tonight Bill's Bar on Lansdowne Street is holding it's first ever ... more

The best stories I've ever heard

boston_local Boston, MA Faneuil Hall Marketplace

I just went to Storytime for the first time at Faneuil hall and it's honestly amazing. We basically only consume stories through watching tv, but that really effects our ... more

America's next top model worst makeovers

theholmeshead New York, NY Fashion Week Inc

Throwback to ANTM. My sisters used to watch this show ALL THE TIME. I always remember thinking that the makeovers were awful, looks like I wasn't the only one! more

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

Sarina Tucker County Galway Castle

Having the travel bug this summer? Get out and go! Here's some inspiration of amazing places to see. more

White Gold

DeNaye Alston United States

There is this girl I know smothered in white gold…. Her eyes like diamonds, blue and light- She carries fertility with her manicure hands and dainty pink lips. They ... more

"The Russia Investigations: Is Robert Mueller Stumbling Into Time Trouble?"

Bob The Dog Boston, MA National Public Radio

This week in the Russia investigations: The White House is trying to burn the clock to get into a better political position to handle the Russia imbroglio. Why it might — ... more

"I accidentally worked for a scam"

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

This video is too crazy to be true, but the woman in the video swears it is. Watch out for easy money, there's usually a catch. more

Dog love

boston_local Boston, MA MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Dodo makes the most heart wrenching videos. If you've saved a dog you'll love this! more

Joining Folks in the Mother City @FolksPaper #FF

CapeTown Cape Town, WC Cape Town

Today I was followed by @FolksPaper in Twitter and I came to have a look at the Folks :-) Registered an Account and here we are.... Hope to discover more CT Folks ;-) ... more

Man made fun of my clothes

John Williams Boston, MA Royale

I don't go out that often. I'm a pretty low key guy. That being said, last weekend my girlfriend made me go out with her and her friends. I wore a band t-shirt and jeans, ... more

For the Golden Retriever Lovers Out There

Rrrrrr Silver Spring, MD Animal Planet

If you're favorite type of dog is something other than a golden retriever, well, you're wrong. Sorry :) They're just the cutest. more

Hippie Town in Canada!

Bob Brown Blind Bay, BC Blind Bay

This story is truly wild! It's amazing that these sorts of adventures can be recorded and shared now. I'm so grateful for youtube, and getting to see these different ways ... more

Drinks Are So Overpriced

John Williams Boston, MA The Hawthorne

I feel like I can't go out anywhere without spending a fortune. From well known bars to brand new trendy spots, it seems like everywhere charges at least $10 for a ... more

Somerville is snooty

boston_local Somerville, MA Oxford St

Soooo I went to get a coffee this morning before work, like I always do. However this morning was a little different. I got my coffee as usual, thinking nothing of it, ... more

Calling All Musicians

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Virtuosity Musical Instruments

If you're a musician in Boston do not go anywhere but here to get your gear. Yeah, Guitar Center will be cheaper, but the instruments/gear they have in here is real ... more

How Empathetic Is Your Dog?

Anna Brown Boston, MA Milk St

I'm super surprised by the findings in this video. Be warned! Your dog may not get the result you think it will. more