Woman Throws Bleach at Man on Train

Paul Smith Boston, MA Warrenton Street

Given some of the hostility I've seen on the Boston Metro, this terrifies me! A law student from Russia has been pouring water mixed with bleach onto men’s groins in ... more

Boston Celtics Player Jabari Bird Strangled Girlfriend

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston Celtics

Jabari Bird's girlfriend was trapped in his Brighton apartment for four hours while the 24-year-old Boston Celtics guard strangled her more than a dozen times, causing her ... more

Lawrence Man Charged After Argument With Landscaper

John Williams Lawrence, MA Lawrence

LAWRENCE – A young man from Lawrence will be in court Friday, charged with showing off a gun in a case of grass clippings rage. A landscaper was using a leaf blower to ... more

Racist Sushi For Two

Anna Boston, MA Sushiemon

I want to share a racist restaurant in Boston I went to last week. The food is not fresh and the service is not good. We waited for more than one hour for our meal with no ... more

Self-Loathing in Boston

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Dorchester Ave

If you don’t know yourself, you’ll never be able to love yourself with all of your imperfections. It takes knowledge of self to appreciate self. And same goes for any ... more

The Real Deal on Your Neighborhood

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA Allston

Southie or South End? Dot or Roxbury? We all get into debates on what part of town we’re from so read up for the correct answer. I love this read. more

The Creepy Man Next Door

ReadytoMingle Brookline, MA Beacon Street

Every time I go on my porch to smoke, there is the creepy neighbor. He is constantly out there ripping butts. In fact, one day I met him in person and boy does he stink. I ... more

Cosby is a Sexual Predator

William Boston, MA Commonwealth School

While watching Fox’s The Resident, I cant help but wonder what Theo Huxtable thinks about the sentencing of Bill Cosby today. In fact, he was also called a violent sexual ... more

Smile Will Ya?

John Jones Boston, MA Campus Center

Have you noticed the lack of smiles on the streets of Boston lately like I have? I face this challenge every day on my way to work, on my way home, and just an every day ... more

This Toyota will blow your mind away

Alex Plano, TX Toyota Motor North America, Inc

2019 RAV4 is hands down the best Toyota ever! more

100 Most Powerful People

Alice Williams Cambridge, MA Massachusetts Avenue

I love reading this annual list. What do you all think of it? The annual pecking order of showbiz power is revealed as Disney CEO Bob Iger leads the list, the Murdochs ... more

Hepatitis Outbreak in Massachusetts

Alice Johnson Cambridge, MA Massachusetts Avenue

With the amount of homeless, drug addicts, trash picking and reckless roaming the streets, this is no surprise. People should come really get vaccinated as we really don’t ... more

The Meat Market at Loco

Anna Davis Boston, MA Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

If only I will still single, I would certainly be frequenting Loco in Southie. Not only is the ratio of men larger, but they are also very attractive. Boston is known for ... more

South End Shooting

Anna Davis Boston, MA East Springfield Street

There was a shooting last night on E. Springfield St. in the South End. Sadly, an officer was shot. I happened to be walking by this neighborhood as the gun fire started. ... more

Beware of Online Scams

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

I have fallen victim to these scams. When I was younger, I applied to do online surveys. They promised gift cards or decent pay and I was sold. I joined up for a few of ... more

Wedding Anxiety Frills

John Jones Boston, MA Boston Wharf Rd

Weddings always give me social anxiety no matter who is tying the knot. This weekend, I had to attend as a date of a bridesmaid. It is just always so awkward not knowing ... more

Doggy Donuts and Beers!

sarahann Boston, MA Batterymarch Street

Next weekend is the Bark Happy Fall Brunch Pawty! There are so many fun raffles and prizes along with lots of treats! Obviously, the dogs are welcome! Let’s Pawty! more

Lobsters Smoking Weed

William Boston, MA Prudential Center Boston

Who knew lobsters got stoned? I really enjoyed this read. Poor Lobby. more

Forgo For Eyes

Alice Smith Boston, MA Franklin St

I need new contacts. I call For Eyes downtown to see their pricing and if they took my insurance. I was put on hold and then when the lady came back, told me she they take ... more

Is Ant Bicycle A Scam?

Betty Ford Boston, MA Tufts Medical Center

I’m a little concerned for my bank account. I wrote about the Ant Bicycle last week and raved about how happy I was. Today, however, Houston, we have a problem. I couldn’t ... more