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Girl Genius

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

About five years ago, the two smartest guys I know told me to read a webcomic and I ignored them. They reminded me frequently, wanting to share with me something they, two of my best friends, knew I would like. I picked the comic up and put it down probably as many times between things happening in my life, and guiltily avoided eye contact with my friends when they asked me where I was in the ... ... more

Cardi B Controversy and False Equivalence

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

I have never, I think, listened to a Cardi B song. Honestly, the only thing I know her from is a segment of Last Week Tonight when John Oliver used a video clip of hers to explain corporate taxes. ... more


ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

A deck-building game based on the classic game of solitaire! ... more

Mueller Disappointment

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Loathe as I am to admit it, and though it hardly exonerates him of the other dozen or so investigations that he's currently under, Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian Collusion has been submitted and has found there to be insufficiant evidence that the Trump presidency colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 election. There, I said it. It doesn't excuse or exonerate any of the crimes ... ... more

It's Muller Time!

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Robert Muller submitted his report on the Trump-Russia Investigation has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. Given everything we know, and everything that we know we don't know, I'm excited to see the results of this investigation and the impact it has on our understanding of the democratic process. ... more

Happy Spring Solstice!

bobjones Concord, NH Concord

Today is the first day of Spring! Winter is finally ov- ... more

News Dude Says It Better Than Most

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

I hope I haven't failed to make it clear that I hate Tucker Carlson. I hate Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is the personification of the sound of bird crap hitting a brand new windshield. He is your racist aunt's facebook given sentience. Tucker Carlson is the story you'd get if Indian in the Cupboard was written by David Duke. ... more

Tetris 99

Alice Smith Concord, NH Concord

Ever wanted to play Tetris in a Battle Royal style elimination? Well, neither did I until I played Tetris 99 at my friend's house a few weeks ago. I'm not good with video games, I don't have great hand-eye coordination, but I always liked Tetris, and it turns out I'm still pretty good at it. I got to 5th place out of the 98 other people who were playing against me. As ever, Tetris is owned ... ... more

NPR Writes About What to Say to Kids When the News is Frightening

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

The news is scary. We're living in an unprecedented time in media and information, and we're also living in a time of incredible change, of course the news is scary. National Public Radio published a piece recently on how to limit an anxious child's exposure to distressing news and how to explain some of the seemingly endless barrage of horror inundating the public from all angles. ... more

White Supremacist and Misogynist is Racist and Sexist (Hello Again, Tucker)

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Hey, remember that time that Fox News mouth-breather wrote a 10-minute love letter to that white supremacist, woman-hating sex cult and saw no consequences? ... more

Welp, This is Weird.

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Found this on Comedy Central, and it's... odd. ... more

First White House Briefing Since January

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

It was about what we've all come to expect from Sarah Huckabee Sanders - she either has no idea what's going on in the administration she speak for (apparently having no knowledge of the purpose for the $35,000 check that Trump write to Michael Cohen to pay off the porn star he definitely cheated on his wife with while she was pregnant with her first child) or she's a liar. Guys, I think ... ... more

Stargate: Atlantis

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

I know I'm tardy to the party on this one (by, like, 15 to 20 years), but Stargate: Atlantis is awesome. I'm a huge fan of the original movie, I loved Stargate: SG1, and I even thought Stargate: Universe had it's redeemable moments (and was certainly better than Battlestar Galactica, despite being - ya know - basically a carbon copy of Battlestar Galactica). I know it's weird to have seen ... ... more

Fox News Will Not Be Hosting the 2020 Primary Debates... Obviously.

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

The Democratic National Committee has barred Fox News from hosting the 2020 Presidential Debates, a move which shouldn't surprise anyone because, well, it's Fox News. Fox News was recently exposed for having buried the now-infamous Stormy Daniels sex scandal ahead of the 2016 election to sway the results in Trump's favor, and operates as little more than a propaganda machine for the 45th ... ... more

Israel's History of Human Rights Atrocities, America's Complicity

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

If you've been anywhere near Twitter, or the news, you'll have seen the controversy surrounding freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar over her condemnation of Israel's abuses of Palestine and America's large-scale funding of it. And she's right. Israel and Palestine have been fighting for longer than America has been a country. It's a religious and territorial dispute between Jewish-majority ... ... more

The Tarot - The Misconceptions of Oracle Reading

Betty Ford Concord, NH Concord

The practice of Tarot reading is as genuinely fascinating as it is widely misunderstood. If, when you picture the practice of Tarot reading, you imagine sly-eyed Romani travellers and teenage goth girls smoking clove cigarettes as they shuffle artistically battered decks, you're not alone. Pop culture, combined with tv psychics and the kind of Witchcraft 'practitioners' who give the rest of ... ... more

Wasteland, Baby! - Hozier's Sophomore Album

John Williams Concord, NH Concord

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, Hozier, released his second feature-length album dropped today, and it's fantastic. The 17-track album includes all the songs that have been released as teasers such as Nina Cried Power, Shrike, Dinner & Diatribes, Movement, and Almost (Sweet Music) along with a whole host of new tunes that I'm going to spend the weekend listening to until I know every note down to the ... ... more

Second Lawsuit Filed Over NH Voter Residency Law

Betty Ford Concord, NH Concord

On July 1st, a voting law in New Hampshire will change requiring people who register to vote to get a New Hampshire driver’s license and registration, and effectively disqualifying out-of-state college students from voting during the time when they're residing in New Hampshire for school. The Democratic party claims the law change is unconstitutional, and New Hampshire has already faced a ... ... more

NH House Committee Backs Marijuana Legislation

Bob Brown Concord, NH Concord

House Bill 481 has won the support of a House Committee in a narrow 10-9 vote. The purpose of the Bill states, "In the interest of allowing law enforcement to focus on violent and property crimes, generating revenue for education and other public purposes, and individual freedom, the people of the state of New Hampshire find and declare that the use of cannabis should be legal for a person 21 ... ... more

Beat Saber

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

If you're thinking of getting a Virtual Reality set, and you're on the fence about whether or not to spend the (admittedly pretty heinous amount of) money, you should check out Beat Sabers. It's part Dance Dance Revolution, part Jedi lightsaber battle, and part Fruit Ninja. Blocks come at you, to the music of your choice, and you have to slash and dodge the virtual obstacles to perform the ... ... more