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The Office is Returning, But Not in the Way You'd Expect

Emily Parker Scranton, PA Scranton

The Office is arguably one of the most popular television shows in history, and while fans that have watched the series five times through are always calling for a reunion, two of the show's stars are finally coming through to give us a fix. Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the show, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela, are real life best friends who have recently announced their new podcast, ... ... more

Judges Plead Guilty to Incarcerating Teens for Profit

John Jones Scranton, PA Scranton

In February, 2 judges, Judge Conahan and Judge Ciavarella, plead guilty to a scheme which involved meting out harsh punishments to first-time and nonviolent offenders in order to receive monetary kickbacks from privatized youth detention centers. They received over $2.6 million from sending over 5000 first-time adolescent offenders to PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care since the scheme ... ... more