Waltham, MA

A Robot Is Cooking For Me?

Alice Smith Waltham, MA Waltham

This is so interesting and scary at the same time. What will happen to jobs for actual humans? Vision-automation technology is taking over the factory floor, a testing ground for adoption in self-driving cars, drones Robots that see underpin the future of self-driving cars, humanoid robots and autonomous drones. Right now, they’re serving their apprenticeship sizing up sausages. Food ... ... more

Do people ever ask you if you're "actually" from Boston?

William Waltham, MA Waltham

Someone asked me where I was from the other day, naturally I said Boston. I'm from Waltham, right outside of Boston, which is not only part of the greater Boston area, but it also makes it so much easier for people to know where I'm from. If I say Waltham to someone who doesn't know what state I'm from, they're going to have no idea where that is. Then they asked "Are you actually from Boston, ... ... more

This happened in the afternoon on the way to Burlington Mall

William Waltham, MA Waltham

A car caught fire this afternoon while there was traffic. People were driving away from the car that was on fire because the police and firefighters didn’t arrive yet at the time. I was scared because it looked like it was going to explode in any minute. ... more