South End

Boston, MA

My first real Christmas tree in the city

Betty Ford Boston, MA South End

This year is going to be the first that I get a real Christmas tree for my apartment in the South End. I have always just put up the same fake one that I have stored in my closet just to make things easier. But I must say that I really do miss the smell and look of the real thing. I know it might be difficult to find one the right size, but I’m down for the challenge! Christmas is such a ... ... more

Please help police locate this guy...

Bob The Dog Boston, MA South End

This city is getting more and more insecure. Please be careful when you are alone outside. Police in Boston are searching for a suspect in a reported sexual assault involving a child. The reported sexual assault took place Saturday in the common hallway of a building located in the Hammond Street area in the South End, according to Boston police. Officers responded to the area around ... ... more

Gifts and Pups!!!

Anna Brown Boston, MA South End

If you love deals and dogs, this is the night for you. The South End always does fun events like this. Stores all around the neighborhood will have treats, food, and some great sales! ... more

Anxiety In Our Culture Today

Sarina Tucker Boston, MA South End

Anxiety affects so many people in so many ways. This article is so interesting in showing how our tech society and location have quite an impact on anxiety disorders. ... more

The Trash Situation

sarahann Boston, MA South End

Residents are reporting “trash pickers” all over the area. When can people actually throw out their trash? ... more

Annual South End Sidewalk Sale

sarahann Boston, MA South End

Deals and steals all weekend in the eclectic, boutiquey South End, Boston. ... more

I fell in love on tinder

Darren Boston, MA South End

I live in the south end in Boston and the most beautiful girl came up on tinder, and she was less than a mile away from me! She was under a fake name, probably so people wouldn't stalk her. Even though I didn't think she'd respond I sent something her way (I'm not one of those creepy dudes on tinder, I just said hey). She responded in a few minutes and she was super funny too! After a few ... ... more