Claudia Boston, MA Boston

“That’s where citizen journalism has the upper hand, as it is not influenced by politics or advertisers.” At Folks there is no influence or judgement. We want you to speak about your experiences in your community. ... more

Tinder Girls

John Davis Boston, MA Boston

If you've ever used tinder, you'll get a good laugh out of this. ... more

Glassblowing is the funnest thing I've ever done

John Jones Boston, MA Diablo Glass School

I think I just found my calling today. My friend DRAGGED me to this glassblowing class (and made me spend $75 to take the class). I was hesitant but they'd been begging me to go for months. So I finally caved and went. It was the best $75 I've ever spent in my life. I felt like I finally found something that I could do forever. I was so engaged and just really connected with the art form. ... ... more

Bored Teens

Alice Smith Boston, MA GrubStreet

I don't know how many other teens use this site, but I'm so bored. All my friends and I do is drive around because there are so few things for teens to do anymore. Parents are down our throats about EVERYTHING. Recently I tried something new (that my parents wouldn't freak out about). I tried writing poetry! There are groups all over for teens who like to write and perform poetry. My new ... ... more

Average people vs. Beautiful people

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Boston

Ever wonder what the difference was? If you have, watch this video to find out! ... more

Talking Gorilla?!

Betty Ford Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo

Did you know there's a gorilla who knows sign language? I'm truly amazed by how intelligent other animals are, and how we've underestimated them throughout the years! ... more

Lifting Motivation

bobjones Boston, MA YMCA of Greater Boston

If you've fallen off your gym game or just need motivation to keep going if you're not getting the results you want right now, this video is for you. Watch and be inspired. ... more

Tiki Tuesday

Anna Brown Boston, MA 5 Lansdowne St

Do you feel like you missed out on summer? Didn't live it up like you usually do? Well it's not too late! Tonight Bill's Bar on Lansdowne Street is holding it's first ever Tiki Tuesday. This event (that I assume will be every Tuesday from now on) will feature full tiki decor. Special cocktails and food items. $10 Tiki Bowls (be careful with these), and if you wear Hawaiin attire you get a ... ... more

The best stories I've ever heard

boston_local Boston, MA Faneuil Hall Marketplace

I just went to Storytime for the first time at Faneuil hall and it's honestly amazing. We basically only consume stories through watching tv, but that really effects our imagination. When we read or hear stories orally we naturally use our imagination and become attached to the stories we're being told. It was a really powerful experience because I hadn't been told a story in person since I ... ... more

"The Russia Investigations: Is Robert Mueller Stumbling Into Time Trouble?"

Bob The Dog Boston, MA National Public Radio

This week in the Russia investigations: The White House is trying to burn the clock to get into a better political position to handle the Russia imbroglio. Why it might — or might not — work. Time trouble In the championship chess match that is the Russia imbroglio, President Trump and the White House are hoping that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller has stumbled into what ... ... more

Dog love

boston_local Boston, MA MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Dodo makes the most heart wrenching videos. If you've saved a dog you'll love this! ... more

Man made fun of my clothes

John Williams Boston, MA Royale

I don't go out that often. I'm a pretty low key guy. That being said, last weekend my girlfriend made me go out with her and her friends. I wore a band t-shirt and jeans, which is what I wore most of the time. I thought nothing of it, just trying to enjoy the night as much as possible. I left my group to get a drink at the bar when a HAMMERED dude comes up to me and says that I'm never going ... ... more

Drinks Are So Overpriced

John Williams Boston, MA The Hawthorne

I feel like I can't go out anywhere without spending a fortune. From well known bars to brand new trendy spots, it seems like everywhere charges at least $10 for a cocktail. Which is ridiculous! I know the Hawthorne is on the fancier side of things, but this menu is unreal. I can get a whole bottle of wine that will last me all week for $10, why are we paying this much at bars? I really don't ... ... more

Calling All Musicians

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Virtuosity Musical Instruments

If you're a musician in Boston do not go anywhere but here to get your gear. Yeah, Guitar Center will be cheaper, but the instruments/gear they have in here is real quality. The people are so knowledgeable and helpful, but not in a pushy way. The employees aren't working for commission so they're not down your throat about every single thing you look at. This place really has everything you'll ... ... more

How Empathetic Is Your Dog?

Anna Brown Boston, MA Milk St

I'm super surprised by the findings in this video. Be warned! Your dog may not get the result you think it will. ... more

Dine Out Boston Starts Today!

boston_local Boston, MA Downtown

Formerly known as "Restaurant Week", Dine Out Boston started today! Don't miss deals on the hottest restaurants in town. "SAMPLE BOSTON AREA RESTAURANTS AT SPECIAL PRICES Dine Out Boston formerly known as Restaurant Week Boston® is brought to you by the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau and American Express twice a year, providing locals and visitors an opportunity to sample area ... ... more

"The Life and Death and Rebirth of Boston’s Counterculture"

John Davis Boston, MA Boston

This is an amazing article from Boston Magazine! I thought I'd pass it along. "I begin my research in November with an email to Sam Potrykus, the closest thing Boston’s theoretically leaderless underground rock music scene has to a leader. I write in my email that I am investigating Boston’s vanishing counterculture, whatever that is, and am seeking a kind of Sherpa to help me navigate what’s ... ... more

Zoos Are Sad

Betty Ford Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo @ Entrance

Everyone is fascinated by animals in one way or another, but after a recent trip to the zoo I realized how wrong they are. I hadn't been to the zoo in years and years, but last weekend my friend suggested going and I thought, yeah, why not? Who doesn't want to see lions, tigers and bears? Me I guess. Immediately once we got inside I started to feel uncomfortable and I didn't know why. Only ... ... more

Sick in August

William Boston, MA D St

This happens to me every year. Don't ask me why, but every August when everyone is out enjoying the last month of summer I get a terrible cold! I don't think I have any control over it, the cold just comes on sometime in August and I have to stay in bed for a week. Achy, fever, cold sweats, congested, the whole deal. I've tried everything to prevent it from happening, vitamins, exercise, you ... ... more

all lowercase trend

boston_local Boston, MA Boston

There has been a trend for the last year or so where people have begun typing in all lowercase letters, and I've never heard an explanation. Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names that have taken to this trend on instagram. From searching the web the two answers for this trend seem to be: 1. It's a cool aesthetic. It has both a uniform look (all letters are roughly the same size) and also a ... ... more