Ever Had A Terrible Roommate?

theholmeshead San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

This video is kind of long, but if you've ever had an awful roommate it's well worth the watch. These stories will make your bad roommate seem like a walk in the park. more

Better Than Dunkin' Donuts?!

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Newbury St

Okay, maybe I'm biased because they let dogs in here, but I swear this coffee is better than Dunks! I feel like Dunkin' Donuts is hit or miss. Sometimes You'll get a ... more

You Can't Just Replace The Subway With Buses!

Alice Williams Boston, MA Kenmore

Multiple times this week I fought my way onto the T, found a crevice half my size to stand in, got acquainted with the back of someone's had and then two stops later was ... more


John Jones Gloucester, MA Dogtown Road

Boxers are absolutely my favorite type of dog. How could they not be? Look how cute this one is pouting! more

Landlord Problems

Anna Brown Boston, MA Boston

Landlord problems after breaking my lease "On February 5th I received a job offer in another town and informed my landlord that I would need to leave Boston. They told me ... more

Pretty Fed Up With The Green Line...

bobjones Boston, MA Copley

I was looking around the internet to commiserate about how bad the green line is, and I thought this Thrillist excerpt summed it up nicely. "The city’s oldest subway line ... more

Bell in Hand too crowded

boston_local Boston, MA The Bell In Hand Tavern

Basically every 20 something in the Boston area has gone to Bell in Hand at some point to party. I went to Bell in Hand last night and I couldn't help looking around and ... more

Having a bad day? Here are some baby ducks

Betty Ford San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

We've all seen enough puppy and kitten videos, so here are some baby ducks instead! I hope it makes your day a liiiitle bit better <3 more

Looking for a new activity?

Bob The Dog Boston, MA 248 Newbury St

If you're like me, trying to find new activities to do is exhausting. My boss recently organized a painting session for all the employees. We all brought photos of our ... more

Ancient Crypt 1100 souls found their resting place in the basement of Old North Church

theholmeshead Boston, MA 193 Salem St

https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/ancient-crypt Although the Congregationalist community tolerated the Anglicans’ presence in Boston, they weren’t willing to sell them ... more

Single in Boston

Bob Davis Boston, MA Newbury Street

So I've tried everything to meet someone. Dating sites, tinder, speed dating, going to bars and activities, but I just can't find anyone. I think I'm a pretty normal guy. ... more

Hot Guys Help You Move?

boston_local Boston, MA 130 Meadow Rd

It really is a dream come true. I've been preparing to move out of my apartment for the last month and it has been a disaster. I've been stressing about what I'm going to ... more

I fell in love on tinder

Darren Boston, MA South End

I live in the south end in Boston and the most beautiful girl came up on tinder, and she was less than a mile away from me! She was under a fake name, probably so people ... more

The Motorsport Lab

boston_local Boston, MA 711 Atlantic Ave

I LOVE this business. The Motorsport Lab has a huge selection of luxury cars that you can rent for an hour, or up to a day, for really reasonable prices! Always look for a ... more

5 Things I Wish I Knew in My 20's

John Davis San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

This is a really insightful video. If you're in your twenties and want some life advice, or if you're post twenties and want to relate to a younger age, watch this video! more

magnetic Sound Bath

John Jones Boston, MA 141 Green St

https://bostoncyberarts.org/guided-magnetic-sound-bath-thursday-june-1-7-8pm/ Magnetic Sound Bath is a meditative listening experience created by artist and inventor MJ ... more

Bad Roomate

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston University

I recently moved in with a new roommate. She's a friend but not a close friend. About three weeks ago it was her birthday and we had people over and it was a great night, ... more

Best New Restaurants according to Eater

boston_local Somerville, MA 420 Highland Ave

https://boston.eater.com/maps/new-best-heatmap-boston-restaurants The Hottest Restaurants in Boston Right Now, July 2018 So hot right now by Rachel Leah [email protected] ... more

I'm so tired of construction!

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Devonshire Street

The garage at 115 Winthrop Square was demolished last month and the traffic changes are driving me crazy! Half of Devonshire Street is completely closed while the other ... more

Does your dog really love you?

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

Spoiler! Your dog does love you and science has proven it. Watch the Buzzfeed video below to find out the details! more