Old couple play coin bottle trick

Anna Brown Medford, MA High St

This can make me laugh forever! I hope when I am getting old, I can still have the sense of humor, keep joking with my husband, laughing as loud as a child. Happy Monday! ... more

Michael Jackson reborn?!

Sweet macaroon Medford, MA Medford High School

Breaking News...... The Tibetan Lama Council has recently proclaimed that Michael Jackson was reborn as a duck and is now residing in a farm in Lhasa, Tibet. A video captured by the farm owner recently showed that he was happy and has not forgotten his signature dance moves. ... more

Turkey day traffic

Anna Medford, MA Medford

At my office, it is officially time for Thanksgiving. We were given the option to work from home, so I of course took full advantage. I am feeling #thankful for my company, especially at a time like this. They knew that holiday traffic is bad, and were considerate enough to let us work from where ever we needed to. I will be spending my day tomorrow by my computer at my boyfriend's ... ... more

Time has been changed -- mouse chasing cat

theholmeshead Medford, MA Medford

My dad sent me this "mouse chasing cat" video tonight. And I decided to share it here, because it is so funny. I have to say, time has totally changed! If you laugh, please push my post :) ... more

The Missing Burrito

John Jones Medford, MA Medford

I often order delivery because I work a lot and am just to lazy to cook. UberEats is on the rotation as they often only charge a small delivery fee. The other night I ordered McDonald’s (don’t judge me) from UberEats. Quarter Pounder with cheese is my jam but I was extra hungry and added on a sausage burrito. I really, really wanted that burrito. I’m halfway through the burger and notice, no ... ... more

How many of you are enduring the pollen allergy now?

Sweet macaroon Medford, MA MA-60

How many of you are allergic to pollen? Why it looks like I am the only one who is enduring allergy symptoms, like itchy eyes and running nose, amount all the people I have met in this week? Should I blame on the environment is TOO good? Would like to know how you get through it. ... more