Buying movie tickets with cryptocurrency

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Avengers Endgame is just around the corner. The tickets are sold out almost in every country so in some countries people are actually selling the tickets with ... more

What do you need to mine Dogecoin?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

It’s very simple actually! 1. You need a computer with Windows, OS X, or Linux operating system. 2. A very good internet connection. 3. A Shiba Inu puppy. (Very ... more

Cryptocurrencies around the world

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Cryptocurrency is famous almost everywhere. In one country in South America, Venezuela, they are trying to change their currency to el PETRO. If you don't know anything ... more

BTC? The only one?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

It’s funny when people actually say that BTC is the only “real” cryptocurrency out there. Well ever hear of Dogecoin? No? It’s a Dog... more

Dogecoin papermoney?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Where can I get these? I would totally pay for it. Dogecoin paper money why not? more

The truth!

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

This is what I thought when I saw the picture. The truth of the universe is starting to come to light. more

Man dies after 'two men push him 12ft into river in cruel new social media trend'

Musasi Dnieper River

Two men pushed a stranger from a bridge to his death so they could make a "funny" video for social media, it has been claimed. Sickening footage shows a 48-year-old man as ... more

Something Soothing

Darren Franklin, NH Franklin

Some soothing music more

Dangerous Beauty - The Story of a Brilliant Sex Worker

Bob Brown Gilford, NH Gilford



David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

I wonder how many people has gone through the same thing as Tom. more

Explaining cryptocurrencies

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

This is how many people and I look like while explaining cryptocurrencies more

Couple Things

Rrrrrr Foxborough, MA Foxborough

Relationships are hard. Barbie tells it like we all feel it. more

Girl Genius

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

About five years ago, the two smartest guys I know told me to read a webcomic and I ignored them. They reminded me frequently, wanting to share with me something they, two ... more

Shibu CEO

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

I really think a Shibu dog should be the CEO of the dogecoin. Who knows maybe become president! more

Alt-Right Documentaries on Netflix

Alice Williams Bedford, NH Bedford

Move over, Nazi documentaries! You're pasty, hipster grandchildren will take it from here. Two specifically excellent documentaries available on Netflix centering around ... more

Dogecoin is snow joke!

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Dogecoin has gotten very popular in the market even though it started as a joke! Even weeks ago there was a poll on who could be the CEO of Dogecoin. They voted Elon Musk. ... more

Kristjen Nielsen Resigns Homeland Security

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

Kristjen Nielsen should never have been the Homeland Security Secretary. In an administration staffed exclusively with Batman villains, Nielsen is a predictably awful ... more

Spaceballs Quote-A-Long

Alice Johnson Concord, NH Red River Theatres Inc

You love Mel Brooks, you love Star Wars, you know every line because everyone has seen it, so check out the Red River cinema in concord this weekend for the Spaceballs ... more


John Davis Framingham, MA Framingham

Went to see the new Jordan Peele horror film tonight, and it was really good! The pacing and story kept me on the edge of me seat, there was some great dialogue, and the ... more

Honey Heist -Critical Role

Anna Brown Framingham, MA Framingham

So, the roommates and I have embarked on a prefab D&D venture. Through which, of course, they introduced me to Critical Role's Honey Heist, where a group of professional ... more