Give me fresh food, please!

Alice Smith Boston, MA Hei La Moon Restaurant

My friends and I decided to have Dim Sum for our branch. It's been a while we haven't been to Hai La Moon for Dim Sum, and it was still very crowed as any Sunday morning. ... more

Cannabis Legalization means what to you?

Claudia Boston, MA Prudential Center Boston

It’s been a busy week for me. But I couldn’t ignore the news about cannabis got legalized in Canada since October 17. Since it was just happened in our neighbor country, ... more

Bruins vs Oilers

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

The Boston Bruins are playing the Edmonton Oilers tonight at TD Garden. A fight has already already broken out! So excited to be watching the game. Bruins are up by 2 and ... more

Climate Change Is Real and it’s Knocking on our Door

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

This storm is literally proof that climate change exists! When will we learn to stop denying it and start DOING SOMETHING?! I honestly can’t believe there are still ... more

Get Out Of My Spot

John Jones Boston, MA Warrenton Street

Why doesn’t the city do its job and ticket non-resident cars parked in resident parking on SUNDAYS? The sign does not say except Sundays. It’s so frustrating not being ... more

World’s First Mother

Alice Johnson Newton, MA Commonwealth Avenue

I’m walking my dog the other day on Commonwealth Ave and come to cross a woman and her baby in the carriage. This woman was taking up most of the lane have you and was in ... more

Man Flips Out Over Dog Pee

theholmeshead Boston, MA Union Park Street

I was walking my two dogs around my neighborhood and one of them peed on a black fence between the sidewalk and brownstone entry. It was clearly not intentional on my part ... more

Barre Studio Brawls

Alice Smith Boston, MA Exhale Boston - Battery Wharf

Barre studios are cropping up all over town, which means thrilled students, excited teachers, and some nasty turf wars along the way. Heidi Anderson loves barre. She’s ... more

Boston Tough Guy Hits Woman!

Anna Brown Boston, MA Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Woah! Quite a brawl! more

Boston Marathon's Transgender Policy Sparks Fairness Debate:

Bob The Dog Boston, MA Marathon Finish line

Officials with the iconic Boston Marathon say they will not add to the “burden” of the transgender community by questioning registrations of this year’s runners. The 122nd ... more

Lawrence Man Charged After Argument With Landscaper

John Williams Lawrence, MA Lawrence

LAWRENCE – A young man from Lawrence will be in court Friday, charged with showing off a gun in a case of grass clippings rage. A landscaper was using a leaf blower to ... more

Racist Sushi For Two

Anna Boston, MA Sushiemon

I want to share a racist restaurant in Boston I went to last week. The food is not fresh and the service is not good. We waited for more than one hour for our meal with no ... more

Self-Loathing in Boston

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Dorchester Ave

If you don’t know yourself, you’ll never be able to love yourself with all of your imperfections. It takes knowledge of self to appreciate self. And same goes for any ... more

The Creepy Man Next Door

ReadytoMingle Brookline, MA Beacon Street

Every time I go on my porch to smoke, there is the creepy neighbor. He is constantly out there ripping butts. In fact, one day I met him in person and boy does he stink. I ... more

Smile Will Ya?

John Jones Boston, MA Campus Center

Have you noticed the lack of smiles on the streets of Boston lately like I have? I face this challenge every day on my way to work, on my way home, and just an every day ... more

Forgo For Eyes

Alice Smith Boston, MA Franklin St

I need new contacts. I call For Eyes downtown to see their pricing and if they took my insurance. I was put on hold and then when the lady came back, told me she they take ... more

Is Ant Bicycle A Scam?

Betty Ford Boston, MA Tufts Medical Center

I’m a little concerned for my bank account. I wrote about the Ant Bicycle last week and raved about how happy I was. Today, however, Houston, we have a problem. I couldn’t ... more

Bank of America Is No Bank of Customer Service

Anna Brown Boston, MA Bank of America Financial Center

I head into Bank of America over in the Financial District. I have really like the company's customer service so far and the online app is pretty cool. I head to the ... more

Is Apple Serious With Their New Unveiling?

William Boston, MA Apple Boylston Street

Apple just introduced three new iPhone models simultaneously which they have not done before. What could they have possibly added that we don't already have now?! I feel ... more

CVS and My Breasts

Anna Boston, MA CVS

I go into CVS for a few necessities and it was super hot. I could have been wearing a bathing suit and no one would have noticed it was that hot kind of a day. I get to ... more