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Is Dental Saving Card No Much Difference with Dental Insurance?

Anna Brookline, MA Brookline

Sadly, when I visited a dentist two weeks ago, which is also the first time for me to see a dentist in the US, he told me that there're a lot of works needed to do to my teeth. I think finally it's time to face the truth and get my teeth to become healthy again, so I decide to stick to the doctor's plan. Then I asked him, "which one do you think I should get for my dental plan, a saving card ... ... more

Cyber Monday: Dear Stores, Please Get Smarter and Stop Annoying Email Marketing!

Betty Ford Brookline, MA Brookline

Here comes the Cyber Deal Week! Hooray! Basically I am the kind of person who is not willing to go to physical stores on Black Friday, so Cyber Monday is one of my favorite events, seriously. But recently I found some failed promoting examples. ... more

Cultural Shock Series #1: Cold Beverage in All Seasons?

Anna Brookline, MA Brookline

As an international student who came to the US for graduate study two years ago, I think it’s time for me to write a series of articles related to the cultural shocks I’ve encountered these years. The aim of this article is not going to attack or offend any cultures, which is also the thing that I’ll never do in my whole life, so the purpose of this series is only trying to offer a different ... ... more

AMZL US: Making Shipping More Complicated or Convenient?

shellyyi Brookline, MA Brookline

Hello folks! Today I'd like to discuss a little bit about Amazon's own delivery service according to the experiences I've had during these two months. Is it making shipping more complicated or convenient? Let's see. ... more

Go Elvin! Go!

Bob The Dog Brookline, MA Brookline

Yes! I love that Geoffrey Owens has been recognized for his work ethic after a photo of the former 'Cosby Show' alum working at Trader Joe's went viral Many fans and fellow actors came to the support of this actor, who is in between gigs and working hard for the money. The shaming of Owens backfired and he is now being offered numerous roles. Go Elvin, go! Former 'Cosby' star bags several ... ... more