Bored Teens

Alice Smith Boston, MA GrubStreet

I don't know how many other teens use this site, but I'm so bored. All my friends and I do is drive around because there are so few things for teens to do anymore. Parents ... more

Drinks Are So Overpriced

John Williams Boston, MA The Hawthorne

I feel like I can't go out anywhere without spending a fortune. From well known bars to brand new trendy spots, it seems like everywhere charges at least $10 for a ... more

Sick in August

William Boston, MA D St

This happens to me every year. Don't ask me why, but every August when everyone is out enjoying the last month of summer I get a terrible cold! I don't think I have any ... more

Heat Wave

Bob Brown Boston Metropolitan Area

Can this end please? I didn't move to Boston to deal with 95 degree weather. I feel like I can't leave my house because I just turn into a sweaty puddle the second I step ... more

Leave early to get to Beyonce on time tonight!

Sarina Tucker Foxborough, MA Patriot Pl

I have been waiting FOR MONTHS for Beyonce to come to Boston again (who cares about Jay-Z). We will be graced by the queen herself in less than 8 hours! Even if you think ... more

One More Week of Commonwealth Ave. Bridge Replacement!

Sarina Tucker Weston, MA MA-128

Congratulations everyone! Only one more week of the Commonwealth Ave. bridge construction! The bridge is slated for construction from July 26th to August 11th (who knows ... more

Ever Had A Terrible Roommate?

theholmeshead San Bruno, CA YouTube, LLC

This video is kind of long, but if you've ever had an awful roommate it's well worth the watch. These stories will make your bad roommate seem like a walk in the park. more

Landlord Problems

Anna Brown Boston, MA Boston

Landlord problems after breaking my lease "On February 5th I received a job offer in another town and informed my landlord that I would need to leave Boston. They told me ... more

Pretty Fed Up With The Green Line...

bobjones Boston, MA Copley

I was looking around the internet to commiserate about how bad the green line is, and I thought this Thrillist excerpt summed it up nicely. "The city’s oldest subway line ... more

Bad Roomate

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston University

I recently moved in with a new roommate. She's a friend but not a close friend. About three weeks ago it was her birthday and we had people over and it was a great night, ... more

I'm so tired of construction!

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Devonshire Street

The garage at 115 Winthrop Square was demolished last month and the traffic changes are driving me crazy! Half of Devonshire Street is completely closed while the other ... more

Stolen Wallet!

Bob Davis Boston, MA Boylston Street

I was eating alone at a restaurant last night and I got up to go to the bathroom. Thinking it was a nice enough restaurant and no one would steal anything, I left my ... more

Is Charles River safe to swim in?

boston_local Boston, MA Charles River Esplanade

I know people are always doing activities in and on the Charles River, but it's so dirty! My friends are always trying to get me to go kayaking or swimming. is tarted ... more

I don't feel safe as a woman in Boston

Anna Brown Boston, MA Icon Nightclub

I know Boston has a reputation as a wealthy, safe city, but I just don't feel safe at night. People in Boston get so drunk, men especially. I was leaving the club with my ... more

I spilled my coffee walking out the door and they gave me a new one!

Darren Boston, MA Dunkin' Donuts

What Bostonian can wake up in the morning without a Dunkins iced coffee? I don't think such a person exists. I wake up today, and get my coffee to start my Friday off ... more

I found a wallet at the corner of Lynn and Thatcher

John Jones Boston, MA Lynn Street

I found a wallet on the ground this morning. It's light brown and plain on the outside. There's some cash, a stop and shop card, and a dunkin donuts reward card. There's ... more

It's so hot out!

Alice Williams Boston, MA Boston

It's been so hot in Boston, does anyone know a good place to cool off? I've been trying to stay inside but I'm getting really cooped up! Does anyone know good activities/ ... more

I broke a chair in the north end and ran out

Alice Smith Boston, MA North End

I am not an over weight person, but in the middle of dinner one of the legs of my chair just gave way. The entire restaurant went dead silent. Everyone stared at me. I was ... more

Be careful Downtown!

Alice Smith Boston, MA The Bell In Hand Tavern

I know other parts of Boston/ outside of Boston get a bad rap, but you have to be careful downtown too. I’m pretty sure I was pickpocketed when I was walking around Friday ... more

Lost my phone at Tai Chi?

bobjones Boston, MA Symphony Road

I lost my phone a few days ago and I’ve been looking all over. I went to Tai Chi last Thursday at Symphony Park and it’s the only place I can think of that I left it. If ... more