Something Soothing

Darren Franklin, NH Franklin

Some soothing music ... more

Dangerous Beauty - The Story of a Brilliant Sex Worker

Bob Brown Gilford, NH Gilford

Girl Genius

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

About five years ago, the two smartest guys I know told me to read a webcomic and I ignored them. They reminded me frequently, wanting to share with me something they, two of my best friends, knew I would like. I picked the comic up and put it down probably as many times between things happening in my life, and guiltily avoided eye contact with my friends when they asked me where I was in the ... ... more

Alt-Right Documentaries on Netflix

Alice Williams Bedford, NH Bedford

Move over, Nazi documentaries! You're pasty, hipster grandchildren will take it from here. Two specifically excellent documentaries available on Netflix centering around the Alt-Right movement and its ties to Nazism and white supremacy, as well as of the people who organize against them and speak out for the diversity and enrichment of America are: 1) Alt-Right: Age of Rage Telling of the ... ... more

Spaceballs Quote-A-Long

Alice Johnson Concord, NH Red River Theatres Inc

You love Mel Brooks, you love Star Wars, you know every line because everyone has seen it, so check out the Red River cinema in concord this weekend for the Spaceballs Quote-A-Long at 6:30 on April 12th! ... more

Game Of Thrones Premiere Party in Concord

bobjones Concord, NH The Centennial Hotel

The Centennial Hotel is hosting a party to kick of the final season of Game of Thrones. Costumes are encouraged! $25 per person ... more


John Jones Allenstown, NH Allenstown

The 70's were a strange time, full of serial killers and cults hiding in the free-love, post-Vietnam days. The Documentary "Deprogrammed" focuses on the controversial methods of the "father of deprogramming" Ted Patrick. Patrick would be hired by parents to pull their children out of cults like the Children of God and part of that process involved abducting the kid off the streets and taking ... ... more

Cardi B Controversy and False Equivalence

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

I have never, I think, listened to a Cardi B song. Honestly, the only thing I know her from is a segment of Last Week Tonight when John Oliver used a video clip of hers to explain corporate taxes. ... more


ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

A deck-building game based on the classic game of solitaire! ... more

The 10th Kingdom On Youtube

Anna Loudon, NH Loudon

The best fantasy miniseries of all time, in 5 installments of a little over 2 hours apiece, is available for free on Youtube! ... more

21 Jump Street TV Show

Rrrrrr Hooksett, NH Hooksett

The original 1980's TV show starring Johnny Depp and Peter DeLouis that inspired the (awful) movies of the same name is available to watch on youtube! I watched this show on DVD when I was a kid and I was always impressed by the progressive and compassionate way the show addressed serious issues facing their generation. The show was about a group of smart, savvy young officers who were ... ... more

Easy Hairdo's for Impatient Girls

Anna Brown Goffstown, NH Goffstown

I'm not good at doing my own hair. I can put it up, I can put it down, I can twist it into a knot and secure it with a pair of office pens, but anything more complicated than braids is a frustrating exercise in futility. Well, I'm stating a new job on Tuesday and since it's a job I'm excited for I decided to try my hand at doing something extra with my look (plus winning a bet with a friend ... ... more

Mueller Disappointment

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Loathe as I am to admit it, and though it hardly exonerates him of the other dozen or so investigations that he's currently under, Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian Collusion has been submitted and has found there to be insufficiant evidence that the Trump presidency colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 election. There, I said it. It doesn't excuse or exonerate any of the crimes ... ... more

Lola Blanc

Bob Brown Dunbarton, NH Dunbarton

Always A Bigger Fish

Alice Smith Allenstown, NH Allenstown

Youtube channel Innuendo Studios recently put out a frankly brilliant video on the idealistic differences between liberals and conservatives. Well worth a watch. ... more

Catching Up On Game of Thrones

theholmeshead Pelham, NH Pelham

As the world knows, Game of Thrones is ending and for the 12 of us who are not caught up on the show, it's now or never to experience the hype. And that means binging. I'm currently working my way through season 6. Wish me luck. ... more

Optimism and British Charm with Russell Howard

Rrrrrr Dover, NH Dover

The news is awful. Certainly in America, and definitely in Britain. Where we in the US have hours of late-night satirical comedians to point the abject absurdities of our current political and social climate, the UK has comedian and charming goof Russell Howard. Russell Howard is unique in that where most of his field derive their comedy through worse and worse news, Howard makes an effort to ... ... more

They're Making a Dora the Explorer Movie?

Sarina Tucker Manchester, NH Manchester

...And she's a teenager? ... more

It's Muller Time!

ElleHuckins Concord, NH Concord

Robert Muller submitted his report on the Trump-Russia Investigation has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. Given everything we know, and everything that we know we don't know, I'm excited to see the results of this investigation and the impact it has on our understanding of the democratic process. ... more

Baby Donkeys Are Dope

Darren Bedford, NH Bedford

Pictures of baby donkeys. You're welcome, have a nice night. ... more