Newton Resident Makes Bomb Threats

John Williams Newton, MA Newton

You honestly never know who you are living with and this proves it. I once had a roommate wearing my underwear and every article of clothing I owned. This is a little more serious........ Ryan Lin, 25, sent the 25-year-old woman's personal information to hundreds of people and made repeated threats in the Greater Boston area. A Newton man who carried out extensive cyberstalking campaigns, ... ... more

World’s First Mother

Alice Johnson Newton, MA Commonwealth Avenue

I’m walking my dog the other day on Commonwealth Ave and come to cross a woman and her baby in the carriage. This woman was taking up most of the lane have you and was in no rush to compromise so we could both continue with our days. We come to a standstill and the lady says, “Move!” with such abruptness I couldn’t believe my ears. I tell her, “You move!” She replies, “No, I have a baby!” Now ... ... more

Julia Roberts is Coming to Showtime!

bobjones Newton, MA Newton

Personally, I can't wait to see Julia Robert's in her new Showtime series. She hasn't done something like this and we really haven't seen much of her lately. This won't disapoint I'm sure. ... more

Suck It Sephora

Alice Johnson Newton, MA Sephora

I am sick of Sephora and the pretentious staff. Today is VIB day which means it’s very busy so people can save 15%. Whenever you need someone to assist, no one is around and when you don’t, chatty Cathy is right there to help. Sephora isn’t cheap and when you spend a lot there, you expect a little respect right?! The lines to pay are extremely anxious and stress me out. Not only are the ... ... more

Parking ticket...

Darren Newton, MA Boston College

So, I just got a $60 parking ticket... I didn't even know you could get $60 parking tickets! I just pulled over and was running in and out of CVS, I thought what are the odds a meter maid is going to come by right now? Apparently they were very high. I was only in the store for two minutes and when I got back there was a man punching out a ticket on his little device. I begged him not to give ... ... more