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More On The Emmy's: A Night of Milestones

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

The 71st Emmy Awards, which took place last night, was full of historic wins and milestones. Billy Porter of Pose was the first openly gay black man to win an Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy. This was his first win and nomination. Peter Dinklage took home his fourth Emmy for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category. He also holds the record for most nominations in this ... ... more

A List of 2019's Emmy Winners

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Tonight, September 22, was the 71st Emmy Awards, and there is so much to talk about! But rather than focusing on Milo Ventimiglia's parents joining him on the red carpet, Zendaya's amazing dress, the fact that there was no host, or the Exonerated Five joining Ava DuVernay (all of which deserve to be talked about - some more than others), we're going to go old school and return to what the ... ... more

Mandy Moore Just Released New Music and Yes, This Article is From 2019

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Late 90s and early 2000s pop singer, Mandy Moore, just released new music for the first time in a decade. The last time we heard the singer's voice, she was acting as Rapunzel in songs like "I See The Light" and "When Will My Life Begin" featured in Disney's Tangled. Hits like "I Wanna Be With You," "Crush," and "Candy" came out almost twenty years ago. This week, she released the single ... ... more

Current Obsession: Bill Hader

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I've been obsessed with Bill Hader for a long time. He was one of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live and brought the timeless character Stefon to life. Recently, he's been making news again as IT Chapter Two cast members were sent on press tours and the movie itself was released. ... more

Jim Gaffigan is About to Become America's Most Disturbing Comedian

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

The trailer for a new movie named "American Dreamer" was released recently along with a flurry of positive reviews. The film features well-known comedian, Jim Gaffigan, who has filmed multiple specials through Comedy Central, Netflix, and most recently, Amazon Prime, but in a more serious role. While this may not be entirely new for Gaffigan, who has appeared in dramatic movies like It's Kind ... ... more

Politicon Is A Thing, and I'm Going

ReadytoMingle Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Politics are personal. Politics are how our values are reflected on a global platform. Calling politics a game is an insulting misnomer that undercuts the very real and lasting impact the decisions of a few powerful people have on everyone else. So, naturally, there is a comic con for politics that takes place in California. It brings the movers and shakers of American political punditry ... ... more

Once upon a time

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I realized I forced myself to live in a reality A reality that I made up in my head So it was fiction. I arrogantly created- Such a fictitious world… I lived a decade thinking: what we cultivated was Real. Constantly, I went back- comparing, contrasting, reliving those false moments hoping and praying I would come across that touch. My world that I created was hit with truth: We ... ... more

The invisible woman

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Black culture is killing black women slowly. So slow you don't realized you are been devoured from the inside out. I can hardly breathe as I write this because the pain I have been conditioned to feel has become my comfort. To express your feelings, you are bitter and angry.... to speak out against mistreatment by your own community you are feeding white supermacy and driving a wedge in the ... ... more