I am The Jewish Nurse

Sweet macaroon Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh

This is the post from Nurse Ari Mahler, who was taking care of the patient from Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. If one have ever doubted what is love, then you should be ... more

The Meat Market at Loco

Anna Davis Boston, MA Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

If only I will still single, I would certainly be frequenting Loco in Southie. Not only is the ratio of men larger, but they are also very attractive. Boston is known for ... more

Wedding Anxiety Frills

John Jones Boston, MA Boston Wharf Rd

Weddings always give me social anxiety no matter who is tying the knot. This weekend, I had to attend as a date of a bridesmaid. It is just always so awkward not knowing ... more

Sorry Ladies.....Bieber Is Off The Market

Anna Davis Boston, MA Park Street Place

It's official. Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin tied the knot in a courthouse on Thursday. Apparently, they do not have a prenup and he is worth $263 million more ... more

Stop Staring At Me Bozo!

Alice Williams Brookline, MA The Abbey

Why is it every time I sit down at a bar ALONE whether it be to relax or finish some work, I am left to fight off whatever Joe Blow is sitting next to me. Just because I ... more

Once upon a time

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I realized I forced myself to live in a reality A reality that I made up in my head So it was fiction. I arrogantly created- Such a fictitious world… I lived a decade ... more

The invisible woman

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Black culture is killing black women slowly. So slow you don't realized you are been devoured from the inside out. I can hardly breathe as I write this because the pain I ... more

Bachelor in How To Whore Yourself

bobjones Mexico

Yes, I said it. Come on, we are all watching Bachelors in Paradise. You know it and I know it. I think it is funny in today's society with #METOO being a leading ... more

Tinder Girls

Paul Smith Boston, MA Boston

If you've ever used tinder, you'll get a good laugh out of this. more

Average people vs. Beautiful people

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Boston

Ever wonder what the difference was? If you have, watch this video to find out! more

Single in Boston

Bob Davis Boston, MA Newbury Street

So I've tried everything to meet someone. Dating sites, tinder, speed dating, going to bars and activities, but I just can't find anyone. I think I'm a pretty normal guy. ... more

I fell in love on tinder

Darren Boston, MA South End

I live in the south end in Boston and the most beautiful girl came up on tinder, and she was less than a mile away from me! She was under a fake name, probably so people ... more

The Motorsport Lab

boston_local Boston, MA 711 Atlantic Ave

I LOVE this business. The Motorsport Lab has a huge selection of luxury cars that you can rent for an hour, or up to a day, for really reasonable prices! Always look for a ... more

Brasserie Jo

Anna Boston, MA The Colonnade Boston Hotel

Brasserie Jo is the rooftop pool, bar and lounge at The Colonnade Hotel. I will never go anywhere else for a drink in the summertime ever again. I went here last night, ... more

Do you love bacon?!

John Davis Boston, MA The Bacon Truck Cafe

I forgot to pack lunch the other day so I ran out to get something. What do I find? THE BACON TRUCK. The guys who run this food truck are so nice, and they serve up ... more


DeNaye Alston San Dimas, CA San Dimas

When love is in the air you must capture it before it moves like a breeze in the wind. I framed kisses, hand written letters, stuffed animals, and tender hugs with tough ... more

Someone bought me and my friends drinks last night

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA The Bell In Hand Tavern

I was at bell in hand with all of my friends last night. Our group was seven people and we all went up to the bar to get drinks, the bartenders didn't acknowledge us for a ... more

I saw the most beautiful man yesterday

Alice Johnson Boston, MA The Greatest Bar

I was at The Greatest Bar to watch the world cup yesterday and I the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He was with his friends so I was too scared to say hi! I’m bad at ... more

Are there any single women in Boston?

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

I've been living in Boston for a few years now and I swear every woman I've spoken to/tried to hit on said she was taken. Now maybe some of them just weren't interested in ... more

Haircut done


Took a photo with head straight up, it became like this... more