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$80,000 Worth of Bitcoins Returned?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

A businessman from Nigeria returned $ 80,000 in Bitcoins [BTC] sent to him by mistake. Chang told about the incident on September 11: “I received a huge amount in BTC from an unknown sender, and this is definitely a mistake of the person who sent me the money, please, write me the directions on how to send it back to you.” What would you have done? ... more

Bitcoin Flatlines?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Bitcoin [BTC] flatlines and remained stagnant, while some of its rival cryptocurrency such as Ether, and XRP surge: Ether had a phenomenal day last week, rising above 10% against the price of Bitcoin [BTC]. Also, Ripple’s XRP saw a 10% projection earlier this week. However, Bitcoin, on the other hand, saw very little change this week, holding steadfast amid $10,000 and $11,000, and ending ... ... more

New Crypto-Swiss Banks?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Stefan Deiss, founder, and CEO of the Swiss crypto accelerator, Blockchain Propulsion, spent two months looking for a bank account for Polo Pecem, the world’s first blockchain-powered “Smart Chain City,” one of the companies under his wing. “That’s a long time in the life of a startup,” he said to Decrypt. That’s why Deiss, and countless others, are cheering the launch of Switzerland’s two ... ... more

"Spanish--Crypto News"

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

The Spanish-speaking world is seeing primary cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with Uruguay accepting a novel bill which can be applied arbitrarily to initial coin expiations (ICOs), Cuba using cryptocurrency to reach the global economy and Venezuela finally establishing its first Bitcoin (BTC) ATM. Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news in review, as originally reported ... ... more

Bitcoin Trading Illegal in Burundi?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

The government of Burundi, a central African country with a population of nearly 12 million people, has placed a blanket ban on cryptocurrency trading in the state citing a lack of protection for consumers, who burn their fingers trading bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets. The nation now plans to make defaulters pay huge penalties, reports Bloomberg. ... more

Profits in Cryptocurrency Mining?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

As Bitcoin (BTC) struggles back above five digits and other Altcoins move into the green, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are questioning if there still profits in cryptocurrency mining: “If you are not certain if you can make profits from cryptocurrency mining, the answer is probably ‘no.’ Most profitable operations have enormous sunk costs, including wholesale purchases of energy, cooling ... ... more


BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

No longer are crypto projects forced to choose between network effects (Ethereum) and scalability (EOS). Thanks to an array of first- and second-layer solutions, there’s a multitude of ways to build and deploy dApps, exchanges, lending protocols and other crypto products that harness the power of smart contracts to automate processes and create applications. If you’re seeking a smart ... ... more

Hold on to Bitcoins?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Holding on to Bitcoins (BTC) has never been more popular: Pierre Rochard recently suggested holding Bitcoin for a longer period incentivizes users, whereas holding onto fiat currency was only lucrative in the short term. Rochard's comments can be backed with factual data as it was recently revealed holding of Bitcoin was profitable for 3817 days out of a total of 3869 days of Bitcoin’s overall ... ... more

Do You Own 1 Bitcoin?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Do you own one Bitcoin? If so, recent hype of Bitcoin came from the founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, as he claimed owning one Bitcoin (BTC) makes the holder 3 over 1000 richest in the world. Wow. ... more

"Bitcoin Endorsements"

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Bitcoin receives a few more endorsements on being a haven asset. Bitcoin’s will decrease its inflation to about 1.7% pushing Bitcoin’s equivalence with gold and after four years, Bitcoin would be measured the scarcest asset as its inflation would be as low as 0.8%. ... more

This Teenager Made Millions on Bitcoin & Gambling it All on This Doubtful Token?

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Erik Finman was 12 years old when he bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in the summer of 2011. The world’s first digital currency was just two years old and trading for $10. A month before he made the purchase, he’d cut a deal with his parents. If he could turn a $1,000 gift from his grandmother into $1 million, he wouldn’t have to attend university. By 2017, he’d won the agreement. ... more

Burning-Man Crypto Festival

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Cryptocurrency worshippers are looking forward to the upcoming Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. The Burning Man Festival is a common ground to talk about concepts shaping society. They provide various blockchain seminars and talks as a composite of the festival’s offerings. Crazy ... more


BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

Since the inception of cryptocurrency, there have been far too many horror stories of customers, who lost everything due to hackers. But, what if this were only partially true? What if it was the individual companies themselves, who intentionally stole their own customer's digital currency? I am willing to bet I am partially correct. I'm certainly not doubting the cleverness of a hacker's ... ... more

Libra & Government

BitcoinChris Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

That's correct. Facebook and Libra's cooperating founding organizations (including PayPal, Visa, Uber, etc.) hope to provide a stable cryptocurrency by tying it to a group of government currencies. According to TechCrunch: "A Libra is a unit of the Libra cryptocurrency that is represented by a three wavy horizontal line Unicode character ≋ like the dollar is represented by $. The value of a ... ... more

Tired of City Life?

Anna Davis Boston, MA Boston Public Garden

As someone who lives in the center of the city, I know how hard it can be to escape. The closest and cheapest alternative? Go to the Boston Public Gardens! They really are so beautiful this time of year, so enjoy it while you can! Plants really effect air quality, and air quality really effects humans! All of the plants make for oxygen rich air that’s good for your body and brain. So if you ... ... more