Hawaii Law to Block Porn Unless Viewers Pay $20 Fee to Fund Sex Trafficking Victims

dkberg HI Hawaii

Hawaii lawmakers are looking to institute a one-time viewer fee of $20 to anyone who wants to view pornography in the state. The fees would go into a fun to help stop sex trafficking and child exploitation. The bill is sponsored by Hawaii Senator Mark Gabbard who said, "by making it harder for people to access these porn sites, we can make prostitution hubs harder to access which will reduce ... ... more

Poor Hawaii!

Anna HI KÄ«lauea

First Kilauea, and now a hurricane?! As most of you probably already know, Kilauea started erupting a few months ago and has caused devastation across Hawaii. Claiming many homes, land and public roads in it's path. The people of Hawaii are still trying to figure out how to deal with the active volcano and its destruction, but now it looks as though hurricane Hector will be bringing it's own ... ... more