About Folks Coin

Folks Coin

Roll Out Now!

Introducing Folks Coin, a rewards program and subscription designed only for Folks users.

There are many ways to use your Folks Coins. You can earn them by creating a new Topic, making comments, and interacting with other Folks users. With more Folks Coins in hands, you will be able to play with various features on Folks: Give your Topic title a different color, pin your Topic to the top of the Top Hits, and make your profile photo look even better!

Love the Topic you read? Show some support to your fellow writers by Pushing the Topic and sending them Folks Coins. While your profile level goes up, you will unlock more exciting features on Folks. Try it out today!

You can earn Folks Coin by...

Sign Up 100 Once you become a Folks user.
Profile Photo 10 When you add your first profile photo.
Short Bio 10 Once you add your first short bio.
Log In 2 Come back everyday!
New Topic 10 Earn up to 10 times per day when you write.
Comment 3 Earn up to 10 times per day when you leave comments.
Push 2 Your Topic is loved!
Reply to Ask Author 5 Answer your reader’s question.
Profile Level Up 20 When your profile level goes up, it unlocks more rewards features.
Wall of Fame 100 /10 Now you are a star on Folks!

You can spend Folks Coins by...

Push a Topic -2 Show your fellow writers some support!
Push with Folks Coins -10 ~ -200 Show your fellow writers even more support!
Ask Author -5 Ask author a question, up to 5 times per day.
Topic title color -10 Give your Topic a different look.
Pin To Top -100 Have your Topic reach to more readers for 24 hours.
Profile Photo -10 Give your profile photo a cool look up to 3 days.