Useless maybe?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Someone thought this idea was a good one. I really don't know if it is one. I would have put it in a different container and not that looked like a deodorant though. ... more

New cryptocurrency wallet

John Jones Boston, MA Boston

Paypal announced a couple of weeks ago that they are expanding their "banking" services to store safely cryptocurrency. It may be a good idea since Paypal its more of a secure online wallet. ... more

Batman’s heart

Anna Boston, MA Boston

This is the picture that pretty much shows what Batman’s heart is made off. He is cold with his enemies so he know is full of ice like Anna in Frozen. ... more

Anybody goes thru this?

Betty Ford Boston, MA Boston

So almost everybody in the world goes thru this. People with money starting the month and then at the end just eating bread crumbs. ... more

How much energy you need?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

By now you know that in order to mine cryptocurrency you need special machines and softwares to mine something. The machines are really expensive, but the machine itself needs a lot of energy to "mine". So my question is, is it worth mining? it's very expensive in your energy bill. ... more

No more beard!

John Davis Boston, MA Boston

Jason Momoa actor who plays Aquaman and a Dothraki in Game of thrones, shaved his iconic beard that the last time he did it was 7 years ago. He looks very different now. ... more

Foldable Samsung Phones

Paul Smith Boston, MA Boston

Samsung released a new Galaxy phone that folds and becomes two screens. Pretty awesome right? Well.. no, over 2000 phones have been returned because after people started testing them(folding) the screens start to break. Not a good idea after all right Samsung? ... more


David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

A couple of weeks ago phone providers started offering 5GE network in all major cities, but a lot of people have reported on Twitter and other social media platforms that their internet is slower now. It is very strange that a higher network is slower than 4G network. ... more

New leaked footage of GOT

Anna Boston, MA Boston

I don't like spoilers or anything but if you understand this reference then we are on the same page. I am looking forward to this scene on GOT. ... more

Pepsi or Coke?

Rrrrrr Boston, MA Boston

This has been a war for ages. Even on commercials on TV you see how both companies fight with each other. Which is funny. I personally like Coke over Pepsi but I don't mind drinking both. Any thoughts? ... more

Animals and Earth

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

This is an eye of a Tokay Gecko. It looks like an aerial view of rivers on a plain. Interesting right? So much that we don't understand. ... more

Endgame leak

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Boston

Apparently someone leaked several parts of the movie Avengers: Endgame. Not cool people. Not cool! Be like Dr. Strange. ... more

CVS receipt fact

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

Have you ever gotten does long CVS receipts? I bet you have. Well now you can do this. ... more

History repeats itself

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Notredame in Paris is still on fire and it has burnt 2/3 of the building. I’m 1914 something similar happened. Hopefully they can restore it again. ... more

Dogecoin is worth a lot?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

So a Dogecoin is 0.002892 USD. Is that a lot? I don’t know. Would you want to buy? ... more

1901-2000 earthquake map

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

This is a world map of earthquakes in 100 years. It looks like Christmas lights. ... more

Buying movie tickets with cryptocurrency

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Avengers Endgame is just around the corner. The tickets are sold out almost in every country so in some countries people are actually selling the tickets with cryptocurrencies. Crazy right? ... more

What do you need to mine Dogecoin?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

It’s very simple actually! 1. You need a computer with Windows, OS X, or Linux operating system. 2. A very good internet connection. 3. A Shiba Inu puppy. (Very important) ... more

Cryptocurrencies around the world

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

Cryptocurrency is famous almost everywhere. In one country in South America, Venezuela, they are trying to change their currency to el PETRO. If you don't know anything about Venezuela, most of the time they don't have power in the whole country... so... how are you going to have a cryptocurrency as your currency? I don't know. ... more

BTC? The only one?

David Abraham Moros Camargo Boston, MA Boston

It’s funny when people actually say that BTC is the only “real” cryptocurrency out there. Well ever hear of Dogecoin? No? It’s a Dog... ... more