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Kristjen Nielsen Resigns Homeland Security

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

Kristjen Nielsen should never have been the Homeland Security Secretary. In an administration staffed exclusively with Batman villains, Nielsen is a predictably awful person whose personal investments and interests are a direct conflict to her ability to work in the best interests of anything which does not line her bottom dollar. And now she's stepping down from her position as secretary of ... ... more

Chelsea Manning Held In Contempt of Grand Jury

Betty Ford Washington, DC Washington

In 2010 Chelsea Manning, a former US intelligence analyst, leaked almost 400,000 field reports to Wikileaks showing that the US engaging in torture, murder, and war crimes in Iraq as well as 90,000 logs chronicling civilian killings in Afghanistan. According to the Guardian UK, the nearly half million leaked documents showed that "US authorities failed to investigate hundreds of reports of ... ... more

Senate Grills Pharmaceutical CEOs

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

The CEOs of 7 of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies had to answer to the Senate over the astronomical prices of prescription medication today on Capital Hill. Drug making companies like Pfizer and Sanofi have consistently enjoyed some of the highest profit margins of any industry while there is an epidemic of preventable deaths due to patients being forced to ration their medication. ... more

Mueller Issues New Sentencing Memo for Manafort

John Williams Washington, DC Washington

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has passed down a new sentencing memo for Trump Advisor Paul Manafort, the guidelines for which range from 210 months to 262 months, or 17.5 to nearly 22 years. "Manafort chose repeatedly and knowingly to violate the law — whether the laws proscribed garden-variety crimes such as tax fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and bank fraud, or more ... ... more

Roger Stone Can't Stop Making People Want to Prosecute Him

Alice Williams Washington, DC Washington

Roger Stone, a long-time ally of Donald Trump who was recently indicted in the Russia Investigation, was placed under a strict gag order restricting him from speaking publicly about his trial after he posted a picture on Instagram of the judge overseeing his trial, Amy Berman Jackson, apparently between crosshairs. Judge Jackson gave him the opportunity to explain the picture, but said his ... ... more

National Emergency (And Other Fake News)

Alice Williams Washington, DC Washington

The National Emergency (which is completely made up, as any credible source will tell you that illegal immigration is at a record low) which has been teased by the Trump Administration since the before the midterm elections, is being declared. Trump, in his address, claimed his reasons to be the same (not real) humanitarian and 'national security' 'crisis' as before; "...an invasion of our ... ... more

House approves measure to force U.S. withdrawal from Yemen

Anna Davis Washington, DC Washington

The House of Representatives has approved measures to withdraw American troops from the Saudi-led crisis in Yemen that has killed some 50,000 civilians in the past 4 years. The vote passed 248-to-177, and served as condemnation for the Saudi government's role in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. To pass the measures, the House invoked the Congressional authority under ... ... more

Pelosi Disinvites Trump to the State of the Union

Bob Davis Washington, DC Washington

Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked President Trump from giving his State of the Union address next week, citing the ongoing partial government shutdown but said,“I look forward to welcoming you to the House on a mutually agreeable date for this address when government has been opened.” In response, Trump accused Pelosi of fearing "the truth." Specifically, he said, "Now Nancy Pelosi, or ... ... more

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lives

Bob Brown Washington, DC Washington

Fox news apologized for airing a misleading graphic implying that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. Justice Ginsburg is alive and is at home recovering from averted lung cancer but during "Fox & Friends," the network put up a display with a picture of Justice Ginsburg with the dates 1933 - 2019. Fox claims it was a mistake. ... more

Stupid, Racist Teenagers Mock Native American Rally-Goer

John Williams Washington, DC Washington

Ya know, if your concept of patriotism is to mock an actual Native American, you might need a reeducation on what exactly it means to be an American. In a viral video of last week's anti-abortion rally in DC, a group of Kentucky students from the Covington Catholic High School wearing Donald Trump supporters' signature red MAGA hats and harassing 64-year-old Nathan Phillips, a Native American ... ... more

State Of Emergency - Averted

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

... Okay, I'm gonna need a minute. So much of what Trump just said is a lie. I'm currently listening to Nancy Pelosi's refutal of Trump's... Trump's... ugh. Bring it home, Chuck! So, he didn't declare a state of Emergency. He honestly didn't do much of anything. He urged the country to back his border wall, he cherry-picked cases of immigrant crime, and he essentially dog whistled. But he ... ... more

State of Emergency - BEFORE

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

I'm nervous. I'm sitting on my bed beside a cup of cold tea, nervously refreshing my news pages as the clock ticks down to Donald Trump's address at 9pm. Fox News is having an absolute field day, and their comments sections are lousy with racism and ignorance. Everything's vile. If Trump declares a state of National Emergency, he may be able to reallocate funds from the national budget to ... ... more

No End to Government Shutdown

Sarina Tucker Washington, DC Washington

All in all, it was all just a brick in the wall. Between Mexico and America. Which Donald Trump has already successfully erected, brick by racist, idiotic, brick between reality and his voter base. The partial government shutdown has entered its third week, with no end in sight. Trump has said that he's thinking of declaring a state of emergency to reallocate defense funds for his border ... ... more

The One Time Trump Tells the Truth and It’s About Santa Claus

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

On Christmas Eve Donald Trump, a dumb guy in an inexplicable position of power and influence, made waves and sparked reprisal when he asked a seven-year-old girl if she still believed in Santa Claus while speaking to children on the NORAD line – the site that monitor’s Santa’s progress around the world. While it is inarguably moronic to ask a child who specifically called the Santa line if ... ... more

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Resigns, Sparks Concern On Both Sides

Alice Johnson Washington, DC Washington

After clashing with the president over two major recent military decisions - pulling troops out of Syria and reducing US military presence in Afghanistan - Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has resigned suggesting in his letter that Trump appoint someone to the position "whose views better align with yours." this move has sparked concern by both parties ... more

Trump's Partial Shutdown Just More Abject Incompetence

ElleHuckins Washington, DC Washington

According to economists, Trump’s self-congratulatory partial government shutdown the week before Christmas could have dire consequences if he insists on keeping the country hostage to fund his ridiculous Mexican border wall. A government shut down means that people in the branches of government currently at the end of their budget year will be effectively defunded for the length of time the ... ... more

Trump Bump Stock Ban Raises Questions on 2A Protections

Bob Davis Washington, DC Washington

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that seemed specifically designed to alienate and anger the very core of his own base; he made a sweeping ban on bump stocks for firearms. A bump stock ban has long been advocated by the activist survivors of the Parkland shooting, and was put into motion after the deadliest massacre in modern American history when a gunman using weapons outfitted with a ... ... more