"Sox" the Kangroo

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Red Sox

This video is fascinating. As a Bostonian, I would love to see this furry reminder lives in LA to keep reminding LA people that "Red Sox" won the World Series Again in 2018! more

Time has been changed -- mouse chasing cat

theholmeshead Medford, MA Medford

My dad sent me this "mouse chasing cat" video tonight. And I decided to share it here, because it is so funny. I have to say, time has totally changed! If you laugh, ... more

Keep this away from your pets...

ReadytoMingle Cambridge, MA PetSmart

I found this article online today. As a dog person and owner, I highly recommend all the pet-owners read it through. It may save your pet's life. If you own a bottle of ... more

Daily Dose of Cuteness

Rrrrrr Portland, OR Oregon Zoo

There's a lot of dogs videos out there. There's a lot of cat videos out there. Tiny goats meeting otter videos? Not so much! Enjoy :) more

Dog love

boston_local Boston, MA MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Dodo makes the most heart wrenching videos. If you've saved a dog you'll love this! more

For the Golden Retriever Lovers Out There

Rrrrrr Silver Spring, MD Animal Planet

If you're favorite type of dog is something other than a golden retriever, well, you're wrong. Sorry :) They're just the cutest. more

How Empathetic Is Your Dog?

Anna Brown Boston, MA Milk St

I'm super surprised by the findings in this video. Be warned! Your dog may not get the result you think it will. more

Zoos Are Sad

Betty Ford Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo @ Entrance

Everyone is fascinated by animals in one way or another, but after a recent trip to the zoo I realized how wrong they are. I hadn't been to the zoo in years and years, ... more

Never ignore your dogs!

Bob The Dog San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

Dogs love us so much. Unconditionally. It's really not too much to ask that we give them love when they want it. If you have a dog, go pet them, now. more

Beavers <3

Alice Johnson Dedham, MA Animal Rescue

This video is too cute, we've all seen dogs, we've all seen cats, but beavers?! This cute guy was separated from his family and a trust worthy animal specialist decided to ... more


John Jones Gloucester, MA Dogtown Road

Boxers are absolutely my favorite type of dog. How could they not be? Look how cute this one is pouting! more

Having a bad day? Here are some baby ducks

Betty Ford San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

We've all seen enough puppy and kitten videos, so here are some baby ducks instead! I hope it makes your day a liiiitle bit better <3 more

Does your dog really love you?

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

Spoiler! Your dog does love you and science has proven it. Watch the Buzzfeed video below to find out the details! more

Otters playing with Lab!

Betty Ford Boston, MA Charles River Esplanade

This is an amazing video of two dogs playing with an otter! I can't believe that the otter isn't scared of the dogs! more

I let my dog walk me for a day

Bob The Dog Los Angeles, CA BuzzFeed

There's a new type of viral video right now that are usually titled "I let my dog walk me". This is a good one from Buzzfeed where a woman is walked by her Shiba for a day! more

Love your dog? Take them to Peter's Park!

Alice Johnson Boston, MA 1277 Washington St

Let's be honest, yeah our dogs love us, but there's nothing they love more than getting to play with other dogs! Peter's Park is the best dog park in Boston, I bring my ... more

Looking for a mini Aussi

John Williams Boston Metropolitan Area

Hello! I’m deserate to own a mini aussi, I’ve seen them everywhere and they’re the cutest dogs of all time. If you’re selling or know someone who sells mini aussi’s ... more

Always Adopt!

boston_local Boston, MA MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center

My sister has the cutest dog of all time. She adopted her a few months ago and has greatly improved both of their lives! Yes, she’s a pitbull, but that really doesn’t mean ... more

Meet The World’s Most Photogenic Cat Who Can’t Get A Bad Photo Taken Of Him

Sweet macaroon

Nyankichi is a male tabby from Kagoshima, Japan, and he has been traveling with his human around the country, taking the best photos. While looking at these photographs, ... more

They are both confused


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