Ian Huntley Sex Change Has Nothing to Do with LGBT Community

Anna England Soham

British child-killer Ian Huntley, who killed 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, is attempting to change his gender identity and transfer to a women’s ... more

The Office (US); A Tardy to the Party Review

Rrrrrr Manchester, NH Manchester

So, I've never seen The Office. Not before today, anyway. I'd heard of it - okay, so everyone who's ever heard of Steve Carell has heard of it - but it never enticed me ... more

Donald Trump's Catty and Inappropriate Tweets - NEW YEAR!

Darren Concord, NH Concord

Trump tweets like the villain of an 80s movie about high school girls. "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE HATERS AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA! 2019 WILL BE A FANTASTIC ... more

Khaled Al-Asaad; A Hero

ElleHuckins Palmyra, Homs Governorate Palmyra

The ancient city of Palmyra was, at one time a thriving and bustling Syrian city built in AD 75 during the Palmyrene Empire after Septimia Zenobia, the regent queen of ... more

Saudi Arabia Recruiting Children to Fight in Yemen

Bob Davis Dubai, Dubai Yemen

Saudi Arabia, a country that America has deep ties to in terms of arms and oil, are outsourcing their brutal war in Yemen - regarded as the worst humanitarian crisis of ... more

Politicon Is A Thing, and I'm Going

ReadytoMingle Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Politics are personal. Politics are how our values are reflected on a global platform. Calling politics a game is an insulting misnomer that undercuts the very real and ... more

Outgoing California Governor signs 1000 New Laws

ElleHuckins CA California

Leaving office on January 7th, outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown has signed over a thousand bills into law in his last year in an attempt to stave off regressive ... more

New Year's Resolutions (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

Anna Davis Concord, NH Concord

Here we are, in the slightly hazy waning days of the year right before this one ends and the next one begins. And, as every year, this is the time when we look at ... more

True Brew Barista and Cafe

theholmeshead Concord, NH True Brew Barista

It's a bar, it's a diner, it's a trendy cafe and a proprietor of CBD-infused beverages (of the non-alcoholic variety) as well as a veritable index of niche craft beers and ... more

Michelle Obama voted Most Admired Woman (According to An Extremely Small Poll)

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was recently named Most Admired Woman according to a Gallup poll taken on 1,025 randomly selected adults between December 3rd and December ... more

Faith-Based Previews Before Kid Films Are Gross and Uncomfortable

John Davis Concord, NH Concord

Something weird is happening in movie theaters. Something that goes largely unremarked upon, but really needs to be discussed; movie theaters are proselytizing to ... more

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Is Gonna Be RAD

ElleHuckins Hooksett, NH Regal Cinemas Hooksett 8

I love Spider-Man. I always have. Since I was a little girl, watching Spiderman: The Animated Series, I have loved Spider-Man. I love his quips, I love his villains, I ... more

Everyone Hates Trump's Syria Plan

John Davis Syria

During a surprise visit to deployed troops in Iraq - the first such trip he’s made in his two years as the worst president since Martin Van Buren (Andrew Jackson’s VP and ... more

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is The Best Show You Probably Skipped

Briana13 Manchester, NH Manchester

No one expected that goofy guy from the American version of The Office to get hot and start doing serious parts, but after writing and directing A Quiet Place, as well as ... more

Japan Pulling Out of Global Agreement to Ban Whaling

Darren Japan

Citing its long tradition of whaling, Japan is poised to drop out of an international group that bans commercial whaling, and will leave the International Whaling ... more

The One Time Trump Tells the Truth and It’s About Santa Claus

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

On Christmas Eve Donald Trump, a dumb guy in an inexplicable position of power and influence, made waves and sparked reprisal when he asked a seven-year-old girl if she ... more

Police Bust A Move in Florida Flash Mob

Claudia Miami, FL Miami

Not all news is awful news. Last Tuesday, a video posted to Twitter showed two police officers in the Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida, appearing to break up a dancing ... more

Putin Suddenly Has Opinions About Democracy

ElleHuckins Moscow, None Moscow

Has anyone else noticed that Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly has a lot to say? During his end-of-year public conference, Putin recently came out with two ... more

NHMS: Gift of Lights

ElleHuckins Loudon, NH New Hampshire Motor Speedway

The annual Gift of Lights is going into its final week at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon. The light show features over two million LED lights and has been ... more

Reflection; It's the End of the Year, and Everyone Wants to Discuss

Alice Smith Concord, NH Concord

It's coming up on the end of 2018, and no matter if it's politics, fashion, politics, sports, politics, music, or politics every talk show, news broadcast, and comedy news ... more