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The End Is Nigh

Alice Williams Concord, NH Concord

The first time I read Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, was during a power outage. I was about fourteen and the power wasn't likely to come on for the rest of the night. We lit candles to see by, and since it was still the age of flip-phones, there's wasn't much else to do but find a way to entertain ourselves until it was late enough to justify going to bed. I found an ... ... more

3rd Annual Women's March

Anna Davis Concord, NH Concord

Grab your pink hats, poster board, and existential fury it's almost time for the 3rd Annual Women's March! The first march began the day after Donald "when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy' Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the Very Confused and Subsequently Very Divided States of America in 2016. Outraged women and allies across the ... ... more

Presidential Campaigning Has Begun. Deep Breaths

Rrrrrr Concord, NH Concord

The good news: 2020 Presidential hats are beginning to be thrown in the ring! Several people have announced their candidacy in the first 2 weeks of 2019, and are acting as the light at the end of the Trump tunnel of embarrassment and divisiveness in the US! The bad news: 2020 presidential hats are beginning to be thrown in the ring. If you thought politics have been stressful these last two ... ... more

The 5000 People in Letterkenny, and Their Problems

Blake Davis Concord, NH Concord

There are five thousand people in the fast-talking, slow-moving, and fictional Canadian town of Letterkenny. Everyone has problems, but as a comedy show from Crave TV (and recently Hulu), none of those problems come from lack of content quality. Letterkenny centers around two siblings, Wayne and Katy, and their friends Daryl and 'Squirrly' Dan. Their town is the caricature of all small town ... ... more

What's Your Name, Man? Alexander Hamilton - by Ron Chernow

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

The masterpiece magnum opus of historical author Ron Chernow, and the book that inspired the runaway Broadway musical hit of the same name, Hamilton is the explosive biography of the American Revolutions more controversial Founding Father. Alexander Hamilton was a caribbean immigrant who came to America and became the most trusted officer of George Washington, the first Treasury Secretary, ... ... more

Amigo the Devil; Murderfolk and Melodies

theholmeshead Concord, NH Concord

What do you get when you cross Marilyn Manson with Arlo Guthrie? Probably something not dissimilar to murder-folk troubadour Amigo the Devil, whose first full-length album, Everything Is Fine, was released in October 2018 by Regime Music Group. Amigo, whose actual name is Danny Kiranos, marries folksy rhythm with banjos and acoustic guitars to dark lyrical imagery of death and chaos like ... ... more

Donald Trump's Catty and Inappropriate Tweets - NEW YEAR!

Darren Concord, NH Concord

Trump tweets like the villain of an 80s movie about high school girls. "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE HATERS AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA! 2019 WILL BE A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR THOSE NOT SUFFERING FROM TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. JUST CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE, GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOR OUR COUNTRY!" Trump's new year's address, delivered via the social network and in all caps, ... ... more

New Year's Resolutions (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

Anna Davis Concord, NH Concord

Here we are, in the slightly hazy waning days of the year right before this one ends and the next one begins. And, as every year, this is the time when we look at ourselves and decide what needs to be improved upon; will we resolve to balance our budgets? Drink more water? Exercise regularly? Quit Smoking? Will we see it through? Well, probably not. According to a 2012 Forbes article based ... ... more

Faith-Based Previews Before Kid Films Are Gross and Uncomfortable

John Davis Concord, NH Concord

Something weird is happening in movie theaters. Something that goes largely unremarked upon, but really needs to be discussed; movie theaters are proselytizing to children, and it needs to stop. I went to see Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse last night (it was exactly as awesome as I thought it would be, it is everything I wanted in my animated Spidey… Spideys) and during the pre-film ... ... more

Reflection; It's the End of the Year, and Everyone Wants to Discuss

Alice Smith Concord, NH Concord

It's coming up on the end of 2018, and no matter if it's politics, fashion, politics, sports, politics, music, or politics every talk show, news broadcast, and comedy news show is taking the time to reflect, relitigate, and regurgitate the past twelve months. We sit down and, as if grading each other on our performances as people and as a culture, we siphon through the best and worst moments ... ... more

Movies Opening Christmas Weekend

John Williams Concord, NH Concord

Christmas is on Tuesday, and if you're like me that means your weekend is going to include spending a chunk of this weekend watching Die Hard for the hundredth time and loving every minute of it. but if you aren't like me, but still like to celebrate the season with a movie and a pitcher of beer, there are a ton of interesting movies premiering this weekend. From the Disney sequel to the ... ... more

Yule: The Winter Solstice

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

So, I haven't see The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and to be honest, I probably won't. As someone who was raised in a household that could be conservatively called "theologically unconventional" if you've seen one vaguely insulting and entirely ridiculous fictionalization of your core faiths (Bewitched, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Practical Magic) you get pretty worn out on witches ... ... more

Some More News; Fair and Balanced Comedy Journalism

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Formerly a senior writers for, comedians Cody Johnston and Katy Stoll have taken a concept conceived on that website and, over the past year, have turned it into an unlikely bastion of sense and social commentary as a Youtube show called Some More News. On the show Cody Johnston plays himself as a "News Dude" who seems to creep episodically closer to a complete emotional breakdown ... ... more

The War On Christmas: And Goodwill Toward Men

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

The snow clears; on the ground is strewn crumpled tinsel and shattered candy canes. Evergreens lay toppled and bare, their delicate ornaments reduced to rubble. In the distance can be heard the mournful jingling of battered silver bells, as if a thousand shelved elves cried out and were silenced. The war on Christmas is over. Ashen-faced Evangelicals stumble home single-file, ... ... more