Feeling scary to live in this city

Anna Davis Boston, MA Dorchester

Yesterday I turned on the TV, and saw another woman killed in Dorchester. It's been the 8th deadly shooting in the past 10 days. Here is the video. more

Do you know how to drive rotary?

Sarina Tucker Cambridge, MA Boston University Bridge

FunFact💡 "Why does every Bostonian that has to drive through this traffic circle, er, rotary, have to completely lose their minds? I don't get it, its really not that ... more

Who’s to Blame?

Olivia Daprile MA Massachusetts

The giant gas explosion in Lawrence did a lot of damage. So what comes next? Who will pay? more

At Least 6 Dead at the Hands of Hurricane Michael

Olivia Daprile FL Florida

“In the storm’s wake lay crushed and flooded buildings, shattered lives and at least six deaths, a number that officials worry could rise.” It is hard to believe that the ... more

Boston Public Transit Highest Budget Lowest Efficiency

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

Boston has one of the largest public transportation budgets, but one of the worst systems. After living in California, Chicago, and here, I can honestly say that the MBTA ... more

Skanks on the Prowl

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Venu Nightclub

I am more and more shocked by the way that woman dress when they go out these days. It is scandalous. In a world with #metoo being more and more prevalent. Why are ... more

Disgusted at Foodie’s

Darren Boston, MA Foodie's Markets

I was in Foodie’s getting some groceries and am rudely bumped into by some woman in the process of some woman screaming at her children. They could not have been more than ... more

The Texts That Killed

John Davis Boston, MA Dorchester District Court

BOSTON (AP) — A woman who as a teenager encouraged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself may have made bad choices but did not commit a crime, her lawyer told ... more

Woman Attacked Over Parking Spot At Danvers Market Basket

Rrrrrr Danvers, MA Danvers

It started over a handicap parking spot at the Market Basket in Danvers and ended with one of the women bleeding. “I realize I was bleeding and I put my hand up on my head ... more

Boston Bar Accused of Selling Alcohol to Minors

Alice Williams Boston, MA Savvor Restaurant and Lounge

A bar in Boston is facing charges after investigators with the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission found 10 minors in possession of alcohol on Saturday ... more

Student Stabbed in School Bathroom

Betty Ford Boston, MA Washington Irving Middle School

A student was stabbed by a classmate during a fight Thursday morning inside a Boston middle school. The incident happened at 9:26 a.m. at the Washington Irving Middle ... more

Woman Throws Bleach at Man on Train

John Davis Boston, MA Warrenton Street

Given some of the hostility I've seen on the Boston Metro, this terrifies me! A law student from Russia has been pouring water mixed with bleach onto men’s groins in ... more

Boston Celtics Player Jabari Bird Strangled Girlfriend

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston Celtics

Jabari Bird's girlfriend was trapped in his Brighton apartment for four hours while the 24-year-old Boston Celtics guard strangled her more than a dozen times, causing her ... more

Hepatitis Outbreak in Massachusetts

Alice Johnson Cambridge, MA Massachusetts Avenue

With the amount of homeless, drug addicts, trash picking and reckless roaming the streets, this is no surprise. People should come really get vaccinated as we really don’t ... more

South End Shooting

Anna Davis Boston, MA East Springfield Street

There was a shooting last night on E. Springfield St. in the South End. Sadly, an officer was shot. I happened to be walking by this neighborhood as the gun fire started. ... more

Beware of Online Scams

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

I have fallen victim to these scams. When I was younger, I applied to do online surveys. They promised gift cards or decent pay and I was sold. I joined up for a few of ... more

Real Life Witness

John Davis Boston, MA E Newton St @ Washington St

I just love seeing a brawl, especially one that I am not involved in. I was actually getting off work and chatting with my boss while suddenly we were both distracted with ... more

A Real Life Jaws Tragedy

bobjones Wellfleet, MA Wellfleet Road

I swim in these waters constantly so this tragedy is a real scare. Life is short. He was just trying to enjoy the last nice days of summer. more

Bachelor Star Shames Children With Arrest

Alice Williams Boston, MA Fenwood Road

This is such sad news to me. Amanda Stanton is a reality star constantly saying how she is an amazing mother. She has proven time and time again, she is not mother of the ... more

The Missing Burrito

John Jones Medford, MA Medford

I often order delivery because I work a lot and am just to lazy to cook. UberEats is on the rotation as they often only charge a small delivery fee. The other night I ... more