YouTube seems to be down

Jean Huang Boston, MA Boston

YouTube seems to be down: Not being able to stream any videos. more

Russian Space Craft Malfunctions Forces it to Land

Olivia Daprile Kazakhstan

After almost 10 years of denying any issues, a Russian spacecraft malfunctioned, which means that there are more troubles than they believed. I think we need to lift the ... more

‘Porno Dresses’ at Oktoberfest

Alice Johnson Germany

This is just too good........ Female Oktoberfest tourists slammed for 'porno dresses,' accused of ruining tradition Oktoberfest, the weekslong German celebration dating ... more

Look Out Starbucks

William Boston, MA Starbucks

Coca-Cola has recently bought Costa, a coffee chain. They have nearly 4,000 stores across 32 countries rivaling Starbucks. It will give Coca-Cola (KO) "a strong coffee ... more

Lifting Motivation

bobjones Boston, MA YMCA of Greater Boston

If you've fallen off your gym game or just need motivation to keep going if you're not getting the results you want right now, this video is for you. Watch and be inspired. more

America's next top model worst makeovers

theholmeshead New York, NY Fashion Week Inc

Throwback to ANTM. My sisters used to watch this show ALL THE TIME. I always remember thinking that the makeovers were awful, looks like I wasn't the only one! more

"The Life and Death and Rebirth of Boston’s Counterculture"

Blake Davis Boston, MA Boston

This is an amazing article from Boston Magazine! I thought I'd pass it along. "I begin my research in November with an email to Sam Potrykus, the closest thing Boston’s ... more

all lowercase trend

boston_local Boston, MA Boston

There has been a trend for the last year or so where people have begun typing in all lowercase letters, and I've never heard an explanation. Ariana Grande is one of the ... more

magnetic Sound Bath

John Jones Boston, MA 141 Green St Magnetic Sound Bath is a meditative listening experience created by artist and inventor MJ ... more

MFA Current Art Exhibit

William Boston, MA Museum of Fine Arts Promenade

The MFA’s curent art exhibit is French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault. It is incredible. I like to go to an exhibit or a museum every now and then, but I’m not someone ... more