Man made fun of my clothes

John Williams Boston, MA Royale

I don't go out that often. I'm a pretty low key guy. That being said, last weekend my girlfriend made me go out with her and her friends. I wore a band t-shirt and jeans, ... more

Somerville is snooty

boston_local Somerville, MA Oxford St

Soooo I went to get a coffee this morning before work, like I always do. However this morning was a little different. I got my coffee as usual, thinking nothing of it, ... more

"Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs"

boston_local Somerville, MA Central St

People feel so many ways about millennials. I think no matter what age you are, this video can help you to understand why we're not money driven. more

Better Than Dunkin' Donuts?!

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Newbury St

Okay, maybe I'm biased because they let dogs in here, but I swear this coffee is better than Dunks! I feel like Dunkin' Donuts is hit or miss. Sometimes You'll get a ... more

You Can't Just Replace The Subway With Buses!

Alice Williams Boston, MA Kenmore

Multiple times this week I fought my way onto the T, found a crevice half my size to stand in, got acquainted with the back of someone's had and then two stops later was ... more

Bell in Hand too crowded

boston_local Boston, MA The Bell In Hand Tavern

Basically every 20 something in the Boston area has gone to Bell in Hand at some point to party. I went to Bell in Hand last night and I couldn't help looking around and ... more

Rude Street Performer

William Boston, MA Faneuil Hall Marketplace

I was walking through Faneuil Hall on my lunch break and I stopped to watch one of the street performers for a couple of minutes. When I started to walk away they started ... more

Tourist Season

bobjones Boston, MA Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Every spring the snow begins to thaw, the weather gets warmer, and I get excited about the beautiful New England summer. Then the tourists come. I forget every year how ... more

Too many Dunkin Donuts!

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Dunkin' Donuts

Okay, I get that everyone needs coffee, but have you even seen a map of how many Dunkin Donuts there are in Boston? It's insane! In some towns there are 10+ Dunkin ... more

Do people ever ask you if you're "actually" from Boston?

William Waltham, MA Waltham

Someone asked me where I was from the other day, naturally I said Boston. I'm from Waltham, right outside of Boston, which is not only part of the greater Boston area, but ... more

I hate bikers

John Davis Boston, MA Charles River Esplanade

Just trying to go for my morning walk with my dogs and what happens? I'm literally run over by a bike! Luckily my dogs weren't hit, but I was flattened, and guess what? ... more

Eataly is so overpriced!!!

boston_local Boston, MA Eataly Boston

If you haven't been to Eataly yet, I'm not surprised, because there's always a line out the door! Not to mention once you're inside you can barely move because there are ... more

What do you think of Helsinki summit meeting?

boston_local Helsinki, None Helsinki

It seems that no matter what side you fall on, most people aren't too fond of the remarks Trump made at the summit meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. The US ... more

Dunkin' Donuts is the best

theholmeshead Boston, MA Dunkin' Donuts

I think I speak for everyone, not just Boston, but all of Massachusetts when I say that we're addicted to Dunkin' Donuts. And I'm fine with that! The thing is, I don't ... more

Will Fenway Center ever be built?

boston_local Boston, MA Fenway Center

After almost two decades Meredith Corporation finally got the rights to build on this huge plot of land. The company has drawn renderings of what they think the Fenway ... more

I’m so over the 4 Seasons Hotel construction

boston_local Boston, MA Four Seasons Hotel Boston

You know the one I’m talking about, all the construction on 1 Dalton Street in Back Bay? It’s so unnecessary! We already have so many hotels in Boston, we don’t need ... more

Icon is a waste of money

bobjones Boston, MA Icon Nightclub

I went to Icon recently and they had a ridiculous cover charge. It’s a nightclub like anywhere else, there’s nothing special about it and no reason to pay $50+ just to ... more

Think Before You Speak

theholmeshead Boston, MA Beacon Street

Overheard two guys yesterday saying how the #metoo movement is entirely fake. That all the women coming forward are using it as a means of revenge against people ... more

Barcelona Wine Bar. Good atmosphere, but overpriced

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Barcelona Wine Bar South End

I just went to Barcelona Wine Bar for the first time the other night. They have a huge selection of wine, cheese and meat. The cheese/ meat boards are good, but you really ... more

No, Helicopter High Schools, Not Every Cheerleader Should Make The Team

MJs1nk NJ New Jersey

If you haven't heard about it already, a high school in New Jersey made a rule that states every girl that tries out for the high school cheerleading squad has to make the ... more