Boston, MA

Celebrating Red Sox World Series Champion Parade

Bob Davis Boston, MA Copley

I took day off today, not for Halloween, but for this Parade! I was so happy to see many people celebrating this big event as me :) We were all jumping, screaming, and laughing, like crazy nuts! Thanks to the weather, it was sunny and not chili. I believe the entire city is getting crazy! We are the Champion! ... more

Pretty Fed Up With The Green Line...

bobjones Boston, MA Copley

I was looking around the internet to commiserate about how bad the green line is, and I thought this Thrillist excerpt summed it up nicely. "The city’s oldest subway line is also its most maddening. How so? Let us count the ways: You can sit on the B line and watch as cars, bikers, and pedestrians all reach their destinations quicker than you. During the school year, the BU populace that ... ... more