Downtown Crossing

Boston, MA

Trapped and Hungry!

Briana13 Boston, MA Downtown Crossing

The other day I was returning from my lunch break with my sweetgreen salad in hand. I almost always buy lunch (which I know I shouldn’t to save money) so I didn’t think much of the walk back to my office. I walk inside my building located in downtown crossing and hop in the elevator per usual. Next thing I know, the elevator goes up and just stops without the doors opening. One of my biggest ... ... more

Have you bought your Mega Millions ticket?

Alice Williams Boston, MA Downtown Crossing

Recently, people got crazy in buying Mega Millions because the jackpot has reached to 1.6 billion! What I want to say now is not about how much I bought, or why you should or should not go to buy it. Instead, I want to complain about friends and relatives from out of the country borrow my money to ask me to buy Mega Millions for them! It is so annoying that when friends or relatives asked you ... ... more