Get away from Manila, visit the provinces

Daniel Minor Tacloban City, Eastern Visayas Tacloban City

Great food to eat, beautiful places to visit, and wonderful people to meet. more

Samsung Crypto-Phone?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

South Korean electronics behemoth Samsung (OTC: SSNLF) has elected to not only issue its cryptocurrency but has also generated a phone which is going to establish a crypto ... more


Daniel Minor The Great Dome

It’s more fun in the Philippines. The beaches are great and the food cannot be beat. more

"Apple Cryptocurrency"

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Apple Inc., the American multi-international technology firm in charge of the iPhone, iPad and other high-end devices have hinted its closely watching cryptocurrency and ... more

New England Seasons

Kelli Dolan New England

Any other New Englander’s feel this on a deep level? Maine isn’t the only place where the seasons get crazy this time of year. Just remember to keep your coats with you to ... more

5 Highly Anticipated Game Releases of Fall 2019

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

With increasingly realistic and painstakingly animated gaming graphics and more intricately crafted story lines, the world of video gaming is more prevalent than ever. The ... more

Ingress - Social Game

João Rodrigues The Great Dome

I like playing games. I like socialize. I like to walk. This is everything that ingress as to offer. more

Marvel’s ‘What If’ on Disney+ Will Feature Most of the MCU Cast

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

One of the most speculated about shows to be announced for Disney+ is Marvel’s ‘What If…’ Other than dropping the name when it was first announced, fans knew little about ... more

GameStop Is in More Hot Water

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Rumors that GameStop is going bankrupt and will soon be closing have been hanging around the internet for the last couple of years. With people more often downloading ... more

On This Day in History: Freddie Mercury is Born

Kelli Dolan The Great Dome

The dearly departed rock legend was born on this day: September 5th, 1946. Born in Stone Town in Tanzania, which was the Sultanate of Zanzibar at the time, this man grew ... more

Not Trading on Weekends?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

For the past couple of years, trade quantities have taken a surprising drop over weekends. The decrease in size has been prompted by a mix of lower trade recurrences ... more


Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Dogecoin (DOGE), a cryptocurrency born in 2013 as a satirical copy of Bitcoin, has outpaced the Bitcoin Lightning Network as a payment method. Undervalued by all, Dogecoin ... more

Hurricane Dorian is Coming

Kelli Dolan FL Florida

Hurricane Dorian has been brewing in the Bahamas and off the coast of Florida since August 24th. It’s the first big hurricane of the season and of 2019. We can only hope ... more

Sir Richard Branson Cryptocurrency?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

The billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin company founder Sir Richard Branson financed a crypto-company raising $50m fund. A top European cryptocurrency business backed by ... more

Writing Wednesday Tip #4

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

It’s usually the assumption that the beginning of any work should start with an outline in which to guide you on your writing journey. But often times, for some not all, ... more

13 Reasons Why Is Receiving More Backlash. Are We Surprised?

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

'13 Reasons Why' has received a ton of backlash since it’s inception on Netflix. It was a novel long before it hit the small screen, but everyone seems to forget that. The ... more

Cumberbatch Rumored for Hades in ‘Hercules’ Remake

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

It’s very early-stage rumors and anything can happen before this film goes into production, but the rumors started spreading yesterday that Benedict Cumberbatch is being ... more

Justin Sun – Victim or Villain?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

The saga continues concerning Justin Sun. Is he a victim or a villain? 2019 has been quite controversy-ridden for Tron so far – the Chinese scrutiny against CEO Justin ... more

Meme Monday’s: We All Know These People

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

What’s better than getting a good laugh out of people getting what’s coming to them? Having a good laugh on a long weekend and knowing it’s Monday and you’re not at ... more

More Students Interested in Cryptocurrency?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Common

According to a report published by U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on August 28, 2019, students are becoming more and more interested in digital currencies and ... more