A Car Drove Through a Chicago Mall, and It's Still Not Entirely Clear Why

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

Earlier today, in what was at first falsely thought to be an active shooter situation, a man drove his SUV through Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. The incident began ... more

Rihanna is Doing What Rihanna Does Best and Blowing Everyone Away

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

New York Fashion Week took place earlier in the month, one show being for Rihanna's lingerie line Savage X Fenty. Now that the show is available to watch on Amazon Prime ... more

Blockchain Author Prediction?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

William Mougayar, a venture capitalist and author of The Business Blockchain, put out his end-of-year predictions for primary cryptocurrencies. And because the ... more

Bo-Meme-Ean Rhapsody Is a Masterpiece

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

We all know the legendary song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It's one of the most well-known songs of all time, and it's nearly impossible NOT to rock out to whenever it ... more

So, The Area 51 Raid is Today

Emily Parker NV Lincoln County

A surprisingly quiet day so far considering how much the "Storm Area 51" Facebook event blew up when it first made its appearance earlier in the year. Over 2 million ... more

Patrick Byrne Sold All His Overstock Shares?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

A new filing on Wednesday evening unveiled Overstock.com Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne, cashed-out almost his entire remaining Overstock shares, after executing a ... more

Bitcoin Could Surpass $20,000?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

“Get ready for Bitcoin’s surpass $20,000,” Says Arthur Hayes As Fed Injects Billions in Market to steady rates: Physical gold is currently flat ahead of Fed meeting. And ... more

Bitcoin Blasts Back-up to $10,000?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Just hours ago Bitcoin [BTC] plummeted. At that time, the price of Bitcoin dropped about $500 at its tests low at $9600. Yikes. The traders have been uncertain of a move ... more

Batman Is Coming To Fornite

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

We technically shouldn't even know this yet, but look to the skies for the Bat Signal this Friday because the caped crusader is coming to Fortnite. Data miners dug up the ... more

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Burning Art The Great Dome


On This Day In History: Women's Rights

Kelli Dolan New Zealand

Did you know on September 19th, 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to give women the full right to vote? David Boyle, also known as Lord ... more

Lilly Singh is Making Late Night Waves

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

Late night talk shows have been persistently male dominated for as long as we can remember. In the recent past, smaller networks made room for female hosted late night ... more

Mandy Moore Just Released New Music and Yes, This Article is From 2019

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Late 90s and early 2000s pop singer, Mandy Moore, just released new music for the first time in a decade. The last time we heard the singer's voice, she was acting as ... more

The Sweetest Animals to Brighten Your Day

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Do you love photos and videos of beautiful and adorable animals of this planet? Of course you do because you're not crazy! You should probably check out @PerfectlyCreated ... more

#WritingWednesday: Style and Variety

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Developing one's own style in writing, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, is very important. It makes stand out, similar to a brand. It's the voice you present to your ... more


alexander The Great Dome

IOST token at a 6.21% increase in one day and looking to increase more

Binance Buys Crypto-News Co.

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Binance Invested in a Chinese Crypto News Site: The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has made its first strategic Chinese investment, accompanying the ... more

Current Obsession: Bill Hader

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I've been obsessed with Bill Hader for a long time. He was one of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live and brought the timeless character Stefon to life. ... more

SNL Welcomes Their TWO New Cast Members for Upcoming Season 45!

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

As reported earlier, while Saturday Night Live welcomed three new featured players onboard for this upcoming season, one of the new comedians caused quite the stir. While ... more

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Explanation not needed. more