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Li Wenliang's ribs were completely unrecognizable after 3 hours of electric shock

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Dr. Wenliang Li, who first announced Wuhan pneumonia, died at the age of 34 on the evening of the 6th due to improper treatment of a new coronavirus infection. His death ignited a new wave of anger among the public over the CCP's concealment. After Li Wenliang's death was exposed on the Internet, the authorities, under pressure from public opinion, pretended to rescue him and performed 3 hours of chest compressions and electric shocks on the dead Li Wenliang, causing his ribs to be completely broken and beyond recognition.

On February 7, an independent economist (@charles984681 on Twitter) tweeted that the hospital director was afraid that Li Wenliang's death would lead to public outrage. Three hours after his death, he was continuously subjected to CPR, which would normally take only a few minutes. After three hours, Li Wenliang's ribs were completely broken and beyond recognition.

Many citizens shared their thoughts on this: 

"Under the autocratic system, the people of Li Min are just slaves of the rich and powerful." 

"It is most likely a premeditated murder. This person has become a serious trouble for the totalitarian!"

In addition, many network screenshots showed that Li Wenliang's treatment was extremely inadequate and that the hospital director was under pressure

It is reported that Li Wenliang's heartbeat stopped at 9:30 and was intubated 20 minutes later. Finally, he was given ECMO for a symbolic rescue to calm the anger of hundreds of millions of Internet users. 

Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, published a statement on December 30 in the university medical WeChat group that seven cases of SARS were diagnosed in the South China fruit and seafood market. The police summoned eight "offenders", including Li Wenliang, and gave instructions.

During the large-scale outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, the epidemic spread across the country and spread to the world. Domestic public opinion was upset by eight Wuhan doctors, including Li Wenliang, who sent messages.

Under the pressure of public opinion, on January 28, the Supreme Court of the Communist Party of China issued a letter that seemed to understate the "rectification of names" for eight "rumor makers" such as Li Wenliang. But it's too late.

On January 10, Li Wenliang showed symptoms of pneumonia

On January 8th, after Li Wenliang was admitted to a patient with suspected neocoronary pneumonia, the patient had a fever the next day and developed symptoms of pneumonia. On January 10, Li Wenliang started coughing and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Li Wenliang said on January 30, "Today's nucleic acid test result is positive, the dust has settled, and the diagnosis is finally confirmed." His previous tests were negative, but the last test was finally confirmed.

Since Li Wenliang did not know he was infected and did not isolate himself from his family, his parents and wife were also infected with the new coronavirus and were sent to the hospital.

On the evening of February 6, Li Wenliang was critically ill and several media people successively revealed his death later that night which led to strong attention and condemnation.

Wuhan Central Hospital later issued a statement saying that Li Wenliang was in critical condition and was still fighting for his life. A few hours later, the news of Li Wenliang's death was released.

A number of insiders and doctors disclosed on social media that in the process, the authorities faced public indignation and staged a series of performances that bombarded the authorities in order to suppress the public's indignation.

As of 6 a.m. local time on Friday, the keywords "Dr. Li Wenliang's death" and "Li Wenliang's death" ranked high on the Weibo topic list, with a total of 670 million views and 737,000 discussions.

(Adapted article from New Tang Dynasty Television. Reporter Li Yun / Responsible Editor: Dai Ming)