The magic of the blue lights

theholmeshead Boston, MA North End

I have to say that I’m not a big winter person because I hate the cold, but there is just something about the holiday season in Boston that just gets me every year. I love ... more

Less Sunday scaries for me today

William Boston, MA Allston

Anyone driving home from their holiday destinations today? I opted to drive home last night from my parents house in Fairfield, CT so that I was able to miss the hectic ... more

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Anna Boston, MA Boston

There’s a clear difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday- the fact that on is in stores and the other is online. The differences that aren’t as clear cut are what ... more

Shake Shack trumps all

Briana13 Boston, MA Newbury Street

I just tried Shake Shack for the first time last night for dinner. Me and my friends were shopping around Newbury st on Black Friday and worked up quite the appetite. We ... more

I swear I’m innocent

Darren New Haven, CT New Haven

Something surprising happened to me for the first time yesterday. I was driving in Connecticut to visit some friends while I had the day off from work and we were meeting ... more

A relaxing, warm night

theholmeshead Boston, MA Brighton

Such a nice, relaxing night lounging on my couch watching the celts and drinking some beers. The weather is so chilly outside, so it feels nice to be inside warm and cozy. ... more

Car accident b/w Henmenway st and Westland Avenue

Jean Huang Boston, MA Westland Ave

Car accident between Westland Avenue and Henmenway St. more

Turkey day traffic

Anna Medford, MA Medford

At my office, it is officially time for Thanksgiving. We were given the option to work from home, so I of course took full advantage. I am feeling #thankful for my ... more

Dispensaries open in MA- and so it begins

John Jones Leicester, MA Leicester

Alright, I must say before I start this post that I am not someone who will use these shops all that often. But no matter if you are going to be their biggest customer or ... more

Get your skate on at Frog Pond

Alice Williams Boston, MA Frog Pond

Hello all! As of Saturday, the Frog Pond ice skating rink is now open to the public! I walk through the common everday to get to work, so I really do get to see the ... more

AMZL US: Making Shipping More Complicated or Convenient?

shellyyi Brookline, MA Brookline

Hello folks! Today I'd like to discuss a little bit about Amazon's own delivery service according to the experiences I've had during these two months. Is it making ... more

Biking safety in Boston

William Boston, MA Back Bay

I live in back bay and bike to work everyday. I work downtown, so my bike ride is about 10 mins each way. I can honestly say I love to bike, but it does take some taking ... more

Seasonal depression hitting me early

bobjones Needham, MA Needham

Today I went grocery shopping for some Thanksgiving essentials. I am doing some of the cooking, while my wife runs the show for the most part. I told her I would run in to ... more

Painting with a twist

Alice Johnson Lynnfield, MA Muse Paintbar - Lynnfield

I have always liked to paint and be creative. Art was my favorite subject in high school, and I always looked forward to the new project that the teacher would assign us. ... more

Starbucks is life, especially during the holidays

Darren Boston, MA Beacon Hill

I’m such a sucker for the holiday season, and as a coffee lover and daily consumer I must say that I’m in a Starbucks pretty much every day. The combination of my favorite ... more

Snow before Thanksgiving? No thanks

Betty Ford Boston, MA Brighton

I must say that as I left the gym tonight, I was certainly not expecting to come outside to a full blown snow storm. I guess I didn’t check the weather enough this week, ... more

Hamilton with a side of the goat

Briana13 Boston, MA Boston

I was in the same building as the GOAT?!?! Unknowingly, Tom Brady and Gisele both attended Hamilton in Boston last night. Guess what I did last night? Saw Hamilton in ... more

Easy to forget, but important to remember

Anna Brown Boston, MA Boston

Today is World Kindness Day, which Twitter notified me of this morning. I feel like there are so many "days" in today's society, such as "National doughnut day" or ... more

Thanksgiving meals from Columbia Gas- a nice gesture

Betty Ford Lawrence, MA Lawrence

With Thanksgiving and the holiday's right around the corner, I am constantly in search of heart-warming stories. The gas incident in Lawrence and Andover area was pretty ... more

Stan Lee gone but never forgotten

John Jones Boston, MA Boston

What sad news to wake up to for Marvel fans. Stan Lee died at the age of 95 leaving his amazing legacy behind. He fit a lot into his 95 years on Earth, and has created so ... more