Boston, MA

YouTube seems to be down

Jean Huang Boston, MA Boston

YouTube seems to be down: Not being able to stream any videos. ... more

State Police Scandal

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

I am still livid after hearing about the state police scandal. Now the state police union is suing? Ummm why? ... more

Boston Public Transit Highest Budget Lowest Efficiency

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

Boston has one of the largest public transportation budgets, but one of the worst systems. After living in California, Chicago, and here, I can honestly say that the MBTA is one of the worst transit systems in the country. How do they spend $9 billion each year to be this terrible?! Let me know what you think the best public transit system is in the US! ... more

Bruins vs Oilers

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

The Boston Bruins are playing the Edmonton Oilers tonight at TD Garden. A fight has already already broken out! So excited to be watching the game. Bruins are up by 2 and it’s getting hot in here! Would love to see a few more fights break out tonight. ... more

Climate Change Is Real and it’s Knocking on our Door

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

This storm is literally proof that climate change exists! When will we learn to stop denying it and start DOING SOMETHING?! I honestly can’t believe there are still scientists out there who believe that this isn’t real. ... more

Doing More and Harming Less

Olivia Daprile Boston, MA Boston

After the IPCC report two days ago most of us are feeling pretty down about the future of our planet. We can stop feeling so hopeless and start using that energy to fuel our efforts. While reducing meat consumption and taking the bus are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint, there are plenty of other ways you can contribute as well! This is a local, international, and global issue. Here ... ... more

Beware of Online Scams

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

I have fallen victim to these scams. When I was younger, I applied to do online surveys. They promised gift cards or decent pay and I was sold. I joined up for a few of the sites and foolishly gave them my bank info. They started taking out small amounts that I sadly didn’t notice. They finally withdrew my bank account. The bank was helpful and the police couldn’t help. Read this woman’s ... ... more

Lethal Weapon Kills Riggs

Darren Boston, MA Boston

Who knew all the drama surrounding Lethal Weapon on Fox? ... more

Local Reporting Builds a Community’s ‘Social Capital’

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

Folks: where people can be heard, local experiences shared, and a community built. “Community journalism assumes its value in finding ways to connect people—by identifying passions and concerns they share, linking neighbor to neighbor, and motivating people to act.” ... more

How to Tactfully Speak Your Mind

Claudia Boston, MA Boston

Be concise, don’t worry about others, be empathetic. At Folks, you have the freedom to write about whatever you want! So make it good. ... more


Claudia Boston, MA Boston

“That’s where citizen journalism has the upper hand, as it is not influenced by politics or advertisers.” At Folks there is no influence or judgement. We want you to speak about your experiences in your community. ... more

Tinder Girls

John Davis Boston, MA Boston

If you've ever used tinder, you'll get a good laugh out of this. ... more

Average people vs. Beautiful people

Alice Johnson Boston, MA Boston

Ever wonder what the difference was? If you have, watch this video to find out! ... more

"The Life and Death and Rebirth of Boston’s Counterculture"

John Davis Boston, MA Boston

This is an amazing article from Boston Magazine! I thought I'd pass it along. "I begin my research in November with an email to Sam Potrykus, the closest thing Boston’s theoretically leaderless underground rock music scene has to a leader. I write in my email that I am investigating Boston’s vanishing counterculture, whatever that is, and am seeking a kind of Sherpa to help me navigate what’s ... ... more

all lowercase trend

boston_local Boston, MA Boston

There has been a trend for the last year or so where people have begun typing in all lowercase letters, and I've never heard an explanation. Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names that have taken to this trend on instagram. From searching the web the two answers for this trend seem to be: 1. It's a cool aesthetic. It has both a uniform look (all letters are roughly the same size) and also a ... ... more

Landlord Problems

Anna Brown Boston, MA Boston

Landlord problems after breaking my lease "On February 5th I received a job offer in another town and informed my landlord that I would need to leave Boston. They told me it wouldn't be a problem and that they would list the unit for March 1st. They also said that I was responsible for paying for the apartment until a qualified tenant could be located, but thought the space would be scooped ... ... more

You can pay people to tuck you into bed?!

John Jones Boston, MA Boston

Are you single? Do you live alone? No need to go to bed alone every night, because you can actually pay someone to tuck you into bed. In all seriousness, this is an actual service that people are paying for, at the bargain rate of $100. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want a stranger coming to tuck me into bed! I'd be more scared having a random person come into my house at ... ... more

If you work in Boston you better live there

boston_local Boston, MA Boston

I've had so many friends complaining about their commute into Boston. Whether it be traffic, construction, accidents or how much train tickets cost, it seems everyone who commutes doesn't recommend it, so I thought I'd make a post about it. Yes, living in Boston is super expensive, but the amount of time, money and stress it takes to get into Boston in the morning is just not worth it, ... ... more

It's so hot out!

Alice Williams Boston, MA Boston

It's been so hot in Boston, does anyone know a good place to cool off? I've been trying to stay inside but I'm getting really cooped up! Does anyone know good activities/ places to go/ activities where I can get outside and be active but not die from heat? Even going for a walk right now is too hot for me, maybe a local pool or something? Let me know by commenting below! ... more

Are there any single women in Boston?

Bob Brown Boston, MA Boston

I've been living in Boston for a few years now and I swear every woman I've spoken to/tried to hit on said she was taken. Now maybe some of them just weren't interested in me, but I can't believe that EVERY woman I've spoken to is already dating someone. Does anyone else relate to this? ... more