Jack Ryan Is More Than John Krasinski's Abs

Sarina Tucker Cambridge, MA Amazon

I have been seeing previews for Amazon's Jack Ryan since maybe one year ago. I mean talk about build up. I kept thinking over the countless previews, this better be good. I am a huge John Kransinski fan and I loved his action role as a soldier in 13 Hours. It was believable. Jim Halper can be an action star. Finally, after all the hype, I was able to see the first episode a couple nights ago. ... ... more

Have school supplies laying around?

boston_local Cambridge, MA Cambridgeside Place

I have so much junk I don't use, but I didn't realize how much of it was school supplies! As a recent college grad, there's honestly not a lot of things I used in school that I still need outside of school. I googled what to do with old school supplies and the Pack-a-Backpack School Supply Drive at CambridgeSide came up! I'm going to bring all of my stuff over in a little bit. It can be ... ... more

Do Plants Think?

Bob The Dog Cambridge, MA Garden Street

We're getting to such a pivotal point in scientific discovery where we're starting to question even the most basic things we've taken for granted. Keep thinking outside the box! ... more

Vegan or vegetarian in Boston?

boston_local Cambridge, MA Veggie Galaxy

Boston is known for it's beer and bar food, but what about the vegetarians? Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just looking for a healthier option, head over to Veggie Galaxy! They serve anything you'd normally find at a diner, but recreated as a vegetarian dish. They have everything from shepard's pie to burgers. The prices are affordable and the service is fast and friendly! ... more

5 bands played last night at the Middle East

Rrrrrr Cambridge, MA Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

5 different bands played at the Middle east last night, Major Moment, Benny and the Jets, Blindspot, Time Wolf, Why Another. If you’re looking for new music these are some great bands I heard live last night ! ... more

Tanabata Festival Tomorrow!

boston_local Cambridge, MA Cambridge

Tomorrow night the Japan Society of Boston will be putting on a Tanabata Festival from 6-8pm at The Lookout/Kitchen, 101 Main Street, 15th Floor, Cambridge, MA. Tanabata translates to "the star festival" and falls on the seventh day of the seventh month every year. In Japanese folklore, two lovers are separated and can only reunite on this day. So head over to The Lookout/Kitchen to learn ... ... more