Give Me My Mayo!

Rrrrrr Brookline, MA Caffè Nero

I love Cafe Nero. I really do. It’s so European and delicious. I usually take my sandwich to go so I have never noticed the lack of condiments. I was told by the staff ... more

Anxiety In Our Culture Today

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA South End

Anxiety affects so many people in so many ways. This article is so interesting in showing how our tech society and location have quite an impact on anxiety disorders. more

Don’t Step On The Needle

Rrrrrr Boston, MA E Concord St

Walking my dogs through the park at Franklin Square is seriously a trip to another world. You may see someone bathing in the fountain or screaming at a tree but make sure ... more

15 Minutes of Heaven

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Lan Nail Salon

I had such a nice experience yesterday at Lan Nail Salon. I have been carrying a backpack and my back is suffering. I popped into Lan not for a manicure but for a fifteen ... more

Do the LiLo

John Jones Boston, MA North End

Lindsay Lohan always manages to fascinate me. Her endless ploys for publicity are as equally gross and compelling. She recently opened her Lohan Beach House club on the ... more

The First (Admitted) Virgin Bachelor: Colton

Anna Boston, MA Dartmouth St

ABC's The Bachelor has spoken. They have chosen Colton Underwood to be the latest and greatest bachelor. Did I mention he is a virgin? This will be interesting to see on a ... more

Suck It Sephora

Alice Johnson Newton, MA Sephora

I am sick of Sephora and the pretentious staff. Today is VIB day which means it’s very busy so people can save 15%. Whenever you need someone to assist, no one is around ... more

Buy Me a Round Eataly!

Anna Boston, MA Eataly Boston

I love Eataly. I mean come on, the food is super authentic and always tasty. My boyfriend somehow has a problem with Eataly. He always finds something wrong and persuaded ... more

Is Giacomo's That Good?

Bob The Dog Boston, MA Giacomo's

Every time I'm looking for some Italian, I think about Giacomo's. There are two locations and both have huge lines waiting to get in, always. Is this place that good? Do ... more

Ten People Shot in California at Apartment Complex

theholmeshead San Bernardino, CA San Bernardino

Ten people were shot at an apartment complex in California. Details are emerging. more

Look Out Starbucks

William Boston, MA Starbucks

Coca-Cola has recently bought Costa, a coffee chain. They have nearly 4,000 stores across 32 countries rivaling Starbucks. It will give Coca-Cola (KO) "a strong coffee ... more

Jack Ryan Is More Than John Krasinski's Abs

Sarina Tucker Cambridge, MA Amazon

I have been seeing previews for Amazon's Jack Ryan since maybe one year ago. I mean talk about build up. I kept thinking over the countless previews, this better be good. ... more

I See You Picco

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA Picco

I see you Picco and I am calling you out. Don't think I didn't notice the fifty cent raise on many menu items. This is my favorite pizza joint and I am wondering if this ... more

Leave Elvin Alone!

John Jones Boston, MA Trader Joe's

I am calling out the author of this article! A NJ shopper spotted former Cosby show actor, Geoffrey Owens bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s. Not only does this person ... more

The Stompers

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Dartmouth Street

I have had it. All day and all night my neighbors above me sound like they are wearing combat boots and stomping around. Who endlessly walks around their apartment and ... more

Did You Say 40%?

Anna Boston, MA Anthropologie

Labor Day weekend is one of those times where I am pumped to spend my money on not a quick getaway, but some new clothes! Anthropologie is having a huge sale right now ... more

Scooter Struck in South End

Darren Boston, MA East Brookline Street

An unfortunate accident occurred today in the South End. I happened to be passing by with my dog shortly after to witness the brutal scene left behind. A man riding a ... more

Manicure Gone Wrong

Alice Johnson Boston, MA City Nails & Spa

Why is it every time I get a manicure, it chips? I recently went to City Nails over on Washington Street and treated ... more

Bachelor in How To Whore Yourself

bobjones Mexico

Yes, I said it. Come on, we are all watching Bachelors in Paradise. You know it and I know it. I think it is funny in today's society with #METOO being a leading ... more

My BFast Sandwich Costs How Much?

theholmeshead Boston, MA Tatte Bakery and Cafe

My breakfast sandwich was $10 plus tax today at Tatte Bakery and it was just a normal sandwich; eggs, bacon and cheese. These city prices are growing out of control. ... more