Boston Metropolitan Area

Heat Wave

Bob Brown Boston Metropolitan Area

Can this end please? I didn't move to Boston to deal with 95 degree weather. I feel like I can't leave my house because I just turn into a sweaty puddle the second I step outside. I am truly a miserable person when it gets this hot. All of the energy is sucked out of me and I get very irritable. I don't like being like this! It's not me, it's the heat! Thank goodness I have climate control. ... more

Homeless population declining in Boston

Darren Boston Metropolitan Area

According to a 2018 census there are 6,327 homeless people in the greater Boston area. That's a 5% decrease from 2017! Yay Boston! Even though this is great progress, Massachusetts still has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the US, so our work is not done. ... more

Are you getting enough fresh air?

Alice Smith Boston Metropolitan Area

I found out recently that air quality greatly effects our health, even in the US where we think it's safe. When we're around trees and plants we get highly oxygenated air that our bodies and brains love. Obviously in the cities there are far less trees and much more pollution. Even worse, many apartment buildings and homes have even worse air quality because of poor ventilation. So if you live ... ... more

Looking for a mini Aussi

John Williams Boston Metropolitan Area

Hello! I’m deserate to own a mini aussi, I’ve seen them everywhere and they’re the cutest dogs of all time. If you’re selling or know someone who sells mini aussi’s please let me know. I’m willing to pay up to $500 if that helps. ... more