Thanksgiving meals from Columbia Gas- a nice gesture

Betty Ford Lawrence, MA Lawrence

With Thanksgiving and the holiday's right around the corner, I am constantly in search of heart-warming stories. The gas incident in Lawrence and Andover area was pretty crazy, and left thousands of people left without their homes unexpectedly. I can't imagine being in that situation especially around the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. I love the fall weather, and I most ... ... more

Lawrence Man Charged After Argument With Landscaper

John Williams Lawrence, MA Lawrence

LAWRENCE – A young man from Lawrence will be in court Friday, charged with showing off a gun in a case of grass clippings rage. A landscaper was using a leaf blower to clean up outside the Wendy’s on Hampshire Street Thursday afternoon when some grass clippings landed on an Acura sedan. The driver, 21-year-old Franklin Mauel Laras, didn’t like it, according to police and he started arguing ... ... more