Couple Things

Rrrrrr Foxborough, MA Foxborough

Relationships are hard. Barbie tells it like we all feel it. ... more

When Red Sox meet Patriots in Gillette Stadium

Darren Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium

Nothing can be more excited than seeing two Champion teams summit. The audience who came for Patriots-Packers game today, were very surprised to see Red Sox showing up in the stadium! Before the game started, those special guests came into the field on a duck boat. Members of the team present included: John Henry, Sam Kennedy, Alex Cora, Andy Barkett, Ryan Brasier, Joe Kelly, Steve Pearce, ... ... more

Leave early to get to Beyonce on time tonight!

Sarina Tucker Foxborough, MA Patriot Pl

I have been waiting FOR MONTHS for Beyonce to come to Boston again (who cares about Jay-Z). We will be graced by the queen herself in less than 8 hours! Even if you think you've left enough time to get to the show, add two hours. Even with 8 hours to go, you should be thinking about leaving already. I got tickets the last time she was here and I left two hours early thinking that was plenty of ... ... more

Beyonce and Jay-Z August 4th!

John Davis Foxborough, MA Gillette Stadium: Lot 41

I cannot wait! Beyonce and Jay-Z are coming to Boston once again! They'll be performing at Gillette stadium on August 4th, just 4 days away, so if you haven't bought tickets yet good luck! All options are super expensive at this point. But if you're willing to splurge you can see the queen herself in MA! ... more