Man Finds Out His Door Stopper is Worth $100k

Olivia Daprile MI Michigan

A Michigan man curious about a rock he'd used for decades as a doorstop now knows its secret: it's a meteorite worth $100,000. In fact, the nearly 23-pound hunk of iron ... more

Doing More and Harming Less

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

After the IPCC report two days ago most of us are feeling pretty down about the future of our planet. We can stop feeling so hopeless and start using that energy to fuel ... more

Lobsters Smoking Weed

William Boston, MA Prudential Center Boston

Who knew lobsters got stoned? I really enjoyed this read. Poor Lobby. more

Do Plants Think?

Bob The Dog Cambridge, MA Garden Street

We're getting to such a pivotal point in scientific discovery where we're starting to question even the most basic things we've taken for granted. Keep thinking outside ... more

Talking Gorilla?!

Betty Ford Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo

Did you know there's a gorilla who knows sign language? I'm truly amazed by how intelligent other animals are, and how we've underestimated them throughout the years! more

Everyone should do Tai Chi

Anna Brown Brookline, MA 131 Cypress St

As an adamant Tai Chi goer, I think people should be doing Tai Chi multiple times a week, if not everyday. However I understand that not all people grew up being ... more

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

Sarina Tucker County Galway Castle

Having the travel bug this summer? Get out and go! Here's some inspiration of amazing places to see. more

Poor Hawaii!

Anna HI Kīlauea

First Kilauea, and now a hurricane?! As most of you probably already know, Kilauea started erupting a few months ago and has caused devastation across Hawaii. Claiming ... more

Revere Beach sand sculpting festival

Rrrrrr Revere, MA 300 Ocean Ave

Need an excuse to get to the beach? The Revere Sand sculpting festival starts on Friday! It's the biggest sand sculpting festival on the East Coast with over 500,000 ... more

Vegan or vegetarian in Boston?

boston_local Cambridge, MA Veggie Galaxy

Boston is known for it's beer and bar food, but what about the vegetarians? Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just looking for a healthier option, head over to Veggie ... more

Are you getting enough fresh air?

Alice Smith Boston Metropolitan Area

I found out recently that air quality greatly effects our health, even in the US where we think it's safe. When we're around trees and plants we get highly oxygenated air ... more

Kayaking on the Charles

Bob The Dog Boston, MA Charles River Esplanade

I just went kayaking on the Charles yesterday and it was beautiful! The river isn't the cleanest and I wouldn't want to swim in it but I rented a kayak with Paddle Boston ... more

Smith College Art Exhibit

theholmeshead Northampton, MA Smith College

I went to visit my friend in Amherst for the weekend and we ended up going to see this art show at Smith and it’s amazing! The exhibit is of contemporary South/South East ... more

Tired of City Life?

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

As someone who lives in the center of the city, I know how hard it can be to escape. The closest and cheapest alternative? Go to the Boston Public Gardens! They really are ... more

If you’re looking for a new workout, go to Down Under School of Yoga

Sarina Tucker Brookline, MA Down Under School of Yoga

I know yoga isn’t for everyone but this place has everything. If you’re looking to just relax they offer “slow flow” classes to calm the body, or if you’re looking for a ... more

How many of you are enduring the pollen allergy now?

Sweet macaroon Medford, MA MA-60

How many of you are allergic to pollen? Why it looks like I am the only one who is enduring allergy symptoms, like itchy eyes and running nose, amount all the people I ... more

Castle hill — the best wedding and photo venue

Claudia Ipswich, MA Castle Hill

What makes Castle Hill a special place? Centuries before becoming a grand summer estate owned by one of America’s wealthiest families, Castle Hill was well known by Native ... more