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More Students Interested in Cryptocurrency?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Common

According to a report published by U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on August 28, 2019, students are becoming more and more interested in digital currencies and the number of courses offered in University on blockchain technology and bitcoin (BTC) is increasing. ... more

Crypto Author?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Common

Bestselling horror author, Chris Mentillo will propose and formulate a publishing company based solely on receiving cryptocurrencies for sales of his books. ... more

What Miners Do!

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston Common

What “miners” do is carry cryptocurrency out into the existence, a few at a time. One node will throw information to a few nodes that it knows, who will shift the advice to nodes that they know, etc. Anyone can spread a host, you impartial move the bitcoin software (unrestrained) and leave a certain deportment undissembling (the drawback is that it dissipates force and storing track) -- ... ... more

Bitcoin Benefits

Chris Mentillo Boston, MA Boston Common

Even though the Cryptocurrency market could appear an intimidating task initially, you'll be able to begin Bitcoin investing while not understanding the technical details. All you need may be a steadfast commitment to learning everything there is concerning the market, by employing a prestigious learning platform. By doing this, you will step-by-step advance forward with an excellent potential ... ... more

The magic of Christmas (tree lightings)

Alice Smith Boston, MA Boston Common

Oh, the holidays! Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and the yummy food. But for me Christmas is like no other. Nothing can measure up to this magical time filled with beautiful lights, songs, and holiday cheer. I think I am a pretty happy person all year round, but Christmas adds even more of a sparkle to my life. Which is why I look forward to all of the holidays happenings in the ... ... more