SNL Welcomes Their TWO New Cast Members for Upcoming Season 45!

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

As reported earlier, while Saturday Night Live welcomed three new featured players onboard for this upcoming season, one of the new comedians caused quite the stir. While people were thrilled with the news of SNL gaining creative minds like Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang, "comedian" Shane Gillis was swiftly outed for the racist slurs and remarks he made on his podcast, Matt and Shane's Secret ... ... more

SNL's New Cast Members Announced (And It Sure Is Something)

Emily Parker New York, NY New York

Saturday Night Live announced their new cast members for season 45 today, which included comedians Chloe Fineman, Shane Gillis, and Bowen Yang. Yang was hired as a writer on the show for season 44, but the announcement that he's moved on to being a cast member is making history as he is officially the show's first featured player of East Asian descent. He's well-known for his lip-syncing ... ... more

Friends Pop-Up Will Be There for You

Kelli Dolan New York, NY New York

Themed pop-ups are the new thing pulling everyone in with the promise of all their aesthetic fandom dreams coming true. Harry Potter pop-up bars cropped up a couple years ago, star wars pop-up events have drawn in fans, and more. The newest pop-up taking fans by storm is the FRIENDS 25th anniversary pop-up experience. It's an entire event space setup in New York featuring recreations of ... ... more

John Goodman Defends Roseanne Barr Once Again

William New York, NY ABC Studios NYC

Is John Goodman seriously defending one of the biggest racists, and we have clips and quotes to prove it. Goodman gave a quote to Sunday Times saying, “I was surprised at the response,” Goodman said about Barr’s tweet. “And that’s probably all I should say about that. … I know for a fact that she’s not a racist.” Ummmmm, what? ... more

Venmo Offers New Limited Debit Card

Sarina Tucker New York, NY Venmo Headquarters

Venmo is now offering a debit card for a limited time only which for me is pretty cool. I use Venmo often for my business and transactions when I don't have access to cash. This is so convenient because the money put into your Venmo account is accessible right away on the card. They also let you choose from a variety of colors. I chose pink! ... more

America's next top model worst makeovers

theholmeshead New York, NY Fashion Week Inc

Throwback to ANTM. My sisters used to watch this show ALL THE TIME. I always remember thinking that the makeovers were awful, looks like I wasn't the only one! ... more

"I accidentally worked for a scam"

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

This video is too crazy to be true, but the woman in the video swears it is. Watch out for easy money, there's usually a catch. ... more

Does your dog really love you?

Alice Johnson New York, NY BuzzFeed Offices

Spoiler! Your dog does love you and science has proven it. Watch the Buzzfeed video below to find out the details! ... more