Medford, MA

Turkey day traffic

Anna Medford, MA Medford

At my office, it is officially time for Thanksgiving. We were given the option to work from home, so I of course took full advantage. I am feeling #thankful for my company, especially at a time like this. They knew that holiday traffic is bad, and were considerate enough to let us work from where ever we needed to. I will be spending my day tomorrow by my computer at my boyfriend's ... ... more

Time has been changed -- mouse chasing cat

theholmeshead Medford, MA Medford

My dad sent me this "mouse chasing cat" video tonight. And I decided to share it here, because it is so funny. I have to say, time has totally changed! If you laugh, please push my post :) ... more

The Missing Burrito

John Jones Medford, MA Medford

I often order delivery because I work a lot and am just to lazy to cook. UberEats is on the rotation as they often only charge a small delivery fee. The other night I ordered McDonald’s (don’t judge me) from UberEats. Quarter Pounder with cheese is my jam but I was extra hungry and added on a sausage burrito. I really, really wanted that burrito. I’m halfway through the burger and notice, no ... ... more