Sam Smith Has Announced Their Preference to They/Them Pronouns

Emily Parker The Great Dome

Sam Smith, a singer best known for hits like "Stay With Me" and for coming out as openly gay in 2014, has announced on Instagram that they prefer they/them pronouns as ... more

The Weirdest Gift Box You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

This adorable online company will send a plush animal to a person of your choice anonymously with a personalized note and an animal pun. Want to send a sheep? Ewe got ... more

BYOB: Bring Your Own... Buns...?

Emily Parker LA Louisiana

Remember how a few weeks ago, every time you scrolled through the internet, you'd see about, say, one trillion posts about Chick-fil-a sandwiches vs. Popeye's chicken ... more

The Breaking Bad Movie Drops in October

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Fans of Breaking Bad were in a tizzy when it was rumored Netflix was making a movie to follow up the events of the show. They were absolutely blown away when the news ... more

SNL's New Cast Members Announced (And It Sure Is Something)

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

Saturday Night Live announced their new cast members for season 45 today, which included comedians Chloe Fineman, Shane Gillis, and Bowen Yang. Yang was hired as a writer ... more

Dear Flora: Too Flirty Friend & Reconnecting Woes

Dear_Flora Boston, MA Boston

Dear Flora, Two of my friends recently started dating and I couldn't be happier for them. The problem is now that two of my friends are dating I'm seeing one friend's ... more

Black Widow Movie Time Period Revealed [SPOILER ALERT]

Kelli Dolan The Great Dome

Everyone’s been speculating about the solo Black Widow movies since it was announced. The speculations amped up even more after the release of End Game because [SPOILER ... more

The Office is Returning, But Not in the Way You'd Expect

Emily Parker Scranton, PA Scranton

The Office is arguably one of the most popular television shows in history, and while fans that have watched the series five times through are always calling for a ... more

Bitcoin Pizza Day?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Domino’s Pizza 🍕recently launched a Bitcoin Pizza Day Competition in France. 🇫🇷 Domino's Pizza is also one of the pizza companies allowing customers to buy pizza with ... more

Writing Wednesday Tip #5

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Writing is hard. There’s no doubt about that. Writing is especially hard because it’s one of the instances in life we all tend to be our own worst critic. If you’re ... more

Harry Potter Quizzes Are Dumb

Kelli Dolan The Great Dome

Okay, I’m a self-identified Harry Potter nerd so maybe I’m a little biased in thinking all Harry Potter trivia quizzes are too easy. But some are so laughably easy that I ... more

Jim Gaffigan is About to Become America's Most Disturbing Comedian

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

The trailer for a new movie named "American Dreamer" was released recently along with a flurry of positive reviews. The film features well-known comedian, Jim Gaffigan, ... more

Africa has fallen

misheal The Great Dome

There is nothing so bitter than being an African,Africa is the richest continent but with the most poorest countries .Africa got independence from colonial but nAfrica has ... more

Circle CEO:

clight The Great Dome

Circle CEO: No One In The World Is Any Closer To CBDCs Than China China has the most progressive approach to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to date, according to ... more

Hasbro Is Coming Out With a New Board Game and the Timing is Impeccable

Emily Parker Pawtucket, RI Pawtucket

Just days after an Internet storm slamming Forbes for their "America's Most Innovative Leaders" list, which paid tribute to 99 men and one woman, Hasbro announced the ... more

Bitcoin Rockets $2250 in Argentina?

Chris Mentillo The Great Dome

The Bitcoin price exploded to $2250 premium in Argentina after President Mauricio Macri imposed capital controls, announcing he will reinstate stipulations on foreign ... more

Dutch Billionaire John de Mol ?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Dutch billionaire John de Mol said he would ask a court to rule in the case he filed against Facebook Inc earlier this year over fake Bitcoin ads. De Mol, the businessman ... more

One Billion Single Bitcoin Transaction?

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston

Recently, someone made one of the biggest transactions in Bitcoin history: 94,504 Bitcoins. At the then-current Bitcoin price of around $10,600, this transaction was worth ... more

Wine Lovers Need to Know About This

Kelli Dolan Haverhill, MA Haverhill

Imagine having a quiz that can pair your wine tastes to a wine you’ll love form a brand you’ve never tried. Well you don’t have to keep imagining because it’s a thing! A ... more

We Really Did It: There Is an Actual Shortage of White Claws in the United States

Emily Parker Chicago, IL Chicago

"Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws," became the mantra of the summer as the hard seltzer brand, White Claw, skyrocketed into popularity, especially among ... more