So Doge

John Davis Manchester, NH Manchester

Everyone's heard of Bitcoin. It's, as of this writing, the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market with every one Bitcoin currently worth over 3500 USD, but it's by no means the only form of digital currency. Another form of cryptocurrency is called Dogecoin. It is currently worth 0.002 USD, which isn't a lot, but unlike Bitcoin which fluctuates heavily in worth, which makes it unstable, ... ... more

Gillette Advert and Whoo Boy the Backlash!

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Tell you what, buds; If you're offended by a shaving company's advertisement promoting positive masculinity by encouraging men to be kind to each other and to women and to teach their sons to be empowered and conscientious, you're exactly who needed to see it most. If the idea of abandoning the "boys will be boys" mentality and uplifting the idea of men and boys as full-formed, emotional ... ... more

Tucker Carlson Incel Dog Whistle

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

New Year, new regressive hate group for Tucker Carlson to whistle at like he's trying to harass it on the street. Last week, on a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson implied that women in the workplace are responsible for job loss in traditionally male-dominated fields like manufacturing (as opposed to automation and outsourcing, like a stupid libdem might suggest), the corrosion of ... ... more

70% - Calm Down, Conservatives. You'll Be Fine.

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

I'm sure you, wise and woke readers, are aware of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "radical" and "unprecedented" proposal to impose a 70% marginal tax rate on incomes over $10m to fund a Green New Deal. This idea is neither radical, nor unprecedented as that rate and higher have been implemented as marginal tax rates in the past, including a 91% tax rate under ... ... more

Live Mas, Vegans

Rrrrrr Manchester, NH Manchester

Taco bell recently unveiled a new Year's commitment to launch a vegan and vegetarian menu in their international fast food chain. The menu currently has 64 customizable options for vegans and vegetarians, but the new vegan menu will include vegan-alternative meats. Taco Bell's competitor, Del Taco switched to a Beyond Meat crumble in a special sauce mixture. Looking forward to another big ... ... more

Wasteland, Baby! New Hozier LP

Alice Smith Manchester, NH Manchester

One of the best blues musicians to come of the 21st century, Irish singer/songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, Hozier, has recently announced tour date for his upcoming US and Canadian tour for his new LP, 'Wasteland, Baby!' The singer recently released a four-song LP featuring the song Nina Cried Power, which features singer and activist Mavis Staples about activist musicians who helped shape the ... ... more

Donald Trump is Not a Racist

Betty Ford Manchester, NH Manchester

On a recent episode of 60 Minutes, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked if she thinks that President Donald Trump is a racist. The answer from the Democratic Socialist was, "Yes." Now Cortez, a Latin-American woman from the Bronx, has definitely had more personal scraps with racism than a white girl from New Hampshire. But while I would otherwise defer to her closer ... ... more

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Board games are a lot of fun. No longer particularly common in the age of PC versus console ( Naturally, the answer is whichever you like [but, seriously, PC]), board games are the continuation of past-times from around the world that served as the main leisure for people everywhere for thousands of years. Last night, I played a game called Betrayal on the House on the Hill. It's a board ... ... more

Stark Brewing Company Gatsby Party

Anna Brown Manchester, NH Stark Brewing Company

Hello, Old Sport! I say, are you looking to go to a darb party and get zozzled with your cake eaters and shebas?* Then head to the Stark Brewing company on January 25th for a Great Gatsby themed party! Talk like it's 1920, and you're definitely doing something illegal! Event tickets are $15. *Yeah, that's all real 20's slang. The bootleg booze must have been amazing back then! ... more

One Simple Trick Men Can Use to Impress Women

Alice Williams Manchester, NH Manchester

Fellas, take heed. I’m about to give you some advice that will change your entire relationship with women. I’m about to tell you the secret to winning hearts and turning heads. The secret is simple; Close. The goddamned door. After yourselves. I work with men, I’ve lived with men, I have a brother and a father, and if there is one thing that all dudes have in common it seems to be that once ... ... more

Petition To Have Star Wars VIII Removed From Canon Nearing Its Goal

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

There’s a lot of hate in the Star Wars community for the most recent installment of the franchise, The Last Jedi, and fans have made it known. Shortly after the film was released, and made 1.3 billion at the box office, discontent fans took to the internet to protest what they saw as the desecration of their most beloved sci-fi saga. These viewers have let the hate flow through them. In ... ... more

Netflix Pulls Episode of ‘Patriot Act’ from Saudi Arabia

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Netflix has pulled an episode of The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj in Saudi Arabia for supposedly violating the country’s anti-cybercrime laws. The crime, apparently, being that Minhaj – a Daily Show alumn – criticized the Saudi government and the Saudi Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, for the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi was murdered at the Saudi consulate in ... ... more

The Office (US); A Tardy to the Party Review

Rrrrrr Manchester, NH Manchester

So, I've never seen The Office. Not before today, anyway. I'd heard of it - okay, so everyone who's ever heard of Steve Carell has heard of it - but it never enticed me enough to sit down and drink it in. I've worked in offices, I currently run an office, and the last think I ever wanted to do after sitting at a desk for eight hours is watch other people pretend to sit at desks all day. ... ... more

Michelle Obama voted Most Admired Woman (According to An Extremely Small Poll)

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was recently named Most Admired Woman according to a Gallup poll taken on 1,025 randomly selected adults between December 3rd and December 12th. She unseated Hillary Clinton in the spot for the first time in 17 years. Which is good, because Hillary Clinton is the worst and Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman by any standard. However, seeing as 1025 people is ... ... more

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is The Best Show You Probably Skipped

Briana13 Manchester, NH Manchester

No one expected that goofy guy from the American version of The Office to get hot and start doing serious parts, but after writing and directing A Quiet Place, as well as starring in it, John Krasinski began starring in the Amazon Prime adaptation of John Clancy's Jack Ryan. And it's actually pretty awesome. It uses real-world issues as well as relatable fiction to tell a story of modern ... ... more

90.5% of Plastic Is Not Recycled

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

According to the University of Georgia, 90.5 percent of all plastic waste is not recycled. Jenna Jambeck, who worked on the research in association with the University of California SB, and the Sea Education Association on the groundbreaking research, said that “this statistic illustrates that many of the characteristics of plastic that make it so useful — it’s light-weight, can be any color ... ... more

R.I.P Tumblr: Social Media Protest Following Sweeping Pornography Ban

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

On December 17th, the social media platform Tumblr enacted a sweeping ban of NSFW content which, in a bizarre but not unexpected turn, includes posts about transgenderism and almost all female nudity regardless of whether it is sexual in nature. Tumblr was long-held as a bastion of body-positivity and a safe-space for marginalized people such as the transgender community before it was merged ... ... more

Trump Foundation Dissolves; Money To Go To 'Reputable' Charities

Claudia Manchester, NH Manchester

The Trump Foundation is set to be dismantled, and it's profits disseminated to other charities, as part of an agreement reached between the Trump Foundation and New York's Attorney General Barbara Underwood. AG Underwood said in a statement that the decision came following a petition the cited "a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Drumpf Foundation — including unlawful coordination ... ... more

The Return of the Rag Curl

ReadytoMingle Manchester, NH Manchester

Far less damaging than a curling iron, with more staying power than curling rolls, and exponentially less expensive than both, the rag curl is the cheap, easy way of getting that perfect ringlet without spending more than the cost of a dollar store towel. Made famous by silver screen child icon Shirley Temple, the rag curl is exactly what it says on the tin; you cut a cloth into strips, ... ... more

Advertisers Dump Tucker Carlson

ElleHuckins Manchester, NH Manchester

Racist fear-monger Tucker Carlson has recently been dropped by four advertisers after a segment last night in which he said immigrants – not undocumented immigrants, mind, Just immigrants – make the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided" on his Fox segment ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Advertisers who immediately dropped his show on Fox following the statement include Minted, Pacific ... ... more