Chrissy X Target

Alice Williams Somerville, MA Target

I could not be more excited for this collaboration with Target and Chrissy Tiegen! Who doesn't love her?! She sure knows how to cook so I am sure this kitchen line will be stylish yet functional. Turns out the secret to entertaining like Chrissy Teigen is just a Target run—or click—away! That’s right: On September 30, the model, cookbook author and mom of two will launch the Cravings by ... ... more

Beware of Express Pool Drop-Off

bobjones Somerville, MA Somerville

So now there are about five types of Uber lines. Regularly, I choose UberPool. It is way, way, way cheaper than a normal Uber. There is also an even cheaper option now, UberPoolExpress. Uber says they will drop you close to your destination but what really is close? I have had several occasions where the driver has dropped me off right outside the spot I was going. However, today my driver was ... ... more

Thanks For Ruining My Brunch With Your Boobs!

Alice Johnson Somerville, MA Fat Hen

Listen, I am a woman and I am going to say that I really do NOT want to see a woman's breast before I have had my coffee. I really don't understand why women think just because they have a baby, that everyone has to see their boobs. We have zero choice in the matter because their baby is hungry. I get that you want to breastfeed but bring a bottle out with your own milk if that's what you need ... ... more

Brunch, Booze and Shopping All In One!

William Somerville, MA La Brasa

Who doesn’t want some fluffy eggs, a bomb Bloody Mary and do some local shopping with the makers themselves?! La Brasa will be serving up brunch and local entrepreneurs will be selling their products tomorrow at their location Somerville from 10-3pm. ... more

Somerville is snooty

boston_local Somerville, MA Oxford St

Soooo I went to get a coffee this morning before work, like I always do. However this morning was a little different. I got my coffee as usual, thinking nothing of it, but when I went to grab a straw I was met with some backlash. The person behind me in line called me out for getting a plastic straw! They basically said my ignorance was single handedly killing the planet... I don't think me ... ... more

"Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs"

boston_local Somerville, MA Central St

People feel so many ways about millennials. I think no matter what age you are, this video can help you to understand why we're not money driven. ... more

Best New Restaurants according to Eater

boston_local Somerville, MA 420 Highland Ave The Hottest Restaurants in Boston Right Now, July 2018 So hot right now by Rachel Leah [email protected] Updated Jul 5, 2018, 11:06am EDT Ceviche and a beer at Celeste | Photo by Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater More often than not, tipsters, readers, and friends and family of Eater have one question: Where should I eat right ... ... more

Intro to Dumpling Rolling, Stuffing, and Rolling

boston_local Somerville, MA 1 Bow Market Way

I went to this class tonight and it was so much fun! It's taught by Happy Chef Patty Chen, who owns Dumpling Room in Cambridge. She's been rolling dumplings since she was eight and is an amazing teacher. She taught us how to make Taiwanese-American dumplings and they were delicious! Well, Patty's were, mine were just okay. We started the class by passing around small plates. Then we had ... ... more

Artbeat Somerville

William Somerville, MA Somerville

I went to Artbeat art festival in Somerville today and it was awesome! Definitely save yourself some money and eat before you go, as the food vendors can be a pricey, even though they're delicious! The bands, dance routines and craft vendors we're all amazing. If you missed it this year definitely put Artbeat in your calendar for next year. The festival is free and open to the public. ... more

Spoke Wine Bar has the nicest staff

boston_local Somerville, MA Spoke Wine Bar

So I took a gamble and ordered a wine at random, and I really didn’t like it! My server took it away and replaced it with something new, no problem. I took a sip of the second wine, and I really wasn’t a fan of it either, I was embarrassed to say so, but our server could tell I wasn’t drinking it and brought me a new one! Third times the charm. ... more

Part of Washington Street in Somerville will be closed for the weekend

Sara Brown Somerville, MA Somerville

If you are looking to visit parts of Washington Steet this weekend, think again. Washington Street near Beacon Street will be closed to all vehicular and bicycle traffic on Saturday, June 30, from approximately 7:30 a.m., to 4:30 p.m. The closure will allow for crews to pave safely. The pavement installed during this time will be an interim layer and final paving will take place in fall ... ... more

Cute cartoon images of Marvel super heroes

Sweet macaroon Somerville, MA AMC Assembly Row 12

Avengers: Infinity War certainly seems like the most significant Marvel event movie to date, breaking box office records and shaking up the entire universe in ways that few were predicting. ... more