California Bans Gender as a Car Insurance Metric

bobjones CA California

In a small victory for the idea of finally ending gender discrimination, California has passed a ban which prohibits car insurance rates being set based on gender. According to CBS news, outgoing insurance commissioner Dave Jones has banned the use of gender as a factor in getting insurance, and even allows for people to apply as nonbinary. He said in a statement, "these regulations ensure ... ... more

Outgoing California Governor signs 1000 New Laws

ElleHuckins CA California

Leaving office on January 7th, outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown has signed over a thousand bills into law in his last year in an attempt to stave off regressive policies aligning with the Trump Administration. Donald Trump has riled against many of the practices of California - whose state economy alone is the fifth best in the world - and Gov. Brown looks to ensure that California ... ... more

Her Hero's Name

Rrrrrr CA California

Anastasia Skinner truly believed that she was going to die when she got caught in the wildfire that tore through Paradise California. She was surrounded by flames, caught in a panicked traffic jam, and she was going into labor a month early. She called her husband, and she said goodbye. Luckily, a motorcyclist found her in distress and helped her get into the backseat of her car and called ... ... more