Suicide by being struck by the train?

William Boston, MA Green Street

There are thousands of ways to commit a suicide, I simply don't understand that why people would like to choose struck by a train. Last night, there was a man ... more

Scooter Struck in South End

Darren Boston, MA East Brookline Street

An unfortunate accident occurred today in the South End. I happened to be passing by with my dog shortly after to witness the brutal scene left behind. A man riding a ... more

Traffic on 93 is terrible right now

Anna Boston, MA Northern Expressway

I've been driving home from work down town for over an hour, and I've barely gotten anywhere! I was driving north on I-93 to get home to Stoneham but I decided to pull ... more

Will the Longfellow Bridge ever be done?

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Longfellow Bridge

I take the longfellow bridge into work everyday and the closure is seriously messing with me. I know bridges need to be maintained but there’s really no other convenient ... more

The road work on Storrow Drive is killing me

John Jones Boston, MA Storrow Drive

Can't they do the work at night or something? I know roads have to be maintained but this is seriously getting in the way of the entire city. Storrow Drive is probably ... more

Why is the green line always late?!

Bob Davis Boston, MA Kenmore

I know I’m not the only person this happens to. So many people depend on the green line to get where they need to go and it’s ALWAYS late. Just like so many other people I ... more

Don’t Park Downtown!

Bob The Dog Boston, MA Boston University

I had to go to a short meeting for school so I parked on the side of the road in downtown Boston. My car is pretty new and had no marks on it. When I came back from my 20 ... more

Part of Washington Street in Somerville will be closed for the weekend

Sara Brown Somerville, MA Somerville

If you are looking to visit parts of Washington Steet this weekend, think again. Washington Street near Beacon Street will be closed to all vehicular and bicycle traffic ... more

This happened in the afternoon on the way to Burlington Mall

William Waltham, MA Waltham

A car caught fire this afternoon while there was traffic. People were driving away from the car that was on fire because the police and firefighters didn’t arrive yet at ... more

School bus accident in New Jersey

Claudia Mount Olive Township, NJ Mount Olive Township

Two people died and 43 were injured when a school bus filled with fifth-graders collided with a dump truck on a major highway in New Jersey on Thursday, May 17. The bus ... more

Road closed at Hynes

jacobryans Boston, MA Hynes Convention Center

Not sure what's happening but the polices are closing Mass Ave at Hynes Convention Center. more

Truck hit the cable bracket on the pavement in Sudbury MA


Late afternoon today, I came to give the lesson to my student in Sudbury as usual. While we were having the lesson, we got shocked by a huge collapsed sound. I thought it ... more