The Creepy Man Next Door

ReadytoMingle Brookline, MA Beacon Street

Every time I go on my porch to smoke, there is the creepy neighbor. He is constantly out there ripping butts. In fact, one day I met him in person and boy does he stink. I mean, he smells like a literal ashtray. I foolishly spoke to him a few times while smoking and him creeping, the usual polite banter, when I first moved in. I’m wondering if his constant looking over his porch and staring ... ... more

Stop Staring At Me Bozo!

Alice Williams Brookline, MA The Abbey

Why is it every time I sit down at a bar ALONE whether it be to relax or finish some work, I am left to fight off whatever Joe Blow is sitting next to me. Just because I sat down unaccompanied, a.) does not mean I am single and b.) does not mean I want to talk to you. I simply want a beer and some fatty food to accompany my miserable week of a jerk boss and a sh**t talking co-worker. I even go ... ... more

Go Elvin! Go!

Bob The Dog Brookline, MA Brookline

Yes! I love that Geoffrey Owens has been recognized for his work ethic after a photo of the former 'Cosby Show' alum working at Trader Joe's went viral Many fans and fellow actors came to the support of this actor, who is in between gigs and working hard for the money. The shaming of Owens backfired and he is now being offered numerous roles. Go Elvin, go! Former 'Cosby' star bags several ... ... more

Weinstein Exposed on Camera

Alice Johnson Brookline, MA Beacon St

I just cannot get over the amount of women Harvey Weinstein got away with sexually assaulting. This man is a P-I-G. He used power and fame to back these women into a corner. Women are finally standing up against these abusers and I couldn't be more proud. A video of Harvey Weinstein caressing and propositioning a woman who accused him of rape aired on television Wednesday. Melissa Thompson, ... ... more

Give Me My Mayo!

Rrrrrr Brookline, MA Caffè Nero

I love Cafe Nero. I really do. It’s so European and delicious. I usually take my sandwich to go so I have never noticed the lack of condiments. I was told by the staff that the company does not do condiments. They don’t favor them or think their clientele will want them. Well, guess what Nero? My sandwich wasn’t the same without mustard and mayo. This company is from London so maybe they will ... ... more

Everyone should do Tai Chi

Anna Brown Brookline, MA 131 Cypress St

As an adamant Tai Chi goer, I think people should be doing Tai Chi multiple times a week, if not everyday. However I understand that not all people grew up being introduced to activities like this and need some encouragement. It really helps to calm nerves and release stress. On top of that you feel very connected to your body and the other people around you. So, Boston Tai Chi is holding a ... ... more

If you’re looking for a new workout, go to Down Under School of Yoga

Sarina Tucker Brookline, MA Down Under School of Yoga

I know yoga isn’t for everyone but this place has everything. If you’re looking to just relax they offer “slow flow” classes to calm the body, or if you’re looking for a full fledged workout, they have more intense yoga or pilates! Down Under School of Yoga has three locations, Boston/Brookline, Cambridge and Newton, so if you’re in the greater Boston area, most likely there’s one near you. ... ... more