Trapped and Hungry!

Briana13 Boston, MA Downtown Crossing

The other day I was returning from my lunch break with my sweetgreen salad in hand. I almost always buy lunch (which I know I shouldn’t to save money) so I didn’t think ... more

First time missing the downbeat...

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

This is a personal experience happened on my friend. We are both orchestra musicians. We, as a group of musicians, are truly hoping that those kind of things won't be ... more

Being a colleague with robot dog in Boston

John Davis Waltham, MA Boston Dynamics

Will you be excited to have a robot dog as a colleague in your working place? Boston Dynamic will make this day comes before too long. more

Bikini Baristas

Alice Smith Boston, MA West End

This is priceless. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up. They even had a drink called "Panty Dropper." California Coffee Shop's Bikini-clad Baristas Will Now Wear Shorts ... more

Weinstein Exposed on Camera

Alice Johnson Brookline, MA Beacon St

I just cannot get over the amount of women Harvey Weinstein got away with sexually assaulting. This man is a P-I-G. He used power and fame to back these women into a ... more

A Robot Is Cooking For Me?

Alice Smith Waltham, MA Waltham

This is so interesting and scary at the same time. What will happen to jobs for actual humans? Vision-automation technology is taking over the factory floor, a testing ... more

Boss Forces Me To Walk Through Danger Zone

Alice Williams Boston, MA Worcester Street

I started a new job delivering food and my boss has been shadowing me. She told me to cut through the Public Alley 7216 when I needed to save time. She told me to just ... more

Leave Elvin Alone!

John Jones Boston, MA Trader Joe's

I am calling out the author of this article! A NJ shopper spotted former Cosby show actor, Geoffrey Owens bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s. Not only does this person ... more

Glassblowing is the funnest thing I've ever done

John Jones Boston, MA Diablo Glass School

I think I just found my calling today. My friend DRAGGED me to this glassblowing class (and made me spend $75 to take the class). I was hesitant but they'd been begging me ... more

"I accidentally worked for a scam"

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

This video is too crazy to be true, but the woman in the video swears it is. Watch out for easy money, there's usually a catch. more

Looking for a new activity?

Bob The Dog Boston, MA 248 Newbury St

If you're like me, trying to find new activities to do is exhausting. My boss recently organized a painting session for all the employees. We all brought photos of our ... more

Being a writer in Boston

John Williams Boston, MA The Boston Globe

Boston has an amazing job market. Lots of money, so many new start ups, plenty of jobs to go around, but I have the toughest time finding jobs! There are so many ... more

More construction, Hub on Causeway

Bob Davis Boston, MA 100 Legends Way

Slated to be built where the old Boston Garden was, Hub on Causeway is going to have it all. The 1.87 million square foot space is going to be packed with shops, ... more

If you work in Boston you better live there

boston_local Boston, MA Boston

I've had so many friends complaining about their commute into Boston. Whether it be traffic, construction, accidents or how much train tickets cost, it seems everyone who ... more

Jobs at GE

Anna Boston, MA General Electric Company

So General Electric has been revamping the old Necco factories to expand the company. The construction was supposed to be done before 2019, but they’ve now pushed back ... more

Casino is coming to Boston

Paul Smith Everett, MA 1 Horizon Way

Wynn Resorts, now Encore Boston Harbor, is coming to live! Another fine place local to get some chill time. more

Email Marketing

lauren_sabra Weymouth, MA South Weymouth

Hi there! I am looking for new opportunities in the digital marketing space and specialize in email marketing. If anyone is interested in connecting please reach out @ ... more



I left work early today after an incident with a parent left me unable emotionally to continue for the day. I have already made the decision to leave teaching at the end ... more