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As the world shrinks and people start to look globally for everything from the goods they buy, to the friends they make, and even the news they consume, we need to decentralize and help content creators make better content. Folkspaper is a revolutionary social journalism platform designed with content creators in mind. It isa global community where users work together to create a collaborative space where people can share their passion for life, connect with the world around them, and earn money from their content contributions while they do it.

Post:On Folkspaper every creator has a voice. It is easy to create content, build your own brand, and get feedback from users to help you create the best content possible. Folkspaper wants to enable our creators to share their passions with a global society, easily connecting them with audiences across the globe.

Earn:Creating worthwhile content take time and skills, and Folkspaper, unlike othersocial media platforms in the past, realizes this and respects and values to contributions of our creators. The Folkspaper platform has a built-in tipping mechanism where users can reward and support the creators that they love with Power our internal currency. Power can be purchased using your local currency with a credit card, google pay, or apple pay and spent within the Folkspaper app. The power that you earn can easily be cashed out in the PowerStation.

Protect:At Folkspaper we understand that it is hard, and often frustrating to be a content creator. There has always been a careful balance between getting exposure and protecting your rights as a creator. With the revolutionary Folks Seal program content creators have the tools they need to protect their content. Folks Seal uses Data Anchoring on the Ethereum blockchain to help create a record that can be used as proof of who created a piece of content and when and what that original post looked like.

Learn:The content creation, journalism, and entertainment landscapes are shifting as people move from a local focus to a more global world view. Folkspaper wants to help set creators up for success by helping them to learn about and understand the modern freelance world. The Folks Ed series produced by the Folks Shibe account provides tutorials about new features, technology, and tips and tricks for freelancers.

The Story of Folks

Folkspaper was created by Ivan Linn with a singular vision: to revolutionize and decentralize journalism. He wanted to reward valuable digital content and valued content creators while giving them the access to a global audience and creator focused tools. To help make his vision a reality he brought on first Musasi Hung and then Alex Wu to help create the Folkspaper platform set to take the world by storm. The Folkspaper App has launched in both the Google play store and the Apple app store and is ready for you to join the decentralization revolution.

Meet the Founders

  • Ivan Linn

    Founder and CEO

  • Alex Wu

    Cofounder and CTO

  • Musasi Hung

    Cofounder and Product Designer