Mom and Dad Made Up. Spider-Man is Back in the MCU!

Kelli Dolan Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

The news of the Sony - Marvel/Disney dispute rocked the MCU fandom earlier this summer when they couldn't come to contract negotiations over the future of our beloved boy Peter Parker. The end looked bleak for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but everyone was holding out hope it was a publicity stunt or in the least, if it wasn't, that one or both of companies would put their egos aside ... ... more

More On The Emmy's: A Night of Milestones

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

The 71st Emmy Awards, which took place last night, was full of historic wins and milestones. Billy Porter of Pose was the first openly gay black man to win an Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy. This was his first win and nomination. Peter Dinklage took home his fourth Emmy for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category. He also holds the record for most nominations in this ... ... more

A List of 2019's Emmy Winners

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Tonight, September 22, was the 71st Emmy Awards, and there is so much to talk about! But rather than focusing on Milo Ventimiglia's parents joining him on the red carpet, Zendaya's amazing dress, the fact that there was no host, or the Exonerated Five joining Ava DuVernay (all of which deserve to be talked about - some more than others), we're going to go old school and return to what the ... ... more

Mandy Moore Just Released New Music and Yes, This Article is From 2019

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Late 90s and early 2000s pop singer, Mandy Moore, just released new music for the first time in a decade. The last time we heard the singer's voice, she was acting as Rapunzel in songs like "I See The Light" and "When Will My Life Begin" featured in Disney's Tangled. Hits like "I Wanna Be With You," "Crush," and "Candy" came out almost twenty years ago. This week, she released the single ... ... more

Current Obsession: Bill Hader

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I've been obsessed with Bill Hader for a long time. He was one of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live and brought the timeless character Stefon to life. Recently, he's been making news again as IT Chapter Two cast members were sent on press tours and the movie itself was released. ... more

Jim Gaffigan is About to Become America's Most Disturbing Comedian

Emily Parker Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

The trailer for a new movie named "American Dreamer" was released recently along with a flurry of positive reviews. The film features well-known comedian, Jim Gaffigan, who has filmed multiple specials through Comedy Central, Netflix, and most recently, Amazon Prime, but in a more serious role. While this may not be entirely new for Gaffigan, who has appeared in dramatic movies like It's Kind ... ... more

'Joker' Will Be Everything Batman Has Never Been

Kelli Dolan Beverly Hills, CA Shadow Hill Way

Everyone is on high alert for this solo Joker movie. It looks grittier, weirder, and more off-beat than any Batman movie we’ve ever gotten, and it's coming with an 'R' rating. And to be honest, that’s a really good thing because the movie doesn't have to pull any punches to tell the story the right way! Batman has been beaten to death on the big and small screen lately, and they’ve already ... ... more

The Matrix 4: Do They Remember How 3 Ended?

Kelli Dolan Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

It was announced the other day that the rumors are true, a fourth ‘Matrix’ movie is in the works. Yay? Look, I love the Matrix, and in the hands of the original makers it’s sure to be great. But there’s a sticking point for me in that our main character [SPOILER ALERT FOR A 16-YEAR-OLD MOVIE] appeared to be dead at the end of the third one, and Keanu Reeves is definitely signed on for this ... ... more

Sony You Can’t Have Our Boy!

Kelli Dolan Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

The news just dropped last night that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to an agreement on their new contract for our beloved Spider-man which means the character will be pulled from any future Marvel movies. Neither one is backing down from this stand-off for the moment and poor Peter Parker hangs in the balance. I get these two companies are big, money-grubbing moguls, but I wish they could put ... ... more

The Remake Nostalgia Wave Continues: He-Man

Kelli Dolan Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

Netflix and Hollywood just can’t stop creating remakes of beloved movies and TV shows. And why would they? It’s a money-making machine capitalizing on these cult classics and big classics because they have guaranteed audiences. Although these remakes are usually pretty hit or miss, and you can’t lock-down on how good they’ll be until they’re out, there are some you can get a pretty good sense ... ... more

This Day In History: The Wizard of OZ is 80?

Kelli Dolan Los Angeles, CA Hollywood

‘The Wizard of Oz’ is 80 years old? 80! How can a movie that is so iconic, still watched all over the world today, and re-imagined frequently in different mediums be 80 years old? I guess it’s true what they say, some things stand the test of time. ... more

Apple to Take 50% Revenue From News Services

Darren CA Silicon Valley

Apple Corporation will take 50% of revenue from the $10 news subscriptions through Texture, the digital magazine service Apple acquired last year, leaving the rest of the revenue to be divided amongst the papers. ... more

Disney is Wonderful

mind cracker Anaheim, CA Disneyland Park

Enjoying a great day at Disney. ... more

Never go to this store...

annas89 San Mateo, CA San Mateo County Event Center

If you are looking for a auto body shop in Allston area, never never never choose Stadium Auto Body! I had a car accident nearby their store a couple of days ago. My front bumper was gone and I needed it to be replaced. Recommended by the policeman, I entered Stadium Auto Body to get a quote for repairing. The receptionist looks very indifferent, and she just said “have a seat and there is ... ... more

California Bans Gender as a Car Insurance Metric

bobjones CA California

In a small victory for the idea of finally ending gender discrimination, California has passed a ban which prohibits car insurance rates being set based on gender. According to CBS news, outgoing insurance commissioner Dave Jones has banned the use of gender as a factor in getting insurance, and even allows for people to apply as nonbinary. He said in a statement, "these regulations ensure ... ... more

Barismo 364: Nice Cafe Hidden in Cambridge

alohajohn San Mateo, CA San Mateo County Event Center

Friends and I came to this place called Barismo 364 that is located in Cambridge. Didn't get to try it before but it was amazing when I tasted their cortado and latte. Sometimes coffee can get boring from its beans and their barista but definitely not here! They gave me a detailed information about their background while my latte was being made. A nice place to check out. Great service and ... ... more

Politicon Is A Thing, and I'm Going

ReadytoMingle Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

Politics are personal. Politics are how our values are reflected on a global platform. Calling politics a game is an insulting misnomer that undercuts the very real and lasting impact the decisions of a few powerful people have on everyone else. So, naturally, there is a comic con for politics that takes place in California. It brings the movers and shakers of American political punditry ... ... more

Outgoing California Governor signs 1000 New Laws

ElleHuckins CA California

Leaving office on January 7th, outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown has signed over a thousand bills into law in his last year in an attempt to stave off regressive policies aligning with the Trump Administration. Donald Trump has riled against many of the practices of California - whose state economy alone is the fifth best in the world - and Gov. Brown looks to ensure that California ... ... more

Her Hero's Name

Rrrrrr CA California

Anastasia Skinner truly believed that she was going to die when she got caught in the wildfire that tore through Paradise California. She was surrounded by flames, caught in a panicked traffic jam, and she was going into labor a month early. She called her husband, and she said goodbye. Luckily, a motorcyclist found her in distress and helped her get into the backseat of her car and called ... ... more

Once upon a time

DeNaye Alston Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles

I realized I forced myself to live in a reality A reality that I made up in my head So it was fiction. I arrogantly created- Such a fictitious world… I lived a decade thinking: what we cultivated was Real. Constantly, I went back- comparing, contrasting, reliving those false moments hoping and praying I would come across that touch. My world that I created was hit with truth: We ... ... more