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Cryptocurrencies Up, Bitcoin Close To $9K

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Cryptocurrencies have been slowly moving up, since this Thursday evening. The bullish momentum was led by Bitcoin SV +, Tezos., ATOM., and Classic +. 

The Etherum token sector also moved mostly up, with LINK., HEDG- and ZRX+ being the best performers among the top capitalized.

The Capitalization of the sector moved about one percent up, although the traded volume in the last H dropped about ten billion, climbing to $billions. 

The dominance of Bitcoin remains, demonstrating that investors are diversifying, noticing that altcoins have the potential to deliver higher returns in the current market situation.

Hot News:

Binance has announced a strategic partnership with Z Corp, a subsidiary of Z Holdings Corp. and Tao, a Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchange. Through licensing, Binance's cutting-edge technologies, Z Corp and TaoTao will collaborate with the Financial Service Agency to ensure full regulatory compliance in the Japanese market, as mentioned earlier. 


Zcash developers have released an SDK Software development kit through which it would be possible to shield transactions on mobile devices, so allowing for anonymous transactions.

Technical Analysis - Bitcoin:

After a failed attempt last Thursday, Bitcoin slowly moved up, and this morning broke the resistance barrier. The price was supported by the Bollinger's mean line and now moves above the SD line. Also, the MACD is turning bullish, and the price is making new highs. Thus, the upward trend continues being healthy. The next step for BTC is to break the $K barrier and step up to consolidate this movement. Only time will tell.