Sports Championships; Unveiling and Debunking

Olivia Daprile United States

You'd think the host cities of championship-winning teams would undergo a brief economic explosion. That sounds good and well, but it's not always the case, as Kavitha ... more

Leaf Peeping in Brighton-Allston neighborhoods of Boston

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Brighton

Leaf peeping season is officially upon us here in the neighborhoods of Brighton and Allston. If you snap some great photos of the changing fall foliage be sure to send ... more

Meme Time

Bob The Dog Boston, MA New Sudbury St

A Star Is Born is almost out and the trailer has been seen eight million times already! I can’t wait to see Gaga in action. Obviously, such buzz creates opportunities for ... more

Julia Roberts is Coming to Showtime!

bobjones Newton, MA Newton

Personally, I can't wait to see Julia Robert's in her new Showtime series. She hasn't done something like this and we really haven't seen much of her lately. This won't ... more

15 Minutes of Heaven

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Lan Nail Salon

I had such a nice experience yesterday at Lan Nail Salon. I have been carrying a backpack and my back is suffering. I popped into Lan not for a manicure but for a fifteen ... more

Jack Ryan Is More Than John Krasinski's Abs

Sarina Tucker Cambridge, MA Amazon

I have been seeing previews for Amazon's Jack Ryan since maybe one year ago. I mean talk about build up. I kept thinking over the countless previews, this better be good. ... more

Local Reporting Builds a Community’s ‘Social Capital’

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

Folks: where people can be heard, local experiences shared, and a community built. “Community journalism assumes its value in finding ways to connect people—by ... more

How to Tactfully Speak Your Mind

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

Be concise, don’t worry about others, be empathetic. At Folks, you have the freedom to write about whatever you want! So make it good. more

Tiki Tuesday

Anna Brown Boston, MA 5 Lansdowne St

Do you feel like you missed out on summer? Didn't live it up like you usually do? Well it's not too late! Tonight Bill's Bar on Lansdowne Street is holding it's first ever ... more

Joining Folks in the Mother City @FolksPaper #FF

CapeTown Cape Town, WC Cape Town

Today I was followed by @FolksPaper in Twitter and I came to have a look at the Folks :-) Registered an Account and here we are.... Hope to discover more CT Folks ;-) ... more

Calling All Musicians

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Virtuosity Musical Instruments

If you're a musician in Boston do not go anywhere but here to get your gear. Yeah, Guitar Center will be cheaper, but the instruments/gear they have in here is real ... more

Ancient Crypt 1100 souls found their resting place in the basement of Old North Church

theholmeshead Boston, MA 193 Salem St Although the Congregationalist community tolerated the Anglicans’ presence in Boston, they weren’t willing to sell them ... more

Best New Restaurants according to Eater

boston_local Somerville, MA 420 Highland Ave The Hottest Restaurants in Boston Right Now, July 2018 So hot right now by Rachel Leah Blumenthal@blumie ... more

Board Game Night at Regina Pizzeria

Rrrrrr Allston, MA Regina Pizzeria

Every Monday from 7-9:30 Regina Pizzeria in Allston hosts Board Game Night! I've never seen this done anywhere else, but it's such a smart idea! If you come in during ... more

Weirdest bar in Boston

Alice Smith Boston, MA 268 W Broadway

I had heard about Croke Park Whitey's from a friend and decided to check it out. This place is so small I couldn't even find it. I walked by the bar three times before I ... more

Go line dance for free while you can!

John Davis Boston, MA Billings Street

I just got back from line dancing. Originally I told my friend I would go, but then the time came around and I really didn't want to. I'm so happy they dragged me there! I ... more

Free concerts at Boston public library courtyard

Alice Smith Boston, MA Boston Public Library

This is my favorite event the city of Boston puts on during the summer. So many events now are solely to bring in money or promote something. When you go to a concert in ... more

Equinox Dartmouth

John Williams Boston, MA 131 Dartmouth St

It's been too hot for me to go for runs outside recently so I got a membership at Equinox for the summer. The process was easy, the prices aren't crazy for a membership, ... more

Artbeat Somerville

William Somerville, MA Somerville

I went to Artbeat art festival in Somerville today and it was awesome! Definitely save yourself some money and eat before you go, as the food vendors can be a pricey, even ... more

Need affordable housing?

John Davis Boston, MA The Beverly

I am so excited for more affordable housing in Boston! As everyone knows, Boston is one of the priciest cities to live in. New housing near North Station is going to be ... more